How much are PayAsYouGo credits?


PayAsYouGo credits are an ideal choice for anyone who only want to undertake a small amount of research to begin with. Especially suitable for newcomers to family history research, individual records can be viewed using PayAsYouGo credits instead of through a subscription.

Credits can be purchased as a bundle, starting at 60 credits per bundle. Individual records vary in cost to view from between 5 and 60 credits and, once a record has been viewed, it can be viewed again unlimited times.

To purchase PayAsYouGo credits or to see all available subscription options and prices, please click here:

Once you have purchased credits, simply select a record to view. You will then be shown the credit value to view the selected transcription or image. If you are happy to purchase the transcription or image with your credits, you need to click on the Confirm button.

You also have the option to select "Don't ask me again for 30 minutes". By selecting this option, you will automatically be charged credits for every record selected within 30 minutes.

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