Introduction to institutions in the 1921 Census

This table shows a selection of the larger institutions found in the 1921 Census of England & Wales.

In the majority of cases, these public and charitable institutions and larger establishments had 100 or more inmates (occupants) on census night in June 1921, and for the purpose of the census they were extracted from the Enumeration District (ED) in which they were physically located so as to constitute their own ED. However, we have also included a number of smaller institutions and other establishments which are of note but which appear alongside household schedules in regular EDs.

We have grouped the institutions by type or theme for ease of reference. Some institutions could have appeared in two or more of these groupings, so please try other sections if you don't immediately find what you are looking for. Within each grouping, institutions are arranged in archival piece order.

If you see an institution here of interest to you, you can search for it in the advanced person search screen by entering the Piece and ED number combination. You do not need to enter a name.

Alternatively, you can go to the 1921 Census browse (RG 15) and search for the Piece number there. Note, however, that often there are two, three or more EDs (and therefore institutions) in a Piece, so your browse could prove time-consuming.

If you believe an institution not on this list ought to be on it, please email [email protected] and we will see if we can add it.

You can explore lists of the following types of institutions.

Army & Navy

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
141LondonKensingtonED 66Kensington Palace Barracks
245LondonHammersmithED 43Wormwood Scrubs Army Camps
447LondonChelseaED 25Royal Hospital Chelsea
447LondonChelseaED 27Duke of York's Headquarters
467LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 26Hyde Park Barracks
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 57Chelsea Barracks
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 58Wellington Barracks
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 59Royal Army Service Corps Depot
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 60Queen Alexandra Military Hospital
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 61Millbank Barracks
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 62London Electrical Engineers' Barracks
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 77Young Men's Christian Association Hostel for Servicemen
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 81Soldiers' Hostel, Buckingham Gate
631LondonSt MaryleboneED 40St John's Wood Barracks
631LondonSt MaryleboneED 42St Dunstan's Hostel for Blinded Soldiers & Sailors
722LondonSt PancrasED 39Regent's Park Barracks
1435LondonBethnal GreenED 42Temporary Military Camp, Victoria Park
1519LondonWhitechapelED 27Sailors' Home
1521LondonWhitechapelED 23Tower of London, including Waterloo Barracks
2230LondonWandsworthED 47Battersea Park Camp
2509LondonWandsworthED 23Queen Mary's Convalescent Hospital (Limb-fitting Hospital)
2787LondonGreenwichED 21Seamen's Hospital
2787LondonGreenwichED 22Royal Naval College
2973LondonWoolwichED 17Shrapnel Barracks
3000LondonWoolwichED 29Royal Artillery Barracks, west side
3000LondonWoolwichED 30Royal Artillery Barracks, east side
3000LondonWoolwichED 31Royal Military Academy
3000LondonWoolwichED 32Brookhill Quarters
3000LondonWoolwichED 33Royal Army Service Corps Barracks
3000LondonWoolwichED 34Cambridge Cottages
3000LondonWoolwichED 35Grand Depot & Royal Engineer Barracks
3000LondonWoolwichED 36Married Quarters
3000LondonWoolwichED 37Cambridge Barracks
3000LondonWoolwichED 38Red Barracks
3064LondonWoolwichED 29Defence Force, Woolwich Arsenal Guard
3181SurreyGuildfordED 24Inkerman Barracks
3181SurreyGuildfordED 28Pirbright Camp
3181SurreyGuildfordED 29Stoney Castle Camp
3216SurreyGuildfordED 28Stoughton Barracks
3216SurreyGuildfordED 29Stoke Park Camp
3236SurreyFarnhamED 14Minden Artillery Barracks, Deepcut
3236SurreyFarnhamED 15Deepcut Camp
3250SurreyFarnhamED 14Aldershot Barracks
3370SurreyGodstoneED 46Guards Depot, Caterham
3476SurreyCroydonED 52Mitcham Road Barracks
3627SurreyKingstonED 42Defence Force, Wimbledon Common Camp
3668SurreyKingstonED 47Kingston Barracks
3720SurreyKingstonED 28 & ED 29Defence Force, Home Park Camp, Hampton Court
3745SurreyRichmond upon ThamesED 26South African Military Hospital, Richmond Park
3868KentBromleyED 17Queen's Hospital for Facial Injuries, Sidcup
3984KentGravesendED 25Milton Barracks
4000KentStroodED 20Shornemead Fort
4069KentMedwayED 46Chatham Barracks
4069KentMedwayED 47Royal Marine & Melville Barracks
4069KentMedwayED 48Fort Pitt Hospital
4069KentMedwayED 51Southill Barracks
4069KentMedwayED 52Soldiers' & Seamen's Home
4069KentMedwayED 53Royal Sailors' Home
4105KentMedwayED 35Brompton Barracks (Royal Engineers), St Mary's Barracks
4105KentMedwayED 36Royal Naval Barracks
4105KentMedwayED 37Royal Naval Hospital
4105KentMedwayED 38Upper Chatham Barracks & Military Families' Hospital
4209KentTonbridgeED 20Tonbridge Camp & Drill Hall
4343KentCanterburyED 26Canterbury Barracks
4425KentSheppeyED 16Royal Navy Barracks, Sheerness
4425KentSheppeyED 17Military Barracks & Garrison, Sheerness
4516KentEastryED 17Royal Marines Depot
4523KentDoverED 7Duke of York's School
4523KentDoverED 8 & ED 9Connaught Barracks
4552KentDoverED 29Grand Shaft Barracks
4552KentDoverED 30Citadel Barracks
4552KentDoverED 31Dover Castle
4552KentDoverED 32Archcliffe Yard
4585KentElhamED 30Shornecliffe Military Hospital
4585KentElhamED 31Shornecliffe Army Camp & Barracks
4597KentElhamED 11Small Arms School, Hythe
4597KentElhamED 12Oxford University Officers Training Corps, Cheriton
4603KentRomney MarshED 6Lydd Camp
4670SussexHastingsED 495th Royal Sussex Defence Force, St Leonard's on Sea
4744SussexEastbourneED 8Machine Gun School, South Camp, Seaford
4951SussexSteyningED 30Preston Barracks
