Publications relating to the Royal Household

Suggested further reading

The English Court in the Reign of George I, by J.M. Beattie (Cambridge University Press, 1967)

The Augustan Court: Queen Anne and the Decline of Court Culture, by R.O. Bucholz (Stanford University Press, Stanford, California, 1993)

Officials of the Royal Household, 1660-1837, Part I: Department of the Lord Chamberlain and associated offices; Part II: Departments of the Lord Steward and the Master of the Horse, compiled by J.C. Sainty and R.O. Bucholz, 2 vols (Vols XI & XII in series Office-Holders in Modern Britain, University of London, Institute of Historical Research, 1997-1998)

The Royal Household, by W.A. Lindsay QC (Kegan Paul, Trench, Trübner & Co. Ltd., London, 1898) (lists Members of Queen Victoria’s Household from 1836)

Sketches of Her Majesty’s Household (William Strange, 21 Paternoster Row, 1848). (Contains useful descriptions of the various departments of the Royal Household and of the duties and salaries of employees)

The Court Directory; or, Guide to the Forms and Ceremonies of the Court, Offices and Public Departments by William J. Thoms (Richard Bentley, London, 1842) (mainly concerns senior positions)

The Court of St James: the Monarch at work from Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II by Christopher Hibbert (published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, 1979)

The Private Life of the Queen by one of Her Majesty’s Servants (C. Arthur Pearson Ltd., London, 1897; facsimile edition published by Gresham Books, 1979)

Queen Victoria’s Highland Journals, ed. David Duff (Webb & Bower, 1980) (information about ghillies and other Highland servants)

Chef to Queen Victoria: the Recipes of Charles Elmé Francatelli, ed. Ann Currah (William Kimber, London 1973) (with introduction containing general information)

Of Carriages & Kings, by Frederick John Gorst (Allen, 1956) *

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* Autographical works written by former Royal servants.