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For over a decade Findmypast has been bringing the past to life for millions of people across the globe. With over 8 billion records and 34 million newspaper articles to explore, Findmypast is the best place to discover your family history.
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”I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland, but was hesitant as I thought it would mean much more if I actually knew where this family came from before I went over. I had given up ever finding them but booked a genealogy tour anyway in April 2016. FindMyPast then released 10,000,000 new records in Ireland. I typed in my great grandfather, Michael Cranley, thinking that I would get the usual result – nothing. Not this time. There he was!”
Barbara Gardner-Bray
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With over 111 million records to explore, we understand it can be hard to know where to start with your Irish research. To help, we’ve pulled together these handy blogs and how-to guides to get you started.
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