5011SussexSteyningED 25Shoreham Camp
5041SussexHorshamED 33Roffey Camp
5130SussexChichesterED 14Chichester Barracks
5212HampshirePortsmouthED 51Hilsea Military Hospital
5212HampshirePortsmouthED 52Hilsea Barracks
5212HampshirePortsmouthED 53Hilsea Ordnance Depot
5212HampshirePortsmouthED 54His Majesty's Ship Excellent, Whale Island, shore establishment
5212HampshirePortsmouthED 55His Majesty's Horsea Island
5212HampshirePortsmouthED 56Alexandra Military Hospital
5274HampshirePortsmouthED 30Royal Navy Barracks, Portsmouth
5274HampshirePortsmouthED 32Royal Sailors' Home
5274HampshirePortsmouthED 33Royal Sailors' Rest
5274HampshirePortsmouthED 34Duchess of Albany's Sailors' & Soldiers' Home
5274HampshirePortsmouthED 35Trafalgar Church of England Soldiers' & Sailors' Institute
5316HampshirePortsmouthED 39Victoria Barracks
5316HampshirePortsmouthED 40Clarence Barracks
5316HampshirePortsmouthED 41Cambridge Barracks
5316HampshirePortsmouthED 42Colewort Barracks
5316HampshirePortsmouthED 43Eastney Barracks
5345HampshireAlverstokeED 28Fort Blockhouse, Gosport
5346HampshireAlverstokeED 29Clayhall Camp
5347HampshireAlverstokeED 30Haslar Barracks, including Royal Engineers' School of Electric Lighting, Stokes Bay
5348HampshireAlverstokeED 31Fort Monckton, Gosport
5349HampshireAlverstokeED 33Fort Gomer, Gosport
5350HampshireAlverstokeED 34Fort Rowner, Gosport
5351HampshireAlverstokeED 35Royal Marines Barracks
5352HampshireAlverstokeED 36Army Detention Barracks
5353HampshireAlverstokeED 37Forts Brockhurst & Elson
5354HampshireAlverstokeED 38New Barracks, Gosport
5356HampshireAlverstokeED 40Wessex Drill Hall
5372HampshireFarehamED 17Fort Fareham
5372HampshireFarehamED 18Fort Wallington
5372HampshireFarehamED 19Fort Nelson
5407HampshireIsle of WightED 17Albany Barracks
5407HampshireIsle of WightED 21Parkhurst Hutments
5475HampshireChristchurchED 17Christchurch Barracks
5623HampshireSouthamptonED 58The Sailors' Home
5659HampshireSouthamptonED 41Army Rest Camp, Southampton Common
5742HampshireWinchesterED 21Winchester Barracks (Hampshire Regt)
5742HampshireWinchesterED 22Winchester Barracks (Rifle Brigade)
5742HampshireWinchesterED 23Winchester Barracks (King's Royal Rifle Corps)
5776HampshirePetersfieldED 24Longmoor Camp
5801HampshireHartley WintneyED 19Royal Army Medical Corps, Cookham Camp
5801HampshireHartley WintneyED 206th Brigade, Royal Field Artillery
5832HampshireBasingstokeED 10Royal Army Ordnance Depot
5933BerkshireWallingfordED 11Vauxhall Military Camp, Didcot
5982BerkshireReadingED 27Reading Barracks
6073BerkshireEasthampsteadED 7Royal Military College Sandhurst
6116BerkshireWindsorED 20Combermere Barracks
6116BerkshireWindsorED 21Victoria Barracks
6224MiddlesexBrentfordED 32Hounslow Barracks & Defence Force, Hounslow Heath Camp
6246MiddlesexBrentfordED 21Royal Military School of Music
6621MiddlesexHendonED 47Mill Hill Barracks
7479OxfordshireHeadingtonED 35Cowley Barracks
7646NorthamptonshireNorthamptonED 41Northampton Army Barracks
7685NorthamptonshireDaventryED 32Wellington Barracks, Weedon
7854HuntingdonshireHuntingdonED 13Hinchingbrooke Park Camp
7929BedfordshireBedfordED 21Kempston Barracks
8051BedfordshireLutonED 58Government Instructional Factory
8912EssexRomfordED 24Warley Barracks
8934EssexOrsettED 29Purfleet Garrison
8943EssexOrsettED 15Defence Force, Thames Haven
8960EssexBillericayED 25Warley Barracks & Military Hospital
9093EssexRochfordED 9Shoeburyness Garrison, Barracks, Anti-Aircraft Artillery School & Military Families' Hospital
9185EssexColchesterED 20Meeanee Barracks
9185EssexColchesterED 21Hyderabad Barracks
9185EssexColchesterED 22Sobraon Barracks
9185EssexColchesterED 23Goojerat Barracks
9185EssexColchesterED 24Military Hospital
9185EssexColchesterED 25Married Quarters, Abbey Field
9185EssexColchesterED 26Married Quarters, Connaught Block
9185EssexColchesterED 27Officers' Quarters
9185EssexColchesterED 28Reed Hall Camp
9199EssexColchesterED 21Royal Artillery Barracks
9330SuffolkBury St EdmundsED 14New Barracks, Bury St Edmund's
9422SuffolkIpswichED 30Royal Artillery Barracks
9467SuffolkWoodbridgeED 21Brackenbury Barracks, Landguard Fort
9564NorfolkYarmouthED 11Royal Artillery Barracks
9708NorfolkNorwichED 49Britannia Barracks
9708NorfolkNorwichED 51Cavalry Barracks
9781NorfolkDepwadeED 22Royal Naval Air Station, Pulham St Mary
9920WiltshireSwindonED 7Chisledon Camp & School of Military Administration
10013WiltshireDevizesED 19Le Marchant Barracks
10033WiltshireMelkshamED 13Trowbridge Barracks
10071WiltshirePewseyED 19Cavalry School of Instruction, Netheravon
10082WiltshireAmesburyED 22Larkhill Camp & Durrington Down Hutment Barracks
10082WiltshireAmesburyED 23Bulford Camp
10082WiltshireAmesburyED 24Lakedown Camp Aerodrome
10217DorsetWarehamED 14Wool Military Hospital
10217DorsetWarehamED 15Bovington Camp
10217DorsetWarehamED 16Tank Gunnery Schools (Tank Corps), West Lulworth
10222DorsetWeymouthED 9Littlemoor Camp
10252DorsetWeymouthED 10Verne Citadel, Portland
10264DorsetDorchesterED 11Dorchester Barracks
10393DevonExeterED 39Higher Barracks, Depot Devonshire Regt
10402DevonExeterED 11Topsham Barracks & Hutments
10521DevonTotnesED 10Royal Naval College
10567DevonPlympton St MaryED 17Breakwater Fort, Plymouth
10578DevonPlympton St MaryED 24Crownhill Barracks
10578DevonPlympton St MaryED 25Crownhill Hutments
10660DevonPlymouthED 29Citadels 1 & 2 and Lambhay Hill Married Quarters
10660DevonPlymouthED 30Elphinstone Barracks
10674DevonEast StonehouseED 13Royal Marine Barracks
10698DevonDevonportED 23Mount Wise Barracks
10698DevonDevonportED 24Married Quarters
10698DevonDevonportED 25Raglan Barracks
10698DevonDevonportED 26Old & New Granby Barracks and Married Quarters
10698DevonDevonportED 28Military Hospital
10698DevonDevonportED 30Sailors' Home
10698DevonDevonportED 31The Welcome Sailors' & Soldiers' Home
10699DevonDevonportED 29Sailors' Rest
10732DevonDevonportED 40Royal Naval Barracks
