Hierarchy of Surrey Church Courts

Prior to 1858, probate was handled by the ecclesiastical or church courts with jurisdiction in archdeaconries, dioceses of bishops (consistory courts) and provinces of the archbishops of Canterbury and York. There were also areas exempt from archidiaconal and episcopal jurisdictions known as "peculiars".

The Surrey Peculiars Probate index is an index to Wills, administrations and inventories in the Peculiar Court of the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Deanery of Croydon (Surrey) 1660-1751, which included the Surrey parishes of Barnes, Burstow, Charlwood, Cheam, Croydon, East Horsley, Merstham, Mortlake, Church Newington, Putney, Roehampton, Walworth St Peter and Wimbledon.

To help demonstrate the hierarchy of the Surrey Church Courts we have added the image below.

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