The Wales Collection

The National Library of Wales and the Welsh County Archivists Group have provided Findmypast with the Welsh baptism, banns, marriage and burial records which make up the Wales Collection.

The Wales Collection is undergoing some changes and updates are ongoing. Records are searchable but some features have changed.

Marriages & Banns are now combined to make searching easier.

Powys records can now be found in historical county collections: Breconshire, Denbighshire, Montgomeryshire and Radnorshire.

On this page you can find:

Y Casgliad Cymreig

Mae Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru a Grŵp Archifau Sirol Cymru wedi darparu findmypast gyda chofrestri plwyfi Cymru sy'n rhan o'r Casgliad Cymreig.

Llyfrgell Genedlaethol Cymru

Mae'r llyfrgell, a leolir yn Aberystwyth, yn cadw casgliadau archifyddol helaeth ac arwyddocaol, yn ogystal â llyfrau printiedig. Mae'r casgliadau hyn yn cynnwys nifer helaeth o archifau stadau mawr, archifau Eglwys Cymru (ar wahân i gofrestri plwyfi, ond yn cynnwys adysgrifau'r esgob) a rhai o enwadau 'r anghydffurfwyr.

Grŵp Archifau Sirol Cymru

Mae gan Grŵp Archifau Sirol Cymru lawer o archifau'r awdurdodau lleol ac mae llawer ohonynt wedi cyfrannu at y casgliad Cymreig. Dyma nhw:

Cyngor Sirol Ynys Môn (Gwasanaeth Archifau Ynys Môn)

Cyngor Sirol Sir Gaerfyrddin (Gwasanaeth Archifau Sir Gaerfyrddin)

Cyngor Sirol Ceredigion (Archifau Ceredigion)

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Conwy (Gwasanaeth Archifau Conwy)

Cyngor Sirol Sir Ddinbych (Archifau Sir Ddinbych)

Cyngor Sirol Sir Fflint (Swyddfa Gofnodion Sir Fflint)

Archifau Morgannwg

Swyddfa Gofnodion Gwent

Cyngor Sirol Gwynedd (Gwasanaeth Archifau Gwynedd)

Cyngor Sirol Sir Benfro (Swyddfa Gofnodion Sir Benfro)

Cyngor Sirol Powys (Swyddfa Archifau Sirol Powys)

Gwasanaeth Archifau Gorllewin Morgannwg

Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol Wrecsam (Gwasanaeth Archifau Wrecsam)

Unavailable Parishes

A number of parishes chose not to participate in the digitisation project and therefore their records do not form part of the Wales Collection.

The following list is arranged alphabetically by Parish. This list represents parishes who opted out of the digitisation programme and does not account for any gaps that may be due to missing volumes or ongoing digitisation work.

All Saints, AmmanfordSt David's
BetwsSt David's
CefnllysSwansea & Brecon
CrickhowellSwansea & Brecon
CwmduSwansea & Brecon
DiserthSwansea & Brecon
Heol y CywLlandaff
Holy Trinity, NewportMonmouth
HoweySwansea & Brecon
LaugharneSt David's
LlanannoSwansea & Brecon
Llanbadarn FynyddSwansea & Brecon
Llanbister Swansea & Brecon
LlanboidySt David's
LlandawkeSt David's
Llanddewi YstradenniSwansea & Brecon
LlandeiloSt David's
Llandrindod (New Church) Swansea & Brecon
Llandrindod (Old Church)Swansea & Brecon
LlandyfeisantSt David's
LlanediSt David's
LlanrhyddSt Asaph
LlansadwrnenSt David's
LlanstadwelSt David's
MaesteiloSt David's
MeidrimSt David's
MerthyrSt David's
NeylandSt David's
RuthinSt Asaph
SaronSt David's
Six BellsMonmouth
St Catherine's, PontypriddLlandaff
St Denys, LisvaneLlandaff
St John Baptist, ClydachSwansea & Brecon
St John's, CarmarthenSt David's
St Mark's, GabalfaLlandaff
St Mary's, ClydachSwansea & Brecon
St Matthew's, PontypriddLlandaff
St Michael's, AmmanfordSt David's
St Michael's, ClydachSwansea & Brecon
St Stephen's, NewportMonmouth
TaliarisSt David's
TretowerSwansea & Brecon
TycroesSt David's
WaunarlwyddSwansea & Brecon