R James Trail

by Marion Trail

My father R James Trail, received the Military Medal for bravery in WW2. Below is the description of what happened.

  • On the morning of November 2 1942 at Miteiriya, North Africa, the position of the unit under which Sgt Trail's battery was serving was counter-attached by enemy tanks
  • The crews of three six-pounders belonging to an adjacent English unit were all made casualties, and the guns left unmanned.
  • Under a heavy concentration of shell and MG fire Sgt Trail manned one of these guns and continued to engage the attacking tanks.
  • When ordered to withdraw he removed the firing mechanism of each of these three guns in order to deny their use to the enemy should they fall into their hands.
  • In order to carry out this task Sgt Trail covered 300 yards of open country in the face of the enemy under a hail of shell, mortar and MG fire with no thought for his own personal safety.
  • Throughout the action, Sgt Trail's conduct was outstanding and his coolness and precision were a source of inspiration to those working with him under his command.
  • For this Sgt Trail was awarded the Military Medal for Bravery by King George V1 at Buckingham Palace. SGT R James Trail (left of picture), outside Buckingham Palace to receive the MM from King George V1 with two others who were receiving awards