10732DevonDevonportED 42Royal Naval Detention Quarters
10911CornwallSt GermansED 11Musketry Camp, Tregantle
10911CornwallSt GermansED 12Royal Marine Light Infantry [location uncertain]
10955CornwallBodminED 15Bodmin Barracks
11250SomersetTauntonED 18Taunton Barracks
11898GloucestershireBristolED 39Horfield Barracks
11939GloucestershireThornburyED 18Royal Army Ordnance Depot, Chittening
12394ShropshireAtchamED 27Shrewsbury Barracks
12422ShropshireOswestryED 12Defence Force, Park Hall Camp
12514StaffordshireStaffordED 42Stafford Detention Barracks
12514StaffordshireStaffordED 43Brocton Camp
13724WorcestershireDroitwichED 16Blackpole Camp
14689WarwickshireWarwickED 21Budbrooke Barracks & Military Hospital
14816LeicestershireBlabyED 17Glen Parva Barracks
14816LeicestershireBlabyED 19Defence Force, Oadby Race Course
15387LincolnshireLincolnED 55New Barracks, Lincoln
15387LincolnshireLincolnED 61Bracebridge Heath Camp
16167NottinghamshireNewarkED 19Hawton Road Barracks
16199DerbyshireShardlowED 32Royal Army Ordnance Corps Depot, Chilwell
16256DerbyshireDerbyED 23Normanton Barracks
16332DerbyshireDerbyED 49Defence Force (at Derby Race Course)
16472DerbyshireChesterfieldED 59Temporary Billets & Old Silk Mill, Holymoorside (Defence Force)
17074CheshireChesterED 30Militia Buildings
17108CheshireWirralED 17Defence Force, Bebington Show Grounds & Bebington Camp
17527LancashireWest DerbyED 34Seaforth Barracks
17647LancashireWest DerbyED 42Defence Force, Bootle
17695LancashireWest DerbyED 48Defence Force, Kirkdale Home
18411LancashireWarringtonED 50Oxford Barracks
18411LancashireWarringtonED 51Wash Lane Camp
18630LancashireBoltonED 32Drill Hall, Silverwell Street
18681LancashireBuryED 24Holcombe Brook Rifle Range Camp
18708LancashireBuryED 14Wellington Barracks, Bury
18769LancashireBuryED 21Territorial Drill Hall
18965LancashireChorltonED 52Army Camp, Alexandra Park Aerodrome
19099LancashireChorltonED 38Belle Vue Barracks
19099LancashireChorltonED 39Royal Field Artillery Defence Force
19137LancashireChorltonED 47Burlington Street Barracks
19304LancashireSalfordED 44Broughton Home for Disabled Soldiers
19761LancashireAshton under LyneED 22Ashton-under-Lyne Barracks
19761LancashireAshton under LyneED 23Mossley Drill Hall (Defence Force)
19997LancashireRochdaleED 23Rochdale Drill Hall
20200LancashireBurnleyED 41Burnley Barracks
20706LancashirePrestonED 21Fulwood Barracks
20715LancashireFyldeED 17Defence Force Encampment, Warton
20813LancashireFyldeED 22Fleetwood Hutment Barracks
20846LancashireLancasterED 29White Lund Hutments
20879LancashireLancasterED 33Bowerham Barracks
21480Yorkshire (West Riding)HalifaxED 32Clifton Drill Hall
21587Yorkshire (West Riding)HalifaxED 64Halifax Barracks
21880Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 55Belle Vue Barracks
22030Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 41Chapeltown Barracks
22084Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 57Gibraltar Barracks
22084Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 58Carlton Hill Barracks
22564Yorkshire (West Riding)PontefractED 26Pontefract Barracks
22825Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 31Hillsborough Barracks
22868Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 7Totley Camp
23367Yorkshire (West Riding)DoncasterED 41Bennetthorpe Army Camp
23468Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 16Strensall Military Training Camp
23512Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 48Military Hospital
23512Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 49Infantry Barracks A
23512Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 50Infantry Barracks B
23512Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 51Cavalry Barracks
23533Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 21Army Detention Barracks, York Castle
23578Yorkshire (East Riding)BeverleyED 22Victoria Barracks
23659Yorkshire (East Riding)SculcoatesED 49Wenlock Barracks
23823Yorkshire (East Riding)HullED 40Londesborough Street Barracks, Hull
23833Yorkshire (East Riding)PatringtonED 20Paull Point Battery
23833Yorkshire (East Riding)PatringtonED 21Bull Sand Fort
23911Yorkshire (North Riding)ScarboroughED 36Burniston Road Barracks
24177Yorkshire (North Riding)NorthallertonED 22Defence Force Camp
24202Yorkshire (North Riding)RichmondED 12Regimental Depot, Richmond & Catterick Camp
24205Yorkshire (North Riding)RichmondED 10Scotton & Catterick Camp
24466DurhamAucklandED 30Bishop Auckland Poor Law Institution
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 25Fenham Barracks
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 36St George's Drill Hall
25654NorthumberlandMorpethED 20Morpeth Drill Hall
25736NorthumberlandBerwick upon TweedED 17Berwick-upon-Tweed Barracks & Territorial Force Drill Hall
25822CumberlandCarlisleED 33Carlisle Castle
25883CumberlandCockermouthED 24Temporary Barracks, Workington Drill Hall
26111MonmouthshireBedwelltyED 34Royal Navy Drill Hall, Abertillery
26298MonmouthshireNewport (Monmouthshire)ED 38Newport Barracks
26300MonmouthshireNewport (Monmouthshire)ED 30Tredegar Deer Park Camp, Field Hospital & Portsmouth Naval Battalion A
26300MonmouthshireNewport (Monmouthshire)ED 31Tredegar Deer Park Camp, Defence Force
26462GlamorganshireCardiffED 40The Welch Regt Depot
26462GlamorganshireCardiffED 46The Welch Regt Barracks Field
26462GlamorganshireCardiffED 47Royal Field Artillery Camp
26462GlamorganshireCardiffED 45Royal Fusiliers
26462GlamorganshireCardiffED 48Drill Hall
27122GlamorganshireSwanseaED 28Military Defence Corps, Singleton Park
27194GlamorganshireSwanseaED 40Swansea Drill Hall (Royal Army Service Corps)
27272CarmarthenshireLlanellyED 12His Majesty's Munitions Factory, Pembrey
27374PembrokeshirePembrokeED 23Pembroke Dock Military Hospital
27502BreconshireBrecknockED 16Brecon Barracks
27718DenbighshireSt AsaphED 12Kinmel Park Camp, Rhyl Hutments
27798MerionethshireFestiniogED 21Trawsfynydd Military Camp

