Gloucestershire, Bristol Life Events Parish Lists

Gloucestershire, Bristol Life Events

The Gloucestershire, Bristol collection comprises transcripts created by Findmypast using the original records held at the Bristol Archives and transcripts from FamilySearch’s International Genealogical Index (IGI). The city of Bristol is 120 miles from London and rests near the Avon and Frome rivers. Its location was perfect for maritime trade with Ireland, Wales, France, Portugal, and America. The city prospered through trade and the industrial revolution.

Below is three tables listing all the places included in each record set. The records are not conclusive of every parish record in Bristol and gaps may appear within the year ranges provided.

Gloucestershire, Bristol baptism index

ParishYear fromYear to
Abbots Leigh, Holy Trinity18131907
Abson, St James16081907
Alderton, St Margaret of Antioch18371866
Almondsbury, St Mary16721908
Alveston, St Helen16741907
Aust, St John18131908
Avonmouth, St Andrew18931907
Barton Hill, Christchurch18861907
Barton Hill, St Luke18501902
Bedminster, Down Mission Church18921904
Bedminster, St Aldhelm19001907
Bedminster, St Francis, Ashton Gate18791907
Bedminster, St John18401902
Bedminster, St Luke18611907
Bedminster, St Michael and All Angels18861908
Bedminster, St Paul18811901
Bedminster, St Raphael18611907
Bedminster, St Silas18671908
Bishopston, St Michael and All Angels18621907
Bishopsworth, St Peter18431907
Bitton, St Mary15181908
Brislington, St Luke18391904
Bristol, All Saints16631907
Bristol, Christ Church16271871
Bristol, Emmanuel, St Philip18621907
Bristol, Holy Trinity, St Philip18351907
Bristol, St Agnes18851907
Bristol, St Aidan18741906
Bristol, St Augustine the Less18311907
Bristol, St Barnabas18371907
Bristol, St Clement18551907
Bristol, St George18241907
Bristol, St George Brandon Hill18321907
Bristol, St James17921908
Bristol, St John the Baptist18131907
Bristol, St Jude18461907
Bristol, St Leonard16741768
Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe18261907
Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe Mission Church18821904
Bristol, St Matthias18471903
Bristol, St Michael the Archangel on the Mount16531902
Bristol, St Nicholas18131901
Bristol, St Paul, Portland Square17891907
Bristol, St Peter16671907
Bristol, St Philip and Jacob16781907
Bristol, St Simon18451903
Bristol, St Stephen18111907
Bristol, St Thomas18131907
Bristol, St Werburgh16771907
Bristol, Temple Church16711902
Clifton Wood, St Peter18561907
Clifton, All Saints18681907
Clifton, Christchurch19031907
Clifton, Emmanuel18691907
Clifton, Holy Trinity18641902
Clifton, St Andrew18251901
Clifton, St Andrew the Less18731907
Clifton, St Anselm18981907
Clifton, St John the Evangelist18391907
Clifton, St Paul18591910
Coalpit Heath, St Saviour18451907
Compton Greenfield, All Saints16921908
Dodington, St Mary15791907
Downend, Christ Church18731907
Doynton, Holy Trinity15991908
Dyrham, St Peter15781870
Easton, All Hallows18931907
Easton, St Gabriel18701907
Easton, St Lawrence18831907
Easton, St Mark18481905
Eastville, St Thomas18881907
Elberton, St John16841907
Filton, St Peter16821903
Fishponds, St Mary18361906
Frampton Cotterell, St Peter16121907
Frenchay, St John the Baptist18341914
Hanham Abbots, St George18131905
Hanham, Christ Church18441907
Henbury, St Mary15821907
Horfield, Holy Trinity & St Edmund18131905
Iron Acton, St James the Less16071812
Kingsdown, St Matthew18701907
Kingswood, Holy Trinity18481902
Knowle, Holy Nativity18071907
Knowle, St Katharine18891902
Leigh Woods, St Mary18931908
Littleton-on-Severn, St Mary of Malmesbury16841907
Mangotsfield, St James16701907
Marshfield, St Mary the Virgin16371812
Montpelier, St Andrew18451907
Montpelier, St Bartholomew18611907
Moorfields, St Matthew18731902
Northwick, St Thomas18131907
Oldland, St Anne18341900
Olveston, St Mary16831907
Pilning, St Peter18351907
Pucklechurch, St Thomas a Becket15961907
Redland, St Nathanael18131907
Shirehampton, St Mary18131906
Stapleton, Holy Trinity18131853
Stoke Gifford, St Michael18131908
Syston, St Anne15961890
Tormarton, St Mary Magdalen15791907
Two Mile Hill, St Michael18481904
Tyndall's Park, St Mary18741907
Wapley, St Peter15781907
Warmley, St Barnabas18511908
Westbury on Trym, Holy Trinity18131907
Westerleigh, St James the Great16071907
Whitchurch, St Nicholas18131907
Wick, St Bartholomew18801907
Winterbourne Down, All Saints18611868
Winterbourne, St Michael the Archangel16861860
Woolcot Park, St Saviour17901907
Yate, St Mary18131907

