Search this index of real estate records from the Emigrant Savings Bank. The records have come from the crowd-sourced project Emigrant City

This index of 19th and early 20th century records was created by Emigrant City. With each result, you will find a combination of the following facts:

  • Name
  • Institution
  • Mortgager as supplied
  • Year
  • Valuation date
  • Record date
  • Street address
  • Total value
  • Amount loaned as transcribed
  • Amount loaned
  • Dimensions
  • Land / building value
  • Materials
  • Additional information
  • Source website
  • Place
  • County
  • State

The Emigrant Back was established in 1850s to support New York’s Irish immigrant population. It later grew to become the America’s seventh largest banking institute. About 10% of the records do not have a name, but only the name of the institution which banked with Emigrant Bank. For more information about the crowd-sourced project to transcribe the bank records visit Emigrant Bank’s website.