Blind History Interest

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
631LondonSt MaryleboneED 42St Dunstan's Hostel for Blinded Soldiers & Sailors
894LondonIslingtonED 23North London Homes for Aged Christian Blind Men & Women
3123SurreyEpsomED 15Royal School for the Blind, Leatherhead
3516SurreyCroydonED 40Royal College for the Blind
4930SussexBrightonED 35Barclay Home for Blind Girls
9596NorfolkYarmouthED 15East Anglian Institution for the Blind & Deaf
10393DevonExeterED 36West of England Institution for the Blind
11912GloucestershireBristolED 15Royal School of Industry for the Blind
12708StaffordshireStoke upon TrentED 30Blind & Deaf School
13898WorcestershireKings NortonED 47Birmingham Royal Institution for the Blind
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 38School for the Blind
17548LancashireWest DerbyED 13Catholic Blind School
17844LancashireWest DerbyED 66Catholic Blind Asylum
17941LancashireWest DerbyED 49School for the Blind
18913LancashireBarton upon IrwellED 44Henshaw's Blind Asylum
22134Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 53Blind & Deaf School Home

Clubs in London

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
490LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 23, sch 21St Stephen's Club
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 79Chevron Club
527LondonSt MartinED 2, sch 1Union Club
527LondonSt MartinED 2, sch 268United University Club
533LondonSt MartinED 16Constitutional Club
533LondonSt MartinED 18National Liberal Club
785LondonSt PancrasED 39Hampden House Residential Club
1254LondonSt GilesED 35Pickwick Club
2014LondonLambethED 35Union Jack Club

Convalescent Homes

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
3110SurreyEpsomED 25Queen Mary's Convalescent Centre
3627SurreyKingstonED 41Atkinson Morley Convalescent Hospital
4452KentThanetED 20Convalescent Home for Children
4462KentThanetED 10St Mary's Convalescent Home
4462KentThanetED 11Metropolitan Convalescent Institution
4462KentThanetED 12Yarrow Home
4516KentEastryED 18Caxton & Lloyd's Convalescent Homes
4585KentElhamED 33St Andrew's Convalescent Home
4688SussexBattleED 21Metropolitan Convalescent Institution, Women's Branch
4688SussexBattleED 22Metropolitan Convalescent Institution, Men's Branch
4738SussexEastbourneED 41All Saints Convalescent Hospital
12916StaffordshireTamworthED 32Canwell Hall Convalescent Home
13829WorcestershireKings NortonED 68Princess Mary's Convalescent Centre (Ministry of Pensions)
16749CheshireStockportED 13Barnes Convalescent Hospital
17139CheshireWirralED 22Hoylake Children's Convalescent Home
18151LancashireOrmskirkED 54Southport Convalescent Hospital
23873Yorkshire (East Riding)BridlingtonED 20St Anne's Convalescent Home
25779CumberlandBramptonED 8Gilsland Convalescent Home
26968GlamorganshireBridgendED 30The Rest (Convalescent Home), Porthcawl


PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
40LondonPaddingtonED 40Orphanage of Mercy
204LondonKensingtonED 65St Joseph's House (for the Elderly)
286ALondonHammersmithED 45Nazareth House Home for Sick & Aged
286ALondonHammersmithED 46Convent of the Good Shepherd
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 70Convent of the Sisters of Charity of St Vincent de Paul
593LondonSt MaryleboneED 25Convent & Orphanage of St Vincent de Paul
631LondonSt MaryleboneED 39Hospital of St John & St Elizabeth Convent of Mercy
631LondonSt MaryleboneED 45St Edward's Convent of Mercy
685LondonHampsteadED 65St Peter's Home (Sisters of Charity)
685LondonHampsteadED 66Convent of the Sisters of Providence
822LondonSt PancrasED 38La Sainte Union Convent
1100LondonHackneyED 30St Ann's House (Little Sisters of the Poor)
1242LondonHackneyED 38Home for Reception of Roman Catholic Girls, Convent of the Sacred Heart
1498LondonWhitechapelED 31Convent Refuge & Homes
1822LondonSouthwarkED 39Convent of Notre Dame & School
2337LondonWandsworthED 45Convent Notre Dame
2337LondonWandsworthED 46Convent La Retraite
2509LondonWandsworthED 24Convent of the Sacred Heart
2787LondonGreenwichED 24Ursuline Convent
3091SurreyEpsomED 31St Philomena's School & Convent
3155SurreyChertseyED 22Convent School, Chertsey
3336SurreyReigateED 15Homes of the Holy Redeemer, Duxhurst
4489KentThanetED 27Convent of the Assumption
4516KentEastryED 19St Ethelburga's Convent
4670SussexHastingsED 48Convent of the Holy Child Jesus
4688SussexBattleED 23Nazareth House
4799SussexEast GrinsteadED 12St Margaret's Convent (Sisters of Charity)
4841SussexLewesED 17St George's Retreat
5094SussexEast PrestonED 20St Catherine's Franciscan Convent School
5316HampshirePortsmouthED 44Nazareth House
5539HampshireChristchurchED 69Convent of the Cross
6224MiddlesexBrentfordED 30Nazareth House, Isleworth
6311MiddlesexBrentfordED 56Convent of St Vernon & St Paul
6325MiddlesexBrentfordED 14St Mary's Convent & Orphanage
6456MiddlesexWillesdenED 54Convent of Jesus & Mary
6621MiddlesexHendonED 52St Joseph's Convent & Boarding School
6629MiddlesexBarnetED 15All Saints' Convent & Orphanage, Shenley
6683MiddlesexBarnetED 39Convent & Home of the Good Shepherd
7315BuckinghamshireEtonED 33St Bernard's Convent & St Joseph's School
7479OxfordshireHeadingtonED 43Nazareth House
7646NorthamptonshireNorthamptonED 42Convent of Notre Dame
7646NorthamptonshireNorthamptonED 43Nazareth House Home for Aged Poor & Orphan Children
9011EssexRochfordED 75Nazareth House
9454SuffolkIpswichED 36Convent School
10488DevonNewton AbbotED 38St Mary's Priory Orphanage & Nunnery
10732DevonDevonportED 44Beaconfield Convent
11250SomersetTauntonED 21Franciscan Convent
11912GloucestershireBristolED 16Convent of Mercy
12181GloucestershireCheltenhamED 49Nazareth House
13830WorcestershireKings NortonED 77St Paul's Convent
13830WorcestershireKings NortonED 78Nazareth House
14393WarwickshireAstonED 50St Mary's Convent & St Joseph's Home for Girls
15962NottinghamshireNottinghamED 33Nazareth House
17139CheshireWirralED 23Upton Hall Convent
17184CheshireBirkenheadED 47Little Sisters' Home for Aged Poor
17230CheshireBirkenheadED 60Faithful Companions of Jesus Birkenhead Convent
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 44Training Convent, Schools & Convent of Notre Dame
17527LancashireWest DerbyED 37Nazareth House Home for Destitute Children & Aged Poor
17527LancashireWest DerbyED 38Seafield House Convent of the Sacred Heart of Mary
17540LancashireWest DerbyED 17Convent & Home of the Good Shepherd
17978LancashirePrescotED 29Nazareth House
18111LancashireOrmskirkED 28Convent of Notre Dame
18546LancashireBoltonED 32Mount St Joseph's Convent
19137LancashireChorltonED 42Little Sisters of the Poor's Home for the Aged
19336LancashireSalfordED 33Adelphi House Convent & School
19497LancashirePrestwichED 38Convent of the Good Shepherd
19497LancashirePrestwichED 39Convent of Notre Dame
19511LancashirePrestwichED 14Nazareth House
20403LancashireBlackburnED 40Convent Notre Dame & School
20403LancashireBlackburnED 41Franciscan Convent
20680LancashirePrestonED 58Convent of Daughters of Wisdom
20680LancashirePrestonED 59Convent of the Sisters of the Faithful Companions of Jesus
20706LancashirePrestonED 24Little Sisters of the Poor, Fulwood
20792LancashireFyldeED 40Convent of the Holy Child
20879LancashireLancasterED 37Nazareth House
22030Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 37St Mary's Orphanage, College & Convent
22134Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 55Little Sisters' Home for Aged Poor
24090Yorkshire (North Riding)MiddlesbroughED 29Nazareth House
24864DurhamSunderlandED 46St Anthony's Convent of Mercy
24950DurhamSunderlandED 17High Barnes (Little Sisters of the Poor)
25501NorthumberlandTynemouthED 26Convent & Home of the Good Shepherd
26424GlamorganshireCardiffED 43Convent of the Good Shepherd
26462GlamorganshireCardiffED 39Nazareth House Charitable Institution
27605Flintshire Holywell ED 18St Clare's Convent & Orphanage for Roman Catholic Girls, Pantasaph

