Deaths and burials

Records in this collection

Whilst the thought of researching death and burial records may not be the most appealing way for you to trace your family line, the information that you may find out can be absolutely invaluable to your quest.

Death records will initially give you personal details, like full name, place of death and so on. However, they also provide clues to your ancestors past - where they were living (which may be different to where they were born), the ability to approximate a birth year which will help to narrow down your search considerably, and so on.

Ordering certificates will also provide further details and parish burial records can even indicate where your relative may be buried, if you wish to pay your respects.

Further details surrounding your ancestors demise may also be uncovered in The British Newspaper Archive, where you may find articles with more information as to the circumstances of their death, as well as family death notices that can provide further clues to tracing your family history.