Find out if your British ancestors were baptised, married of buried in the county of Westmorland.

A full list of parishes/places covered by the records and the dates the records are available for is given below. The date ranges are those derived from the earliest and latest records and do not necessarily reflect a complete run of years.




Westmorland Baptisms

ParishYear fromYear to Record count
Askham15661812 2,760
Bampton16511812 2,239
Brough under Stainmore15591812 8,353
Cliburn15651812 971
Crook18131839 253
Crosby Garrett15691812 1,403
Crosthwaite cum Lyth15691812 3,130
Dufton17981839 678
Kendal15571631 11,263
Lowther15401812 2,785
Middleton in Lonsdale16621812 1,308
Shap15621830 5,204

Westmorland Marriages

ParishYear fromYear to Record count
Askham15661861 1,447
Bampton16371812 1,316
Brough under Stainmore15601812 3,992
Cliburn15651812 518
Crook18161838 52
Crosby Garrett15591812 946
Crosthwaite cum Lyth15701812 1,627
Dufton17981839 272
Kendal15571631 7,861
Lowther15391812 1,243
Middleton in Lonsdale16771812 445
Shap15591848 3,321

Westmorland Burials

ParishYear fromYear to Record count
Askham15661812 2,100
Bampton16381812 1,923
Brough under Stainmore15561812 6,525
Cliburn15651811 696
Crosby Garrett15591811 1,323
Crosthwaite cum Lyth15681812 2,848
Kendal15551631 13,085
Lowther15401932 1,875
Middleton in Lonsdale16711812 1,003
Shap15621830 3,603