Plymouth & West Devon baptisms - places

PlaceFromTo PlaceFrom To
Bickleigh16941871 Plymouth: St Aubyn, Devonport18781911
Brentor18571911 Plymouth: St Augustine18381911
Brixton16681911 Plymouth: St Boniface, Devonport18861911
Cornwood16691911 Plymouth: St Budeaux15381911
Coryton16551911 Plymouth: St Catherine18971911
Crabtree Mission Church18881911 Plymouth: St George, East Stonehouse18681887
Devonport17191775 Plymouth: St James The Great, Devonport18471911
Dunterton16401958 Plymouth: St John Sutton-On-Plym18501911
Ermington16031911 Plymouth: St John, Devonport18871911
Harford17251911 Plymouth: St Luke18741911
Holbeton16211869 Plymouth: St Mark, Ford18751911
Hooe18551914 Plymouth: St Mary The Virgin and Magdalene, Catted18991911
Horrabridge18671911 Plymouth: St Mary, Devonport18471911
Ivybridge18411911 Plymouth: St Matthew, Stonehouse18761911
Kingsand18421964 Plymouth: St Matthias18881911
Lamerton15461911 Plymouth: St Michael, Devonport18731911
Lee Moor18741939 Plymouth: St Pancras, Pennycross16341911
Lewtrenchard16101911 Plymouth: St Paul, Devonport18471911
Lydford17161911 Plymouth: St Paul, Stonehouse18731911
Marystow17141911 Plymouth: St Peter18491911
Meavy16531911 Plymouth: St Philip, Weston Mill18981911
Millbrook: Wesleyan Methodist18551907 Plymouth: St Saviour18711911
Milton Abbot16581911 Plymouth: St Simon19001911
Milton Abbot18751875 Plymouth: St Stephen, Devonport18481911
Mutley18761916 Plymouth: St Thomas, Keyham  
Mutley, Plymouth18721916 Plymouth: Stoke Damerel, Devonport17021911
Newton Ferrers16001911 Plymouth: Stoke Damerel, Devonport17191789
Plymouth15412001 Plymouth: The Church Of The Ascension  
Plymouth: All Saints18751911 Plymouth: Victoria Memorial Wesleyan Methodist, Ke  
Plymouth: Belmont  / Stoke Methodist, Devonport18761911 Plymouth: Wyndham Street Presbyterian18601911
Plymouth: Chapel Of The Good Shepherd, Rnh, Stoneh18821911 Plymouth: Zion Street Bc Methodist (and Other Chur19081911
Plymouth: Charles16131911 Plympton16161680
Plymouth: Charles With St Matthias18921902 Plympton St Mary16041911
Plymouth: Christchurch18471911 Plympton St Mary: Methodist, Venton18801910
Plymouth: Crownhill Wesleyan Methodist18631910 Plympton St Maurice17471911
Plymouth: Edgcombe Street  / Union Street Methodis18661875 Plymstock15911911
Plymouth: Eggbuckland16591911 Revelstoke16571911
Plymouth: Emmanuel18701911 Sampford Spiney16541911
Plymouth: Greenbank Bc Methodist (Also East Street18831911 Shaugh Prior15651952
Plymouth: Herbert Road Primitive Methodist19011911 Sheepstor16911812
Plymouth: Holy Trinity and Plymouth: St Saviour18651911 Stowford17071943
Plymouth: Holy Trinity, Crownhill18981911 Sydenham Damerel15391911
Plymouth: Honicknowle United Free Methodist18901911 Tamerton Foliot17941911
Plymouth: Hotham Place / Millbridge Primitive Meth19091911 Tamerton Foliot: Wesleyan Methodist18611911
Plymouth: Ker Street Wesleyan Methodist, Devonport18441910 Thrushelton16461911
Plymouth: King Street Later Wesley Methodist   Thrushelton18641864
Plymouth: Mission Chapels At Ocean St and Weston m18971900 Ugborough15381911
Plymouth: Morice Street Wesleyan Methodist, Devonp18161911 Walkhampton16741857
Plymouth: Mount Gould Wesleyan Methodist19041911 Wembury16121911
Plymouth: Mutley Plain Wesleyan Methodist   Whitchurch15601911
Plymouth: Old & New Tabernacles Later Norley Stree17631817 Yealmpton16031911
Plymouth: St Andrew's15811911   

Plymouth & West Devon banns & marriages - places and parishes

PlaceFromTo PlaceFromTo
Brentor17931836 Plymouth, St Budeaux15391817
Brixton18131837 Plymouth, St George, East Stone house  
Cornwood17501835 Plymouth, St Mary, Devonport  
Devonport, Stoke Damerel16891754 Plymouth, St Pancras, Pennycross16361752
Dunterton18291835 Plymouth, Stoke Damerel 15951688
Ermington17821782 Plympton, St Maurice16161680
Harford17241753 Plymton St Mary19061916
Holbeton16531702 Revelstoke16541833
Hooe18261826 Sampford Spiney17421930
Lamerton17771777 Sheepstor17961796
Lewtrenchard17991823 Stowford  
Lewtrenchard17131756 Sydenham Damerel  
Lydford   Tamerton Foliot18101810
Marystow17801780 Thrushelton17381754
Meavy18251825 Ugborough18341834
Milton Abbot17001700 Ugborough17541784
Milton Abbot16541723 Walkhampton17561756
Newton Ferrers18011801 Walkhampton19121930
Plymouth17121712 Wembury17781836
Plymouth, Charles16441753 Whitchurch  
Plymouth, Eggbuckland   Yealmpton17541812
Plymouth, Holy Trinity       
Plymouth, St Andrew's15811753   

Plymouth & West Devon burials - places

ParishFromTo PlaceFromTo
Bickleigh16941911 Plympton, St Maurice17471911
Bickleigh (West)19081909 Plymstock15911911
Brentor18171897 Revelstoke16521911
Brixton16681911 Sampford Spiney16671911
Charles16461907 Shaugh Prior15651911
Cornwood16851911 Shaugh Prior, Lee Moor18991911
Coryton16551911 Sheepstor16911752
Dunterton16021910 Sherwell Congregational Church18831927
Ebenezer, Central Hall Methodist18171838 St Andrew16741909
Eggbuckland16531911 St Augustine18411841
Ermington16031911 St Budeaux19731988
Harford17241911 St Budeaux15381911
Holbeton16201911 St Maurice16161680
Hooe, St John18701911 Stoke Damerel15951911
Horrabridge18911895 Stonehouse18881911
Ivybridge18411878 Stowford17061910
Lamerton15451911 Sydenham Damerel15391911
Lamerton, St Peter   Tamerton Foliot17941850
Lewtrenchard16141911 Thrushelton16541911
Looe Street16291629 Tything Of Pennycross18131840
Lydford17161911 Ugborough15421911
Marystow16541909 Venners16261626
Meavy16531911 Vintry16271629
Milton Abbot16531911 Walkhampton16751894
Newton Ferrers16001911 Wembury16111895
Pennycross18401911 Whitchurch15621911
Pennycross, St Pancras16351812 Yealmpton16001883
Pilgrim Congregational      
Plympton, St Mary16491911