Gloucestershire, Bristol marriage index

ParishYear fromYear to
Abbots Leigh, Holy Trinity18301932
Abson, St James16171932
Alderton, St Margaret of Antioch18371866
Almondsbury, St Mary16721903
Alveston, St Helen16741862
Aust, St John18131931
Avonmouth, St Andrew18931933
Barton Hill, Christchurch18861905
Barton Hill, St Luke18501903
Bedminster, St Francis, Ashton Gate18871904
Bedminster, St John18371907
Bedminster, St Luke18611905
Bedminster, St Paul18521904
Bedminster, St Raphael18941932
Bedminster, St Silas18681907
Bishopston, St Michael and All Angels18621908
Bishopsworth, St Peter18451932
Bitton, St Mary15181933
Brislington, St Luke18381908
Bristol, All Saints16711932
Bristol, Christ Church16271932
Bristol, Emmanuel, St Philip18651910
Bristol, Holy Trinity, St Philip18321907
Bristol, St Agnes18861907
Bristol, St Augustine the Less18371925
Bristol, St Barnabas18511907
Bristol, St Clement18551913
Bristol, St George18371903
Bristol, St George Brandon Hill18371914
Bristol, St James18351899
Bristol, St John the Baptist18201930
Bristol, St Jude18321932
Bristol, St Leonard16741768
Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe18351910
Bristol, St Matthias18521921
Bristol, St Michael & All Angels, Windmill Hill19021912
Bristol, St Michael the Archangel on the Mount16531907
Bristol, St Nicholas17541920
Bristol, St Paul, Portland Square17941907
Bristol, St Peter16671939
Bristol, St Philip and Jacob16781905
Bristol, St Simon18481904
Bristol, St Stephen18121932
Bristol, St Thomas18371904
Bristol, St Werburgh16771904
Bristol, Temple Church16711916
Clifton Wood, St Peter18621906
Clifton, All Saints18681932
Clifton, Christchurch18621917
Clifton, Emmanuel18401932
Clifton, Holy Trinity18641906
Clifton, St Andrew18371901
Clifton, St Andrew the Less18821919
Clifton, St John the Evangelist18451906
Clifton, St Paul18621915
Coalpit Heath, St Saviour18451913
Compton Greenfield, All Saints16921928
Dodington, St Mary16171931
Downend, Christ Church18741906
Doynton, Holy Trinity15961932
Dyrham, St Peter16071903
Easton, St Gabriel18701906
Easton, St Lawrence18851907
Easton, St Mark18491901
Eastville, St Thomas18091911
Elberton, St John16831932
Filton, St Peter16541933
Fishponds, St Mary18701903
Frampton Cotterell, St Peter16121932
Frenchay, St John the Baptist18361934
Hanham Abbots, St George18471889
Hanham, Christ Church18891903
Henbury, St Mary15901932
Horfield, Holy Trinity & St Edmund18371902
Iron Acton, St James the Less16071930
Kingsdown, St Matthew18031909
Kingswood, Holy Trinity18371901
Leigh Woods, St Mary18921925
Littleton-on-Severn, St Mary of Malmesbury16841932
Mangotsfield, St James16711927
Marshfield, St Mary the Virgin16371812
Montpelier, St Andrew18451917
Montpelier, St Bartholomew18081909
Moorfields, St Matthew18731905
Northwick, St Thomas18321931
Oldland, St Anne18611926
Olveston, St Mary16831918
Pilning, St Peter18171932
Pucklechurch, St Thomas a Becket15961932
Redland, St Nathanael18781932
Shirehampton, St Mary18441918
Stapleton, Holy Trinity18371927
Stoke Bishop, St Mary Magdalen18611931
Stoke Gifford, St Michael18131932
Syston, St Anne15971928
Tormarton, St Mary Magdalen16001837
Two Mile Hill, St Michael18491903
Tyndall's Park, St Mary18751908
Wapley, St Peter15781932
Warmley, St Barnabas18511902
Westbury on Trym, Holy Trinity18371904
Westerleigh, St James the Great16001931
Whitchurch, St Nicholas18371932
Wick, St Bartholomew18811932
Winterbourne Down, All Saints18611867
Winterbourne, St Michael the Archangel16861860
Woolcot Park, St Saviour19001917
Yate, St Mary18371924

