Explore your Canadian ancestry through this compilation of announcements found in Canadian publications. You may find out your ancestor’s death date, burial date and place, as well as the names of your ancestor’s parents, children, and spouse. The records were created by the Ontario Genealogical Society.

With every result, you will be presented with a transcript featuring the vital details found in a Canadian publication. The records mostly comprise obituaries, but you will also find birth and marriage announcements.

  • Name
  • Event year
  • Death year
  • Periodical
  • Publication year
  • Publication date
  • County
  • Province
  • Country
  • Notes – this is the most valuable field. It will provide nearly the full text of the announcement as it appeared in the publication. This may provide you with details about the person’s death, burial place, next of kin, parent’s names, children’s names, and more.

The Ontario Genealogical Society Provincial Index was created as a volunteer project to index an unlimited range of genealogical information on Ontario families by the Ontario Genealogical Society. The project began in 1997. The genealogical information was transcribed from a number of publications. The full list of publications is found below. Majority of the events captured are obituary notices, but you will also find birth and marriage announcements. The records encompass from 1904 to 2008.