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By Daisy Goddard | March 24, 2023

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From Surrey to South Africa, we've added 176,326 new and updated British Army records.

In addition to a mammoth newspaper release with over 1.6 million new pages, we've added detail-rich military records from Surrey and beyond this week.

British Army, Local Armed Forces' Enrolment Forms, Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902

This all-new set contains transcriptions for 64,888 enrolment forms from the Anglo-Boer War, which was fought between the British Empire and the Boer Republic in South Africa between 1899 and 1902.

Although the content of the records varies slightly depending on which enrolment form was used in each case, this set provides the name, age, nationality and trade of each soldier, as well as his regiment, regimental number and place of enlistment.

A next of kin (and their address) is also stated in these records. This provides valuable insight into each individual's family and background.

Containing a physical description of each soldier, these records are rich in fascinating detail. Take Alexander Duncan Turnbull, who we found in this set, as just one example.

Alexander Duncan Turnbull

Wikimedia Commons, photo here.

Pictured above, Alexander served in the 2nd Kitchener's Fighting Scouts Regiment after enlisting in Cape Town on 25 July 1901. His next of kin is listed as his brother, Dr Lindsay Turnbull, who lived in Ladbroke Grove, London.

We learn from Alexander's record that he was 5 foot 9 inches tall, with a fair complexion and blue eyes. One of his more distinctive features is also listed - he had a tattoo of a snake on his left forearm. You can explore this record for yourself here.

British Army, East Surrey Regiment 1899-1919

This week, we added 41,023 records to this existing set. Detailing the fighting lives of the soldiers in the East Surrey Regiment, these records offer insight into ancestors who fought in the Anglo-Boer War and the First World War.

Corporal A. E. Curtis, depicted on a cigarette card series of 'Boer War heroes' from 1902.

Cigarette card depicting Corporal Albert Edward Curtis of the 2nd Battalion, East Surrey Regiment, 1902.

You'll find both the original image and the transcription in this set. There are a range of different record types contained within this set, including medals, orders and rank and file index.

You'll typically find the full name, regiment, regimental number, year of birth, and birthplace in these records.

British Army, Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment 1901-1918

If your ancestor fought with the Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment during the Boer War or First World War, you're in luck. 85,011 records have been added to this set.

For this set, you can view both the original record image and a transcription.

Photograph of the Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment in 1900, taken by Lieutenant L D Wedd DSO.

Photograph of the Queen's Royal West Surrey Regiment in 1900, taken by Lieutenant L D Wedd DSO.

Series in this set include 1918 Prisoners of War, Register of Recruits 1914-1917 and Boer War Medals 1901-1903. Though the information in each record varies between these series, you can expect to learn the name, regiment, regimental number, rank, birthplace and birth year.

One of our biggest newspaper releases yet

After a short break, our newspaper publishing is back with a bang. We've added 1,610,356 new pages this week, updating 54 titles and adding four entirely new ones.

This week, you can explore Grimsby's past like never before. We've extensively updated the Grimsby Daily Telegraph and even added a new title for this Lincolnshire town - the Grimsby Target.

Fascinating tales abound within this new title. Exactly 70 years ago this week, the murders at 10 Rillington Place (the so-called 'house of death') were discovered.

Grimsby Daily Telegraph house f death

As our updated pages reveal, the discovery was reported on by the Grimsby Daily Telegraph on 26 March 1953.

There are endless stories contained within our newspaper archive's 65 million pages. Explore them for yourself today - you never know what you might find.

Here are this week's new and updated newspaper titles.

New titles:

Updated titles:

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