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1930 US Census 15th United States Census

1930 Census Geography

  • 48 States participated in the 1930 census
  • Participating territories: Alaska, Hawaii, American Samoa, the Canal Zone, Guam, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands

Information requested for the 1930 Census

  • Street name
  • House number
  • Name
  • Relationship to head of family
  • Is the person's home owned or rented?
  • If the home is owned, is it owned free or mortgaged?
  • Does this person live on a farm NOW?
  • Did this person live on a farm A YEAR AGO?
  • Sex, Color or Race, Age
  • Is the person single, married, divorced, or widowed?
  • Has the person attended school at any time since Sept. 1, 1929?
  • Can the person read and write?
  • Person's place of birth
  • Person's father's place of birth
  • Person's mother's place of birth
  • Year of immigration into the United States
  • Is the person naturalized or an alien?
  • Is the person able to speak English?
  • Trade, profession, or particular kind of work done?
  • Industry or business in which at work
  • Is person an Employee (E), wage or salary worker (W), or own account (O)?
  • Whether the person is actually at work?
  • Record line number for unemployed
  • Whether the person is a veteran of the U.S. military or naval forces mobilized for any war or expedition?
  • If yes, which war or expedition
  • Number of farm schedule

Census of Unemployment

Enumerators were instructed to fill out the following questionnaire for all gainful workers unemployed on the workday before the census date.

  • Date of enumeration
  • Sheet number of person's corresponding population schedule entry
  • Line number of person's corresponding population schedule entry
  • Name
  • Does this person usually work at a gainful occupation?
  • Does this person usually have a job of any kind?
  • If this person has a job...
  • How many weeks since he has worked at that job?
  • Why was he not at work yesterday (or the last regular workday)?
  • How many days did he work last week?
  • How many days does he work in a full-time week?
  • If this person has no job of any kind...
  • Is he able to work?
  • Is he looking for a job?
  • For how many weeks has he been without a job?
  • Reason for being out of a job

Indian Population

  • Sheet number of person's corresponding population schedule entry
  • Line number of person's corresponding population schedule entry
  • Name, Sex, Age
  • Is the person of full American Indian or mixed lineage?
  • Tribe
  • Person's Post Office address
  • Agency where the person is enrolled

1930 Census Quick Facts

  • It took $40,156,000, approximately 87,756 enumerators and 35,700 published reports to complete the 1930 census
  • The US population increased by 13.7 percent from the 1920 census to the 1930 census.

Historical Events Surrounding 1930 Census

  • March 1, 1936: The Hoover Dam is completed two years ahead of schedule
  • In 1930, Richard Drew invents “Scotch Brand Cellulose Tape” known today as Scotch Tape
  • Superman is introduced in comics in June of 1938
  • March 3, 1931: Herbert Hoover signs an act officially declaring The Star Spangled Banner as the US national anthem
  • In 1933, the 21st amendment to the constitution is ratified ending the prohibition of alcohol
  • Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany in 1933
  • May 27, 1937: The Golden Gate Bridge opens in San Francisco, California
  • October 30, 1938: The radio broadcast “The War of the Worlds,” a realistic sounding descriptions of Martians attacking the United States, causing widespread panic