Gloucestershire, Bristol burial index

ParishYear fromYear to
Abbots Leigh, Holy Trinity18131933
Abson, St James16081949
Alderton, St Margaret of Antioch18371866
Almondsbury, St Mary16721899
Alveston, St Helen16741935
Aust, St John18131947
Barton Hill, St Luke18501866
Bedminster, St John18081901
Bedminster, St Paul18791950
Bishopsworth, St Peter18461922
Bitton, St Mary15181950
Brislington, St Luke18131946
Bristol, All Saints16631853
Bristol, Christ Church16271854
Bristol, Holy Trinity, St Philip18321936
Bristol, St Augustine the Less18261885
Bristol, St Barnabas18521866
Bristol, St George18301950
Bristol, St George Brandon Hill18321861
Bristol, St James18351870
Bristol, St John the Baptist18131872
Bristol, St Leonard16741768
Bristol, St Mary Redcliffe17731914
Bristol, St Michael the Archangel on the Mount16531878
Bristol, St Nicholas18131872
Bristol, St Paul, Portland Square17941934
Bristol, St Peter16671857
Bristol, St Philip and Jacob16781890
Bristol, St Simon18481884
Bristol, St Stephen18131857
Bristol, St Thomas18131854
Bristol, St Werburgh16771854
Bristol, Temple Church16711877
Clifton, St Andrew18421942
Clifton, St John the Evangelist18421936
Clifton, St Paul18721872
Coalpit Heath, St Saviour18451913
Compton Greenfield, All Saints16921950
Dodington, St Mary15791950
Downend, Christ Church18241931
Doynton, Holy Trinity15961916
Dyrham, St Peter15781909
Easton, St Mark18481948
Elberton, St John16841949
Filton, St Peter16811935
Fishponds, St Mary18081950
Frampton Cotterell, St Peter16121950
Frenchay, St John the Baptist18341925
Hanham, Christ Church18441922
Henbury, St Mary15901950
Horfield, Holy Trinity & St Edmund18131907
Iron Acton, St James the Less16071945
Kingswood, Holy Trinity18691929
Littleton-on-Severn, St Mary of Malmesbury16841950
Mangotsfield, St James16701950
Marshfield, St Mary the Virgin16371812
Montpelier, St Andrew18451947
Northwick, St Thomas18131948
Oldland, St Anne18131924
Olveston, St Mary16831914
Pilning, St Peter18561926
Pucklechurch, St Thomas a Becket15961916
Redland, St Nathanael17441950
Shirehampton, St Mary18131902
Stapleton, Holy Trinity18131874
Stoke Gifford, St Michael18131915
Syston, St Anne15961950
Tormarton, St Mary Magdalen15791894
Two Mile Hill, St Michael18091929
Wapley, St Peter15781949
Warmley, St Barnabas18511950
Westbury on Trym, Holy Trinity18131903
Westerleigh, St James the Great15991881
Whitchurch, St Nicholas18131916
Wick, St Bartholomew18291950
Winterbourne Down, All Saints18611868
Winterbourne, St Michael the Archangel16861860
Yate, St Mary18131942