Find your ancestors in Testamentary Records in the Archdeaconry Court of London Vol. II 1661-1700, Introduction to Original Volume

Testamentary Records in the Archdeaconry Court of London Vol. II 1661-1700

British Record Society volume 98

Published 1985

Introduction to Original Volume

This is the second volume of Testamentary records in the Archdeaconry Court of London and commences with the re-establishment of the Court after the Restoration; it takes the index down to 1700.

The Guildhall list of references to the records indexed in this volume is as follows:

9050/ 8Act Book (Administrations & Probates)(1645-49) & 1660-65/66
9Act Book (Administrations & Probates)1666-68
10Act Book (Administrations & Probates)1669-74
11Act Book (Administrations & Probates)1675-77
12Act Book (Administrations & Probates)1678-80
13Act Book (Administrations & Probates)1681-82
14Act Book (Administrations & Probates)1683-87
15Act Book (Administrations & Probates)1688-91
16Act Book (Administrations & Probates)1692-99
[Contains probate & admons. 1692-1694,  
probate 1695, & probate & admons. December 1699].  
17Act Book (Administrations & Probates)1695-99
[Contains admons. 1695,  
probate & admons. January 1696-November 1699],  
18Act Book (Administrations & Probates)1700-(05)
9051/ 9Registered Copy Wills1660/01-75
[Including 2 Wills proved 1662 & 1665]  
10Registered Copy Wills1675-80
[no Register 1681—(1717)]  
9052/13Original Wills(1646)-62
14Original Wills1663-64
15Original Wills1665
16Original Wills1666-68
17Original Wills1669-71
18Original Wills1672-74
19Original Wills1675-76
20Original Wills1677-78
21Original Wills1679-80
22Original Wills1681
23Original Wills1682
24Original Wills1683-84
25Original Wills1685
26Original Wills1686-87
27Original Wills1688-89
28Original Wills1690-01
29Original Wills1692
30Original Wills1693-94
31Original Wills1695-96
32Original Wills1697-1700

Geneva, October 1985 M. F.