Find your ancestors in Gloucester Wills Vol. II 1600-1800, Introduction to Original Volume

Gloucester Wills Vol. II 1600-1800

British Record Society Volume 34

Published 1907

Introduction to Original Volume

In bringing the second volume of Gloucester Wills to a con­clusion there is but little to be said by way of Preface, as all that was necessary to say about the documents of the Consistory Court of the Bishop of Gloucester appeared in the Preface to Volume I.

The Calendar has now been brought down to the year 1800, after which date, it is not proposed to continue the work of calendaring.

Quite recently, however, several volumes of Administration and Acts of Court have been discovered, which the Council propose shall be calendared and, when completed, form a third volume.

These newly found books consist of:

  • A Volume containing Administrations 1604-1614
  • A Volume containing Administrations 1626-1628
  • A Volume containing Administrations 1677-1683
  • As well as two volumes of Acts of Court for 1640 onwards.

The first of these is referred to in the Preface of Volume I, but until recently it had been lost sight of for many years. There is a large number of volumes relating to the Bishop's Court which have not yet been examined, and it is not at all improbable that further Testamentary records may be found among them.

E. A. FRY.