Find your ancestors in British & Irish Roots Collection

Explore this unique collection, handpicked by our in-house experts. It brings together 98 million records the identify a British or Irish emigrant. For example, a U.S. military record noted that a soldier was of Welsh origin. In a separate marriage record from Massachusetts, a bride is listed as being born in Athlone, Ireland. Until now, these valuable migration clues could not be searched together in a single place. The collection includes passenger lists, census records, naturalization applications, and draft registrations, as well as birth, marriage, and death records.

With each result you will be provided with a transcript. The details revealed in each transcript will vary depending on the original source material. Sources include vital records, passenger lists, naturalization records, and census returns. Below are some of the facts you may discover about your ancestor:

  • Name
  • Sex
  • Age
  • Birth year
  • Birth place
  • Event year
  • Nationality
  • Origin country
  • Residence
  • Destination country
  • Source
  • View original source record – this link will bring you through to the original source; in most cases you will be able to view an image of the original record.

Discover more about these records

Findmypast is excited to bring together this unique collection of records handpicked by our in-house experts. British & Irish roots collection brings together more than 65 million records from across a wide variety of records from the United States and Canada. Each record identifies a British or Irish emigrant who came to North America. For example, Findmypast identified a population register from California that noted that a widow was Scottish and pulled this record into the collection. This new, first-of-its-kind collection gives North American family historians the chance to search for their British and Irish roots all in one place. Findmypast pulled together records that include the following individuals:

  • Individuals emigrating from the United Kingdom or Ireland to the United States, Canada, or the Caribbean.
  • Individuals emigrating from Canada or the Caribbean to the United States.
  • Individuals listed on any United States or Canadian collection with British or Irish origins, birthplace, or parents.

British & Irish roots collection gives family historians the chance to trace their ancestors’ journeys across the Atlantic like never before.