Anzac Day Stories

Honouring the brave men & women who represented their country during war.


John Chesters

This is a photo of my great-uncle Pte John Chesters who was killed in action in France July 1916...

By Vicki Laveni
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A GOOD Anzac Story

My grandfather, Lindsay George Arnold Good, born 1897, was from a family of eight – five brothers, and three sisters. Three of the brothers were original ANZACS on the Gallipoli Peninsula. They weren’t in the initial landing on April 25th, but arrived there four months later on 6th September 1915...

By Jan Roberts
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A visit to the Shrine of Remembrance

An annual outing during my childhood was a visit to the Shrine of Remembrance in St. Kilda Rd. Melbourne and also a trip on the train into town to see the Anzac Day march. In later years, I always sat with my grandmother as we both listened to the march on the radio or on television and sniffed into our hankies at the sound of the Last Post. That sound still chokes me up on April 25th. each year and my Nanna died in 1979....

By Judith Acaster
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William Thomas Cole-Hinam

My Grandfather, William Thomas Cole Hinam, was my mothers father. These are photos that my grandfather sent home to Wales to his sister during WWI, who has sent them onto me and I treasure them. My Grandfather was attached to the 1st Australians and The Emperial Core...

By Marlene Poletti
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