Famine Commemoration Collection

Explore records from the time of the Great Irish Famine (1846-1852). Discover your ancestors who lived through the greatest single tragedy in Irish history

The Great Irish Famine 1846-1852

Few aspects of life in Ireland were spared the effects of the Great Irish Famine. The devastating wave of poverty, hunger, disease, death and displacement that came in the wake of the failure of the potato crops completely changed Irish society.

This online commemorative highlights stories from this period using the records at findmypast.

We examine newspapers and crime records to rebuild a picture of events. In land records we see the seeds of change in landlord/tenant relationships brought to the fore by the famine. In the emigration and census records we see how the Irish diaspora spread around the globe, a lasting legacy of an Gorta Mór.

Click on each of the links opposite to read how different parts of Irish life were affected by the Great Irish Famine and search our records to learn more about your ancestors’ famine story.