Joseph Thomas Warr

by Charmaine Dangerfield

Joseph Thomas Warr was one of my Great Uncles who enlisted in World War I. Arthur Leslie Herbert was a first cousin to Joseph Warr who enlisted after being sent a white feather and paid the supreme sacrifice. The letter is from Arthur to Joseph's sister, Lila.

There were many men left at home who were not allowed to join up for war because they worked in essential services, not because they didnt want to. I have included a copy of a certificate my father was given (he was proud of) which men who could not go to war were given because they worked in essential services". I had never seen one of these certificates before.

Photos, clockwise from left: Arthur Leslie Herbert, Arthur Leslie Herbert, Australian War Memorial Roll of Honour Database, A L Herbert Enlistment, AL Herbert Letter to Cousin Lila Page 1, AL Herbert Letter to Cousin Lila Page 2, Arthur Leslie Herbert 1893 - 1916, Arthur Leslie Herbert Roll of Honour, Arthur Leslie Herbert, Certifictate for NOT Serving, J T Warr Enlistment, Joseph Thomas Warr 1879 - 1965, Joseph Thomas Warr Embarkation Roll, Joseph Thomas Warr

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