A signed Army Hankerchief

by Gail Bradwell

My father has left an army hankerchief signed by the soldiers in his regiment.

  • 8th Rein 1st C.A.P. NX10907 P.C.Bridge
  • NX10873 Sydenham
  • NX71509 Sgt.A.L.Chapman
  • NX71163 Alpas. ...Cumslie
  • NX10461 R.H.Collie
  • NX10570 E.H.Wade
  • NX10893 L.Broadbent
  • NX10807 P.Burrow
  • NX634 J.P.Brennan
  • NX10762 F.P.Foley
  • NX10743 A.S.Dornan
  • NX10858 T.J.Cottee
  • NX10579 F.Cottee
  • NX10879 W.L.Winter
  • NX8762 D.Cook Cpl
  • NX71919 F.W.Lipsett
  • NX8298 B.Dalley
  • NX8297 W.D.Comtesse
  • NX7288 W.F.Shepherd
  • NX10326 J.Brough
  • NX10473 V.Smith
  • NX72170 Nelson K.R.
  • NX8766 A.I.F. G.Raymond A.A.S.C
  • NX72095 P.G.Pasefield W.C.
  • NX10734 T.A. Killik
  • NX10803 J.W.Haywork
  • NX34446 Ryine
  • NX10907 P.C.Bridge
  • NX10733 L.J.Howarth Sgt
  • NX72928 Beattie
  • NX10806 D.R.Elliott
  • NX10851 F.J.Harris
  • NX10839 J.Hart
  • NX73045 Brougham
  • NX72298 L.J.McDonald Cpl

I would like someone to have this hankerchief, it needs to be preserved. I don’t know how I would be able to find out any of the people's relations that have been listed. I’m sure some of these men would have sons that are enlisted and would treasure this keepsake.