Find your ancestors in Irish Catholic Church Directories 1836-37

Irish Catholic Church directory

This directory lists all members of the clergy and parishes in Ireland for the years 1836 and 1837, as well as much of the Catholic hierarchy throughout the world. More than 5,000 Irish Catholic clergymen for this period are included in these two volumes, which have both been carefully scanned and digitized to now be fully searchable.

How to use Irish Catholic Church Directories for your family history research

The most valuable section of these registries from which most of names in this record set is drawn, is the Ecclesiastical Register of Ireland. This is a diocese by diocese tour of the country detailing the priests and curates for each parish.

This family history record index should prove to be incredibly useful with anyone with men of the cloth in their family tree. This information is also especially important for genealogical researchers trying to determine what parish registers may have survived, as it gives an indication of which parishes were operational during this time period.

A Complete Catholic Registry, Directory, and Almanack, Vol. 1, 1836
A Complete Catholic Registry, Directory, and Almanack, Vol. 2, 1837