Anzac Day Stories

Honouring the brave men & women who represented their country during war.


Michael Finnerty

My grandmother's youngest brother Michael Finnerty was at Gallipoli, then France vie Egypt in July 1916. He was killed in action 22nd December 1916. British Reg the 6th Bn. York and Lancaster Reg. He was an English soldier...

By Stuart Michael Finnerty
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Remembering those who died of influenza

I would like to remember the brave soldiers that went and fought, and lost their lives, also for the soldiers who returned to New Zealand, and so very sadly died of Influenza. At Featherston, Wairarapa, we have 150 soldiers that died of influenza in 1918, every year I place a lovely wreath at the cemetery for these soldiers, some too young to die... walking amongst the headstones you read names, then the age... 20 years old...

By Adele Pentony-Graham
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Victor George Hutchinson

Son of Fredrick Ernest Hutchinson & Elsie Amelia nee McWhirter, he was my mum’s brother and went to the 2nd war, came home then died of an illness related to his time in New Guinea (Malaria)...

By Karen Amelia Hickman
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Brothers, Lieutenant Michael Bernard (Dick) and Lieutenant Daniel Augustine O’Connor

Two of my great uncles (both brothers) died on the Western Front within a month of each other – one on the 5th April 1918 and the other on the 2nd May 1918. Lieutenant Michael Bernard O'Connor - always known as "Dick" to his family because he told them as a boy that when he grew up he was going to be like King Dick Seddon (the then Liberal Prime Minister of NZ)...

By Mary Hutching
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