Edward, John and William Ashmore

by Elaine Bennett

I would love to share my story of my grandfather, his two brothers and three cousins who fought in WW1. My grandfather fought in WW1 along with his younger brother William, they enlisted in their early twenties along with another brother John. So Edward, John and William and three cousins all joined up, sadly only 3 came home.

My grandfather never spoke of the war, it was not until 2008 that I learnt of the story, so I researched all and created a biography on their lives. It took me 18 months to complete and I am pleased to say I am a very proud granddaughter. My only wish that he was alive so I could tell him William died in Poziers at the tender age of 22.

There has been talk to change our flag, I am against that as my ancestors fought to keep our country free. My grandfather Edward Thomas Ashmore was a very prominent person after the war. Edward Ashmore became union head of postal workers union later be named Telstra, he was also a Labor Senator, very heavy in politics. His family were very proud of all his achievements. I am a very proud granddaughter to have known him.

The Story of Edward, John and William Ashmore