William Thomas Cole-Hinam

by Marlene Poletti

My Grandfather, William Thomas Cole Hinam, was my mothers father. These are photos that my grandfather sent home to Wales to his sister during WWI, who has sent them onto me and I treasure them.

My Grandfather was attached to the 1st Australians and The Emperial Core.

In the photo on the right, he is the guy in the bottom right hand corner. This picture was taken in Australia before they all left for overseas, apparently they all went to school in Durkam Rd, Newport Wales before he came to Australia.

The photo below is self explanatory, these were the Australian Camel Core with sherpas on the way to Gallipoli. The Photo on the camels, he is the middle one.

The third photo below is a post card with 4 different landing photos ; Gaba Tape, Anzac, Anzac Cove and Watsons Pier .

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