The Sligo Champion

First published as a weekly paper in 1836 The Champion and Sligo News or The Sligo Champion as it became known is an excellent source for family historians from the north-west of Ireland covering counties such as Roscommon and Leitrim. Initially published on Saturdays at a price of 7 pence the newspaper went through a period of being published on Mondays in the 1850s.

The first edition carries an account of the Sligo races, horse races which still form an important part of the social calendar of the region.

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Overall Coverage: 1836-1951

Due to the delicate nature of the materials involved gaps in the collection are inevitable. Newspapers are usually printed on cheap paper with lower quality inks. This makes their storage and preservation more challenging. As a result where date ranges are listed this does not guarantee that every issue in that date range has survived.

Findmypast has a selection of issues from The Sligo Champion including the first edition from 1836. The available years are: 1836-1838; 1852; 1923: April – December 1926, 1948 and 1951.