Find your ancestors in Korean War Casualty File

Understand the Korean War Casualty File

In the three year Korean War, an estimated 3 million Koreans died, mostly civilian, and killed nearly 1 million Chinese troops. The US lost almost 34,000 service members and more than 105,000 were wounded.

Korean War Casualty records also provide information on U.S. military officers or soldiers that died as a result to hostile or non-hostile occurrences. offers records of fallen soldiers during the Korean War that shed light on the people that fought and died for their country.

Using the Korean War Casualty File

The Korean War casualty index lists about 110,000 records of soldiers that fell during the act of duty. This is a listing of records of military personnel casualties during the Korean War from February 13, 1950 to December 31, 1953.

This index a special collection of Korean War service records due to its sensitive nature and wealth of personal details.

Details within the collection may include:

*First name
*Last name
*Death date
*Death location
*Serial number


Original data compiled from National Archives Record Group 407: Records of the Adjutant General’s Office, 1905-1961.

Data provided by Electronic and Special Media Records Services Division (NWME), National Archives and College Park.