Other Important Records

Institutions & Organisations

Legal records - Whether criminal or civil, are a key source for tracing Irish family history because they record such a huge volume of prisoners, their relatives, and in many cases their victims. This collection is compiled from the records housed in the National Archives of Ireland and covers most surviving records for prisons and court records in the 26 counties of the Republic of Ireland. All names appearing in these records (prisoners, defendants, claimants, relatives and victims) can be searched for also a specific time frame, or court. 

Prison Registers - There are 2.7 million records to be found in the Prison Registers with information on over 3.5 million people. In many cases a physical description of the prisoner is recorded.

Petty Sessions - Our order books contain the names of over 15.2 million complainants and defendants. We are continuously adding to these records. A full list of the courts in this record set is available on the Petty Sessions information page

Churches & Religion

The Irish Catholic Church Directory - There are two volumes (1837 & 1838) of the Irish Catholic Church directory which lists serving clergy throughout the country. This information is especially important for family history researchers trying to determine what parish registers may have survived, as it gives an indication of which parishes were operational during this time period.

Education & Work

This group of records includes material which covers a period predating civil registration, making our education records an invaluable source.

Alumni Dublinenses - Published in 1924 this register records the provosts, professors, graduates and students of Trinity College Dublin, Ireland’s oldest university. The publication mentions individuals who were at Trinity between 1593 – 1846, and is especially valuable for its list of over 32,000 names from 1593-1637, a period for which no original registers survive.

The Freemen of Dublin City - Provides information on almost 6000 men admitted to the Freedom of the City of Dublin between 1774 and 1824. The list is predominately made up of tradesmen and craftsmen, including makers of furniture, silver and clocks but also includes masters of other branches of the fine and applied arts.

Immigration & Travel

Transatlantic Migration Index - This index contains the names of over 40,000 individuals who travelled from North America to Great Britain and Ireland between 1858 and 1870. Ports in Great Britain and Ireland were required to record these details due to concerns over American support for an uprising by the Fenians in Ireland.

Passenger Lists 1890–1960 -  These records cover departures from many British and Irish ports to destinations worldwide. Included in these records are the passenger lists for the HMS Titanic and the thousands of immigrants who disembarked at Ellis Island after 1892.

Military Service & Conflict

The William Smith O’Brien Petition 1848-49 - These records give the names, addresses, occupations and political loyalties of over 80,000 people from all over Ireland and parts of England.

The 1798 Claimants and Surrenders - Included here are 8,440 names of those who took up arms and those whose property was damaged.

Ireland’s Memorial Record: World War I: 1914-1918 - Contains the names of 49,647 individuals and covers the island of Ireland.

The National Roll of Honour 1914-1921 - These records provide rich detail on the casualties of WWI drawing from numerous publications and newspapers.

The Sinn Féin Rebellion Handbook - Contains a list of casualties suffered and prisoners taken during the 1916 Easter Rising.

The Kilmainham Pension Records - contain details of over 10,000 Irishmen who served in the British Army in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century.