The Forums have arrived

Do you like to talk about family history? Need help in finding your ancestors? Curious to see how everyone else is doing at finding their past? You can now answer these questions at findmypast Ireland’s new forums. Designed for you and your fellow researchers, it’s a place where you can share your experience and benefit from the knowledge of others. The forums are free to all registered users so why not start posting your questions now?

How do the forums work?

The forums are divided into 6 categories called message boards. Any registered user can start a new discussion on these message boards. This is done by simply pressing the ‘add topic’ button which lies at the top right of every one of our 6 message boards. If you would like to add a response to an existing discussion, just click on the discussion, hit the ‘add reply’ button which appears on the top left of every discussion and post. You can also preview your response before posting.

Keep an eye on your discussions!

Findmypast Ireland has the functionality for you to keep track of discussions and posts you've created or contributed to. Why is this useful? As the number of posts and discussions increase, you may find it hard to find your old discussion to see if there are any replies. With our ‘My discussions’ link, found under ‘tools’ on the left panel of the forums, you can easily see the discussions and posts you have previously made.

We also have a ‘Watch This’ button which allows you to follow any discussion that may be of interest to you. Simply click the ‘Watch This’ button, which is at the top of every discussion. Once clicked, this discussion will be saved in your ‘Discussion I’m watching’ section. This can be found underneath ‘My discussions’ link.

House Rules

We require everyone to read the house rules regarding findmypast Ireland forums before posting. It’s a good way to find out what the Do’s and Don’ts are within the forum. The house rules can be found here.

So what are you guys waiting for?

Jump in, start posting and get the genealogical ball rolling in one of our message boards. Click on one of the following links to be brought to message board you would like to post in:

  • General discussion
  • Using the records
  • Tracing specific ancestors
  • Places and geography in Ireland
  • Your finds and success stories
  • What does it mean to be Irish?

Start posting on the Forum now

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