Irish Family History: Ashes to Archives Births, Marriages and Deaths

Irish Index to Civil Registration

One of the most important resources for Irish family history is the Index to Civil Registration. In Ireland Civil Registration began in 1864 (non-Catholic marriages were recorded from 1845). Using the volume and page number, and other information from the index, you can order photocopies of the full register entries, for a fee, from the General Register Office. Please note no labelled space is provided on the current GRO forms for Volume and Page number, you can fill in this detail in Section 2 of the form.

To make searching easier we have arranged the index into three sections:

  • Ireland Births 1864 – 1958
  • Ireland Marriages 1845 – 1958
  • Ireland Deaths 1864 – 1958
  • Civil Registration Districts Explained

    The original civil registration districts were based on 160 medical dispensary districts and in many cases cross county boundaries. This means that in certain cases events will be recorded in a county other than where the person lived.

    In your search results you will see the registration district and the counties it covers.

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