Anzac Day Stories

Honouring the brave men & women who represented their country during war.


Joseph William Brown

My great Uncle Will was killed at Lone Pine in August 1915 - my grandmothers' brother much missed. He had been wounded several times and after recovery rejoined his unit. By his letters home he was at some time a member of the Military Police (how official I don't know, probably just a field appointment)...

By Marlyn Hackelton
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Arthur Bowen

My great uncle, enlisted in the A.I.F on the 29/6/1915. He joined the 2nd Battalion at Tel-el-Kebir on 6/1/1916 and then with the 54th Battalion also at Tel-el-Kebir. From there he went to Marseilles...

By Barbara Platfoot
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Farewell to a hero in a slouch hat

Thank you for your invitation to honour my ancestor on this site I am attaching two articles one from Melbournes Herald Sun newspaper and one from a book that celebrates Australia's contribution to the war in France WW1 in particular Villiers Bretoneux...

By Dawn Dudkowski
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Noel Wilkin

During the Second World War my father's youngest brother Noel was trained to fly and flew aircrafts during the North Africa campaign. He was later asigned to a R.A.F. bomber with an all Australian crew. They were to fly supplies in the Burma Airlift...

By Don Wilkin
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