Broaden Your Search

If you are struggling to find any more details about people already on your family tree or indeed, in discovering any new avenues of research then the best thing to do is to broaden your search. And, handily, findmypast has many other collections that will help you do that. There millions of records to search on findmypast!

A full list of our Irish family history records can be found here, crossing seven centuries and featuring everything from images and maps of plots your family leased in 1859 to records of participants in the 1798 rebellion.

To broaden your search further, you might like to consider:

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•Visit your local library to see what records they may hold

•Visit any family history fairs in your area

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Still hitting a brick wall?

If you're still struggling with your research, then it is worth reading our experts' guide on what to do next. No matter how stuck you may think you are, there are always opportunities to research further, whether that is simply by reviewing the evidence you already have in your possession or via specialist record sets. And remember, you can always get help from the findmypast community on facebook - it's a place where you can ask questions, share your findings and offer help to fellow genealogists with all levels of expertise.