Aberdeenshire, Banffshire & Kincardineshire monumental inscriptions parishes

Was your ancestor buried in northeast Scotland? By exploring these monumental inscriptions, you can enhance your family tree with additional names and dates of life events.

The Aberdeen & North-East Scotland Family History Society has transcribed monumental inscriptions from three Scottish counties: Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, and Kincardineshire, also known as ‘the Mearns’. Below is a full list of all the parishes by county found in Aberdeenshire, Banffshire & Kincardineshire monumental inscriptions.


PlaceGraveyardYear fromYear to
AberdourAberdour Kirkyard15431982
AlfordAlford Old Kirkyard16781978
Auchindoir & KearnAuchindoir New Kirkyard18841984
Auchindoir & KearnAuchindoir Old Kirkyard16811981
BelhelvieBelhelvie Kirkyard15411982
BourtieBourtie Kirkyard17411983
Chapel of GariochChapel of Garioch Kirkyard17441982
Chapel of GariochLogie Durno Kirkyard17391985
ClunyCluny Old Kirkyard16961985
CrimondCrimond Old Kirkyard16521986
CrimondRattray Old Kirkyard17461985
CulsalmondCulsalmond Old Kirkyard17071985
DaviotDaviot Old Kirkyard17591991
DrumbladeDrumblade Old Kirkyard16231984
DyceDyce Old Kirkyard17401986
DyceDyce United Free New Kirkyard18441985
EchtEcht Old Kirkyard16881993
FintrayHatton of Fintray Kirkyard17521984
FyvieFyvie Old Kirkyard15991985
FyvieMillbrex Kirkyard18551983
FyvieWoodhead, Fyvie Kirkyard18341982
Keithhall & KinkellKeithhall Kirkyard18531982
Keithhall & KinkellKinkell Kirkyard14111970
Kincardine O'NeilKincardine O'Neil Old Kirkyard16971985
King EdwardKing Edward Kirkyard16311970
LeslieLeslie Kirkyard17591979
LonmayLonmay Kirkyard16671973
MeldrumOldmeldrum Episc Kirkyard18231985
MeldrumOldmeldrum Kirkyard17171983
MonymuskMonymusk Kirkyard17171983
Old DeerFetterangus Old Kirkyard16811985
PeterculterPeterculter Kirkyard16732005
PitsligoPeathill Old Kirkyard16261989
RathenRathen Old Kirkyard16241979
RhynieRhynie Kirkyard16681983
ToughTough Kirkyard17141984
TyrieTyrie Kirkyard16551983


PlaceGraveyardYear fromYear to
AlvahAlvah Kirkyard15891983
ForglenForglen Kirkyard16961976
InverkeithnyInverkeithny Kirkyard17131982
MarnochMarnoch Old Kirkyard16922001


PlaceGraveyardYear fromYear to
BervieGlenbervie Old Kirkyard15911988
DunnottarDunnottar Kirkyard15701974
DurrisDurris Old Kirkyard17191987
StrachanStrachan Kirkyard17371975