War Diaries of Private S W Ross

by Warren Ross

Diary entries of my Dad as a POW in Changi on Anzac Day's

25th April 1942

Anzac Day spent in POW camp Changi and all the A.A.M.C. marched to the Scottish Pipes playing Cock of the North and some other tunes. Churchservices in the recreation hut, a day I'll remember. Great marching to the pipes
The first funeral at the Robert Barracks, was a Scotsman and the funeral was lead by the pipes playing a slow march, hundreds of men came to the roadside and stood at attention and always did the same when the funeral was lead by the pipe band, and many poor lads were going off those days, five and six a time

25th April 1943

Some of the boys went over to con depot at 0700 to a dawn service and at 1100 hrs the bugle sounded the last post and three minutes silence then.
We marched over to Selerang at 1900 and about 16,000 men paraded outside the con depot and 'Black Jack', the officer in charge gave a talk to us, this was quite good. He said we could now see a silver lining and our wishes are that we will be home by 25/4/44. A couple of dogs sat on the steps beside 'Black Jack' when he was talking and one was crying when the music was playing. Lights on again this evening, we have been in darkness for the last 4 or 5 nights, water is also short of a day time.

25th April 1944

Anzac Day and told troops would be moving into Changi Gaol and Hospital, do not know where to. Building and gardening parties stopped

25th April 1945

Anzac Day and a dull weather also raining a little. A Dawn Service held in the Chapel "St Lukes" 0730 hours, at b1100 hours or later about 40 went up to the Cemetery and placed nice "Reaths" on the graves there, Karanji.
26 British boys have died and 22 Australians KARANJI.
Meals for today Breakfast ¾ pint of pap and sugar, Tiffen ½ pint soup, two Douvers, chocolate, Tea ¾ pint rice, soup, meat and vg tart [A VERY SWEET PLUM PUDDING BETWEEN 4 MEN].

Thursday 18th October 1945

Home at last after all these long years [His Father and brother Bill had passed away while in Changi]

From the war diaries of Pte S W Ross VX55204, WATCHEM, VIC. AUSTRALIA