Anzac Day Stories

Honouring the brave men & women who represented their country during war.


Douglas Lloyd George Frick

Douglas spent a lot of time with his cousin, Lou. Two days after Christmas Day in 1941, emboldened by each other’s devilry they fell through the door of the Gawler Army enlistment office. Lloyd was later to say that he enlisted because he “thought it was a good idea at the time”...

By Peter Frick
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Kenneth Leighton Kesteven

My father, Kenneth Leighton Kesteven, M.C., won his decoration in the Battle of Greece & Crete, when he led his platoon down to safety through German lines, despite being wounded. He did this...

By Lynne Smith
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L R Stoney

L R Stoney, was a member of 'Gull Force' -- about 1500 men sent to protect Ambon. Shortly after they arrived on Ambon, they were 'joined' by 15000 Japanese troops. So Driver L R Stoney (NX 5705) of the AASC was a guest of the Emperor for three and a half years, finally...

By Gae Fenske
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Albert Crosby

My uncle Albert Crosby (my mother's older brother) served on the two HMAS Sydneys in two world wars. As a gunner in the 1st WW he was on HMAS Sydney when it sank the German "Emden," the first naval battle of the war. Although wounded...

By Bruce Forster
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