Release of Thom's Irish Who's Who 1923

In addition to our 10% discount and our festive challenge as part of Start Your Family Tree Week, we have another Christmas present for you - the release of Thom's Irish Who's Who 1923.

Alexander Thom & Co. are best known for their “Dublin City & County Directories”, which incidentally was a vital tool for James Joyce in his writing of Ulyssees. They made a brief venture into biographical notices with their 1923 “Irish Who’s Who”, which is now available fully indexed and digitised in the Irish directories category of our Irish family history records.

The directory contains 2500 names over 280 pages detailing those who, in the publisher’s words were:

"Conspicuous in the Nation’s History, and includes leaders of thought and action in all fields of enlightenment and civilization"

According to Thom & Co. the publication would appeal most to:

“the Statesman, the Man of Letters, the Clergyman, the Artist, the Journalist, the Lawyer, the Scientist, and last but in many respects first, the Man of Commerce”

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