Find out if your British ancestors were baptised, married of buried in the county of Worcestershire.

A full list of parishes/places covered by the records and the dates the records are available for is given below. The date ranges are those derived from the earliest and latest records and do not necessarily reflect a complete run of years.




Worcestershire Baptisms

PlaceYear fromYear to Record count
Astley15391900 5,341
Bretforton15381837 2,993
Droitwich15711900 8,975
Hanbury17001900 4,604
Shrawley15371900 3,925
Worcester, St Helen15381812 8,658

Worcestershire Marriages

PlaceYear fromYear to Record count
Astley15391837 1,524
Bretforton15381837 1,693
Droitwich15711900 2,714
Hanbury15771900 3,567
Shrawley15381837 1,164
Worcester, St Helen15391812 6,456

Worcestershire Burials

PlaceYear fromYear to Record count
Astley15391900 3,547
Bretforton15381837 2,054
Droitwich15721900 5,416
Dudley18031974 502
Hanbury15771897 5,854
Shrawley15381894 2,707
Worcester17641884 28
Worcester, St Helen15571812 7,091