Crippled children's homes

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
141LondonKensingtonED 64Crippled Boys' Home
3155SurreyChertseyED 20St Nicholas Home for Crippled Children
6166MiddlesexUxbridgeED 32St Vincent's Cripples' Home
9133EssexTendringED 13John Groom's Crippleage & Orphanage for Little Girls
13830WorcestershireKings NortonED 74Crippled Children's Convalescent & Nursing Home
17139CheshireWirralED 21Leasowe Hospital for Crippled Children
18828LancashireBarton upon IrwellED 30Swinton House Crippled Children's Hospital

Deaf history interest

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
1145LondonHackneyED 5British Asylum for Deaf & Dumb Females
1152LondonHackneyED 12London County Council Special Industrial Residential School for the Deaf
2296LondonWandsworthED 1St Faith's Home for Deaf & Dumb Girls
2426LondonWandsworthED 30London County Council Residential Home for Deaf Girls
2426LondonWandsworthED 30Jews' Deaf & Dumb Home
3519SurreyCroydonED 3Anerley Residential School for the Deaf
4452KentThanetED 19Royal School for Deaf & Dumb Children
4894SussexBrightonED 33Deaf & Dumb Institution
7622NorthamptonshireNorthamptonED 13Oral School for the Deaf
9596NorfolkYarmouthED 15East Anglian Institution for the Blind & Deaf
10393DevonExeterED 37Royal West of England Institution for the Deaf & Dumb
10643DevonPlymouthED 12, sch 144Deaf & Dumb Institute
11497SomersetBathED 13Home for Deaf & Dumb Women
12708StaffordshireStoke upon TrentED 30Blind & Deaf School
13898WorcestershireKings NortonED 48Royal Institution for Deaf & Dumb
16332DerbyshireDerbyED 47Royal Institute for the Deaf
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 37Liverpool School for the Deaf & Dumb
18913LancashireBarton upon IrwellED 45Royal Schools for the Deaf & Dumb
20680LancashirePrestonED 56Royal Cross Deaf & Dumb School
21117Yorkshire (West Riding)WetherbyED 29St John's Institution, Clifford
22134Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 53Blind & Deaf School Home
23367Yorkshire (West Riding)DoncasterED 38Yorkshire Institution for the Deaf & Dumb
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 28Deaf & Dumb Asylum
27188GlamorganshireSwanseaED 28Royal Cambrian Institution for the Deaf & Dumb

Dr Barnardo's

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
1570LondonStepneyED 17Her Majesty's Hospital (Dr Barnardo's)
1570LondonStepneyED 19Dr Barnardo's Homes for Destitute Children
2337LondonWandsworthED 44Dr Barnardo's Home
3110SurreyEpsomED 27Dr Barnardo's Boys' Home
4273KentCranbrookED 12Babies' Castle, Dr Barnardo's Home
8730EssexWest HamED 19Dr Barnardo's Homes, Woodford Bridge
8875EssexRomfordED 75Dr Barnardo's Village Homes, Barkingside
9814NorfolkMitfordED 23Watts Naval Training School (Dr Barnardo's Homes)
24820DurhamChester le StreetED 32Dame Margaret's Home for Children (Dr Barnardo's)

Epilepsy homes

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
631LondonSt MaryleboneED 38Hospital for Epilepsy & Paralysis
3370SurreyGodstoneED 49Lingfield Colony (Homes & School) for Epileptics
6920MiddlesexEdmontonED 48Edmonton Epileptic Colony
7294BuckinghamshireAmershamED 8Epileptic Colony, Chalfont
16793CheshireMacclesfieldED 10Soss Moss Residential Council School for Epileptic Children
16867CheshireBucklowED 14David Lewis Epileptic Colony (including confidential returns)
18086LancashireOrmskirkED 9 & ED 10Home for Epileptics, Maghull

Fever, infectious & isolation hospitals

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
1029LondonIslingtonED 69London Fever Hospital
1173LondonHackneyED 34Eastern Fever Hospital
2090LondonLambethED 43Stockwell Fever Hospital
2707LondonGreenwichED 31South Eastern Hospital for Infectious Diseases
3091SurreyEpsomED 30Wandle Valley Isolation Hospital
3476SurreyCroydonED 51Croydon Borough Infectious Hospital
3947KentDartfordED 34Bow Arrow Hospital
5243HampshirePortsmouthED 34Infectious Diseases Hospital
5659HampshireSouthamptonED 39Isolation Hospital
6819MiddlesexEdmontonED 44North Eastern Fever Hospital
6995MiddlesexEdmontonED 47Enfield & Edmonton Isolation Hospital, Winchmore Hill
8367EssexWest HamED 46Plaistow Fever Hospital
8507EssexWest HamED 54Isolation Hospital, Roman Road
8635EssexWest HamED 52Leyton Isolation Hospital
8751EssexEppingED 21Walthamstow Infectious District Hospital
9454SuffolkIpswichED 37Borough Infectious Fevers Hospital
9742NorfolkNorwichED 60Norwich Isolation Hospital
10630DevonPlymouthED 21Plymouth Borough Isolation Hospital
11721GloucestershireBristolED 53Ham Green Isolation Hospital
14953LeicestershireBarrow upon SoarED 6Gilroes Isolation Hospital
15387LincolnshireLincolnED 59City Fever Hospital
16130NottinghamshireNottinghamED 49City Isolation Hospital
16332DerbyshireDerbyED 46Borough Isolation Hospital
17548LancashireWest DerbyED 9Fever Hospital Isolation Hospital
17548LancashireWest DerbyED 11Liverpool City Infectious Hospital Annexe
17647LancashireWest DerbyED 41Bootle Corporation Infectious Hospital
18067LancashirePrescotED 71Fever Hospital
18546LancashireBoltonED 29Borough Fever Hospital
21826Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 45Fever Hospital
22211Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 33Leeds City Hospital for Infectious Diseases
22585Yorkshire (West Riding)PontefractED 28Normanton & District Joint Isolation Hospital (Infectious Diseases Hospital)
24140Yorkshire (North Riding)MiddlesbroughED 51Fever Hospital & Tuberculosis Hospital
25512NorthumberlandTynemouthED 25City Hospital for Infectious Diseases
26823GlamorganshireMerthyr TydfilED 32Mardy Isolation Hospital


PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
73LondonPaddingtonED 34St Mary's Hospital
74LondonPaddingtonED 33London Lock Hospital & Home
141LondonKensingtonED 65Consumption Hospital
204LondonKensingtonED 63Marylebone Infirmary
286ALondonHammersmithED 42West London Hospital
286ALondonHammersmithED 48West London Hospital Nurses' Home
359LondonFulhamED 35Western Hospital
425LondonChelseaED 35Hospital for Consumption
425LondonChelseaED 36Cancer Hospital
447LondonChelseaED 24Victoria Hospital for Children
467LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 27St George's Hospital
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 63Westminster Hospital
533LondonSt MartinED 8Charing Cross Hospital
572LondonSt MaryleboneED 20Middlesex Hospital
572LondonSt MaryleboneED 21National Orthopaedic Hospital
593LondonSt MaryleboneED 22Queen Charlotte's Hospital
631LondonSt MaryleboneED 41Dowsing Medical Institute & Nursing Home
631LondonSt MaryleboneED 46Queen Charlotte's Hospital Nurses' Home
685LondonHampsteadED 62New End Hospital
685LondonHampsteadED 63North Western Hospital
685LondonHampsteadED 64Hampstead General Hospital
722LondonSt PancrasED 37West End Hospital for Nervous Diseases
722LondonSt PancrasED 38London Temperance Hospital
731LondonSt PancrasED 27University College Hospital
747LondonSt PancrasED 28Royal Free Hospital
784LondonSt PancrasED 36, sch 98Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Hospital
785LondonSt PancrasED 38St Pancras Hospital
822LondonSt PancrasED 37Highgate Hospital
872LondonIslingtonED 27Great Northern Central Hospital
1173LondonHackneyED 35 Mothers' Hospital, Clapton
1208LondonHackneyED 35Metropolitan Hospital, Kingsland Road
1208LondonHackneyED 36German Hospital, Dalston
1272LondonHolbornED 17Great Ormond Street Hospital for Sick Children
1272LondonHolbornED 18London Homoeopathic Hospital
1272LondonHolbornED 19National Hospital
1310LondonHolbornED 23Royal London Ophthalmic Hospital
1310LondonHolbornED 24City of London Maternity Hospital
1335LondonLondon CityED 46St Bartholomew's Hospital
1436LondonBethnal GreenED 39City of London Hospital for Diseases of the Chest
1437LondonBethnal GreenED 40Queen's Hospital for Children
1520LondonWhitechapelED 22London Hospital
1741LondonPoplarED 42Poplar Hospital for Accidents
1741LondonPoplarED 43St Andrew's Hospital
1787LondonSouthwarkED 12Guy's Hospital
1822LondonSouthwarkED 36Evelina Hospital for Sick Children
1980LondonSt Olave, BermondseyED 32Bermondsey & Rotherhithe Hospital
2014LondonLambethED 33St Thomas's Hospital
2014LondonLambethED 34Royal Waterloo Hospital
2090LondonLambethED 44Clapham Maternity Hospital
2140LondonLambethED 50King's College Hospital
2183LondonLambethED 45British Home & Hospital for Incurables
2295LondonWandsworthED 33Bolingbroke Hospital
2396LondonWandsworthED 26Grove Hospital
2396LondonWandsworthED 27Tooting Neurological Hospital
2491LondonWandsworthED 40Royal Hospital for Incurables
2509LondonWandsworthED 22Gifford House Hospital (Queen Alexandria Hospital Home)
2547LondonCamberwellED 29Southwark Hospital
2787LondonGreenwichED 23Miller General Hospital
2973LondonWoolwichED 16Royal Herbert Hospital
2973LondonWoolwichED 18Brook Hospital
3064LondonWoolwichED 28Metropolitan Asylums Board Hospital for Ringworm, Goldie Leigh Homes
3091SurreyEpsomED 27Queen Mary's Hospital
3091SurreyEpsomED 29St Anthony's Hospital
3123SurreyEpsomED 16Schiff Home of Recovery
3216SurreyGuildfordED 27Royal Surrey County Hospital
3476SurreyCroydonED 50Croydon General Hospital
3720SurreyKingstonED 26Normansfield Hospital
3947KentDartfordED 33Joyce Green Hospital & The Orchard Hospital
3950KentDartfordED 37Southern Hospital, Darenth
3984KentGravesendED 24Gravesend General Hospital
4069KentMedwayED 50St Bartholomew's Hospital
4191KentTonbridgeED 38Tunbridge Wells General Hospital
4343KentCanterburyED 24Kent & Canterbury Hospital
4452KentThanetED 21Royal Sea Bathing Hospital
4452KentThanetED 22Princess Mary's Hospital for Children
4894SussexBrightonED 32Royal Sussex County Hospital
5130SussexChichesterED 15Royal West Sussex Hospital
5274HampshirePortsmouthED 31Royal Portsmouth Hospital
5344HampshireAlverstokeED 27Royal Naval Hospital, Haslar
5539HampshireChristchurchED 67Royal Victoria & West Hants Hospital
5623HampshireSouthamptonED 55Royal South Hants & Southampton Hospital
5686HampshireSouth StonehamED 26Royal Victoria Hospital, Netley
5742HampshireWinchesterED 25Royal Hampshire County Hospital
6025BerkshireReadingED 34Royal Berkshire Hospital
6116BerkshireWindsorED 24King Edward VII Hospital
6135MiddlesexStainesED 21Ecclesfield Inebriate Retreat
6166MiddlesexUxbridgeED 33Mount Vernon Hospital
6224MiddlesexBrentfordED 29West Middlesex Hospital
6456MiddlesexWillesdenED 53Willesden Municipal Hospital
6621MiddlesexHendonED 48Colindale Hospital
6636MiddlesexBarnetED 27Wellhouse Hospital
6874MiddlesexEdmontonED 56Prince of Wales's General Hospital
6950MiddlesexEdmontonED 30Northern Hospital
7127HertfordshireHertfordED 19Christ's Hospital
7479OxfordshireHeadingtonED 34Ashurst Hospital
7479OxfordshireHeadingtonED 40Radcliffe Infirmary
7479OxfordshireHeadingtonED 44Orthopaedic Hospital
7646NorthamptonshireNorthamptonED 40Northampton General Hospital
7926BedfordshireBedfordED 31Bedford County Hospital
8051BedfordshireLutonED 56Bute Hospital
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 44Addenbrooke's Hospital
8284EssexWest HamED 35Queen Mary's Hospital for the East End
9199EssexColchesterED 19Essex County Hospital
9330SuffolkBury St EdmundsED 15West Suffolk General Hospital
9454SuffolkIpswichED 35East Suffolk & Ipswich Hospital
9564NorfolkYarmouthED 10Royal Naval Hospital
9708NorfolkNorwichED 52Great Hospital
9742NorfolkNorwichED 57Norfolk & Norwich Hospital
9742NorfolkNorwichED 59Bethel Hospital
10105WiltshireSalisburyED 19Salisbury General Infirmary
10242DorsetWeymouthED 22Princess Christian Hospital
10393DevonExeterED 34Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital
10402DevonExeterED 12Wonford House Hospital
10488DevonNewton AbbotED 37Torbay Hospital
10609DevonPlymouthED 32South Devon & East Cornwall Hospital
10674DevonEast StonehouseED 14Royal Naval Hospital
10698DevonDevonportED 27Royal Albert Hospital & Eye Infirmary
11250SomersetTauntonED 20Taunton & Somerset Hospital
11509SomersetBathED 25Royal United Hospital
11509SomersetBathED 26Royal Mineral Water Hospital
