Find your ancestors in Registers of Queen's Colleges Ireland 1849-1858

The Queens Colleges register is a publication of the official returns to the House of Commons of the Queen’s Colleges of Ireland. The Queens Colleges of Ireland were established by the Queens Colleges (Ireland) Act 1845, which allowed for the creation of universities to cater for all religious denominations. Under this act the Queen’s Colleges of Belfast, Cork and Galway were formally incorporated in 1845 and opened their doors to students in 1849. This register is a list of studenst for each college during their first 10 years of operation.

Typical Entry

Each return lists:

  • Name of student
  • Religion of student
  • Department of student

The approximate breakdown of figures is as follows:

  • Belfast: 930
  • Cork: 680
  • Galway: 245

This register of studnets should prove extremely useful to those who have graduates of any of the Queen’s Colleges in their Irish family tree.