Find your ancestors in Search the 1880 US Census

1880 US Census 10th United States Census

Information requested for the 1880 Census

  • Name, Color, Sex, Age
  • Month of birth
  • Relationship to the head of the family
  • Marital status
  • Is the person widowed or divorced?
  • Was the person married within the census year?
  • Profession, occupation, or trade
  • Number of months the person had been employed within the census year
  • Was, on the day of the enumerator's visit, the person was sick or disabled so as to be unable to attend to ordinary business or duties? If so, what was the sickness or disability?
  • Blind, deaf, dumb, idiotic or insane?
  • Was the person maimed, crippled, bedridden, or otherwise disabled?
  • Had the person attended school in the past year?
  • Can the person read or write?
  • What was the person's place of birth?
  • What was the person's father's place of birth?
  • What was the person's mother's place of birth?

What was lost from the 1880 Census?

No major loss of records for the 1880 Census

1880 Census Quick Facts

  • It took $5,791,000, approximately 31,382 enumerators and 21,458 published reports to complete the 1880 census
  • The US population increased by 26 percent from the 1870 census to the 1880 census.
  • 1880 was the first year the census reported the relationship of each person to the head of the household as well as the birthplace of each person’s parents

Historical Events Surrounding 1880 Census

  • September 4, 1882: Thomas Edison’s Pearl Street Station became the first central power plant in the United States generating electricity for 400 street lamps and 85 customers
  • The Statue of Liberty arrives from France in July of 1885
  • North and South Dakota, Montana and Washington all become states in November of 1889