11667GloucestershireBristolED 30Bristol Royal Infirmary
11667GloucestershireBristolED 31Bristol General Hospital
11667GloucestershireBristolED 32Bristol Royal Infirmary Nurses' Homes & Maids' Home
11859GloucestershireBristolED 25Cossham Memorial Hospital
12017GloucestershireGloucesterED 20Gloucester Royal Infirmary
12181GloucestershireCheltenhamED 45General Hospital
12239HerefordshireHerefordED 24Herefordshire General Hospital
12394ShropshireAtchamED 25Royal Salop Infirmary
12416ShropshireOswestryED 24Shropshire Orthopaedic Hospital
12708StaffordshireStoke upon TrentED 29North Staffordshire Infirmary
13096StaffordshireWolverhamptonED 31Wolverhampton & Staffordshire General Hospital
13209StaffordshireWalsallED 42Walsall General Hospital
13279StaffordshireWest BromwichED 50City Hospital
13336StaffordshireWest BromwichED 26West Bromwich District Hospital
13829WorcestershireKings NortonED 70Selly Oak Hospital
13830WorcestershireKings NortonED 73City Hospital
13898WorcestershireKings NortonED 46Children's Hospital
14100WarwickshireBirminghamED 35Dudley Road Hospital
14100WarwickshireBirminghamED 36City Hospital
14148WarwickshireBirminghamED 48Birmingham General Hospital
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 58Birmingham & Midland Eye Hospital
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 59Queen's Hospital
14290WarwickshireAstonED 58City Hospital
14519WarwickshireCoventryED 45Coventry City Hospital
14519WarwickshireCoventryED 46Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital
15138LeicestershireLeicesterED 61Leicester Royal Infirmary
15387LincolnshireLincolnED 57Lincoln County Hospital
15793NottinghamshireMansfieldED 29Mansfield District Hospital
15962NottinghamshireNottinghamED 32Nottingham General Hospital
16289DerbyshireDerbyED 33Derbyshire Royal Infirmary
16289DerbyshireDerbyED 34The Nightingale Home
16472DerbyshireChesterfieldED 58Whittington Hall Hospital
16473DerbyshireChesterfieldED 56Royal Hospital
16677CheshireStockportED 29Stepping Hill Hospital
16737CheshireStockportED 11Hospital for Incurables, Heaton Mersey
17074CheshireChesterED 29Chester Royal Infirmary
17095CheshireWirralED 13Royal Liverpool County Hospital for Children
17184CheshireBirkenheadED 45Birkenhead Borough Hospital
17304CheshireBirkenheadED 75Victoria Central Hospital, Wallasey
17362LancashireLiverpoolED 24David Lewis Northern Hospital
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 35Liverpool Royal Infirmary
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 36Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital
17414LancashireToxteth ParkED 15Royal Southern Hospital
17414LancashireToxteth ParkED 17City Hospital
17548LancashireWest DerbyED 14Sparrow Hall Hospital
17647LancashireWest DerbyED 40Bootle Borough Hospital
17695LancashireWest DerbyED 47Liverpool Stanley Hospital
17736LancashireWest DerbyED 41City Hospital North
17893LancashireWest DerbyED 52Alderhey Hospital
17894LancashireWest DerbyED 54City Hospital East
18067LancashirePrescotED 69Pilkington Special Hospital
18067LancashirePrescotED 70St Helen's Hospital
18067LancashirePrescotED 72Providence Hospital
18246LancashireWiganED 59Royal Albert Edward Infirmary
18517LancashireBoltonED 36Townleys Hospital
19137LancashireChorltonED 38Manchester Royal Infirmary
19137LancashireChorltonED 39Royal Eye Hospital
19137LancashireChorltonED 40St Mary's Hospital
19260LancashireSalfordED 26Manchester Children's Hospital
19336LancashireSalfordED 32Salford Royal Hospital
19460LancashireManchesterED 37Ancoats Hospital
19460LancashireManchesterED 38St Mary's Hospital
19497LancashirePrestwichED 37Northern Hospital
19590LancashirePrestwichED 27Monsall Hospital
19712LancashireAshton under LyneED 36Lake Hospital
19833LancashireOldhamED 33Westhulme Hospital
19874LancashireOldhamED 41Oldham Royal Infirmary
20471LancashireBlackburnED 33Blackburn Royal Infirmary
20471LancashireBlackburnED 34Blackburn Corporation Hospital
20680LancashirePrestonED 55Queen Victoria Royal Infirmary
20680LancashirePrestonED 57Moor Park Voluntary Continuation Hospital
20758LancashireFyldeED 29Victoria Hospital, Blackpool
20981LancashireBarrow in FurnessED 62North Lonsdale Hospital
21223Yorkshire (West Riding)KeighleyED 50Victoria Hospital
21404Yorkshire (West Riding)HuddersfieldED 44Huddersfield Royal Infirmary
21587Yorkshire (West Riding)HalifaxED 65Royal Halifax Infirmary
21826Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 44Bradford Royal Infirmary
21926Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 46St Luke's Hospital
22134Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 54Maternity Hospital
22507Yorkshire (West Riding)WakefieldED 35Clayton Hospital (Wakefield General Infirmary)
22708Yorkshire (West Riding)BarnsleyED 49Beckett Hospital
22708Yorkshire (West Riding)BarnsleyED 50Kendray Hospital
22864Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 42Lodge Moor Hospital
22864Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 44Crimicar Lane Hospital
22994Yorkshire (West Riding)SheffieldED 24Royal Hospital
23016Yorkshire (West Riding)SheffieldED 22Royal Infirmary
23016Yorkshire (West Riding)SheffieldED 23Winter Street Hospital
23215Yorkshire (West Riding)RotherhamED 49Rotherham Hospital & Dispensary
23512Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 45Bootham Park Hospital
23512Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 47York County Hospital
23783Yorkshire (East Riding)HullED 19Hull Royal Infirmary
24061Yorkshire (North Riding)MiddlesbroughED 35North Ormesby Hospital
24259DurhamDarlingtonED 49Darlington General Hospital
24259DurhamDarlingtonED 50Darlington Borough Hospital
24633DurhamDurhamED 34Durham County Hospital
24864DurhamSunderlandED 45Sunderland Royal Infirmary
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 26Royal Victoria Infirmary
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 32Fleming Memorial Hospital
26023MonmouthshireChepstowED 24Mount Pleasant Hospital, Chepstow
26298MonmouthshireNewport (Monmouthshire)ED 40Royal Gwent Hospital
26381GlamorganshireCardiffED 38Welsh National Memorial Hospital for Tubercular Cases
26462GlamorganshireCardiffED 38King Edward VII Hospital
27194GlamorganshireSwanseaED 35Swansea General Hospital
27727Denbighshire St Asaph ED 16Royal Alexandra Hospital, Rhyl
28032JerseySt HelierED 53Jersey General Hospital

