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Explore Millions of Irish Newspaper Articles

Digitised from the collections of the British Library the Irish newspaper collection on findmypast is a rich resource for genealogists in search of their Irish roots.

With almost 2 million articles from 6 publications between 1820 & 1926, you can learn what daily life was like for your ancestors in the cities, towns and villages across Ireland. With newspapers family stories come to life and entirely new ones are discovered!

What will you find in the Irish newspapers?

  • News Reports - local and national events, the big news stories of the day
  • Family Notices - Birth, marriage and death notices. Look for notices of engagements, anniversaries and birthdays
  • Letters to the Editor - explore the topics your ancestors cared about
  • Obituaries - detailed obituaries can reveal a wealth of detail about your ancestors’ lives
  • Advertisements - notices of auctions, items for sale, lost & found, job offers and travel deals
  • Illustrations - early newspapers were illustrated with engravings, later editions are crammed with photographs of social events such as local weddings
We add new records all the time, so there has never been a better time to discover your family history on findmypast.ie!