Hotels & hydros

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
74LondonPaddingtonED 35Great Western Hotel
467LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 28Ritz Hotel
467LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 29Berkeley Hotel
467LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 30Alexander Hotel
467LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 31Hyde Park Hotel
467LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 32Claridge's Hotel
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 72Grosvenor Hotel
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 73Reuben's Hotel
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 76Goring Hotel
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 78Wilton Hotel
533LondonSt MartinED 9Hotel Victoria
533LondonSt MartinED 10Grand Hotel
533LondonSt MartinED 11Hotel Cecil
533LondonSt MartinED 12Savoy Hotel
533LondonSt MartinED 13Charing Cross Hotel
533LondonSt MartinED 14Strand Palace Hotel
533LondonSt MartinED 15Hotel Wardorf
552LondonSt MartinED 24Piccadilly Hotel
552LondonSt MartinED 25Carlton Hotel
552LondonSt MartinED 26Regent Palace Hotel
572LondonSt MaryleboneED 22Langham Hotel
572LondonSt MaryleboneED 23Berners Hotel
572LondonSt MaryleboneED 24Portland Hotel
631LondonSt MaryleboneED 44Great Central Hotel
722LondonSt PancrasED 42Euston Hotel
733LondonSt PancrasED 10, sch 356Bloomsbury House Club & Bloomsbury Hotel
785LondonSt PancrasED 40Great Northern Railway Hotel
785LondonSt PancrasED 41Midland Grand Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 12West Central Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 13Bedford Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 14Cosmo Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 15Waverley Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 16Premier Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 17Bonnington Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 20Ardmay Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 22Thackeray Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 24Palace Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 27Shaftesbury Hotel
1254LondonSt GilesED 28Kingsley Hotel
1255LondonSt GilesED 18Imperial Hotel
1255LondonSt GilesED 19Russell Hotel
1255LondonSt GilesED 21National Hotel
1255LondonSt GilesED 25Kenilworth Hotel
1255LondonSt GilesED 26Ivanhoe Hotel
1272LondonHolbornED 20First Avenue Hotel
1335LondonLondon CityED 48Great Eastern Hotel
3516SurreyCroydonED 43Queen's Hotel
4738SussexEastbourneED 42Grand Hotel
4738SussexEastbourneED 47Queen's Hotel
4738SussexEastbourneED 48Cavendish Hotel
4738SussexEastbourneED 49Burlington Hotel
4930SussexBrightonED 36Bedford Hotel
4930SussexBrightonED 37Hotel Metropole
4930SussexBrightonED 38Grand Hotel
4930SussexBrightonED 39Royal York & Albion Hotels
4930SussexBrightonED 40Queen's Hotel
5274HampshirePortsmouthED 37Station Hotel, Landport
6621MiddlesexHendonED 53Hendon Hall Private Residential Hotel
7178HertfordshireWatfordED 16Bushey Hall Hotel
9011EssexRochfordED 76Palace Hotel
10179DorsetPooleED 16Branksome Tower Hotel
10179DorsetPooleED 17Canford Cliffs Hotel
11484SomersetBathED 17Pulteney Hotel
11484SomersetBathED 18Spa Hotel
11509SomersetBathED 27Empire Hotel
11509SomersetBathED 28Grand Pump Room Hotel
11636GloucestershireBristolED 53Royal Hotel
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 60Queen's Hotel
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 61Grand Hotel
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 62Midland Hotel
15138LeicestershireLeicesterED 64Grand Hotel
16042NottinghamshireNottinghamED 51Victoria Station Hotel
16543DerbyshireBakewellED 19Smedley's Hydro
16543DerbyshireBakewellED 20Rockside Hydro
16566DerbyshireChapel en le FrithED 14Devonshire Hotel
16566DerbyshireChapel en le FrithED 15Buxton Hydropathic Ltd (Buxton Hydro Hotel)
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 41Midland Adelphi Hotel
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 45White Star Oceanic Hotel & Boarding Houses
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 46Canadian Pacific Railway Emigrant House
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 47 & ED 48Cunard Hotels, including Emigrant Hotels
18111LancashireOrmskirkED 27Palace Hotel, Birkdale
18111LancashireOrmskirkED 29Smedley Hydro
18152LancashireOrmskirkED 57Prince of Wales Hotel
19427LancashireManchesterED 42Midland Hotel
20792LancashireFyldeED 35Imperial Hydro Hotel
20792LancashireFyldeED 36Hotel Metropole
20792LancashireFyldeED 37Savoy Hydro
20792LancashireFyldeED 38Norbreck Hydro
20792LancashireFyldeED 39Cleveleys Hydro Hotel
20909LancashireUlverstonED 20Conishead Priory Hydropathic
21826Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 46Midland Hotel
21826Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 47Great Northern Railway Company Victoria Hotel
23367Yorkshire (West Riding)DoncasterED 40Danum Hotel
23533Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 22Royal Station Hotel & Refreshment Rooms

Industrial schools & reformatories

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
685LondonHampsteadED 67Field Lane Industrial School for Boys
1173LondonHackneyED 33Upton House
2337LondonWandsworthED 42London County Council Industrial Home (empty)
2872LondonLewishamED 30East London Industrial School, Lewisham
3181SurreyGuildfordED 25London County Council Industrial Schools, Mayford
3327SurreyReigateED 27Philanthropic Society's Farm School Reformatory
3428SurreyCroydonED 47St Mary's Industrial School
3947KentDartfordED 31St Vincent's Industrial School
4300KentWest AshfordED 17Kent County Industrial School, Kingsnorth
4862SussexNewhavenED 15Warren Farm Industrial School
5011SussexSteyningED 24London County Council Industrial School, Portslade
6196MiddlesexUxbridgeED 32Hayes Certified Industrial School for Jewish Boys
6224MiddlesexBrentfordED 31St Mary's Industrial School for Roman Catholic Boys, Southall
6644MiddlesexBarnetED 28Church Farm Industrial School for Boys
7127HertfordshireHertfordED 18Herts Reformatory School
7583NorthamptonshireTowcesterED 21Northampton Society's Reformatory for Boys
8548EssexWest HamED 40St Nicholas Industrial School
8712EssexWest HamED 37St John's Reformatory School
8770EssexOngarED 23County Borough of West Ham Truant & Industrial School, Fyfield
8980EssexChelmsfordED 24Essex Industrial School & Home for Destitute Boys
9364SuffolkHartismereED 28Thorndon Reformatory School for Boys
9650NorfolkAylshamED 19Buxton Industrial School for Boys
11484SomersetBathED 16Roman Catholic Certified Industrial School
11525SomersetBathED 17Somerset Certified Industrial Home for Boys
11546SomersetKeynshamED 32Kingswood Training School (Reformatory for Boys)
11636GloucestershireBristolED 49Clifton Wood Industrial School
11741GloucestershireBristolED 19Reformatory School for Girls
12237HerefordshireHerefordED 23Industrial Boys' Home
12808StaffordshireCheadleED 10Staffordshire Industrial School, Werrington
13360StaffordshireWest BromwichED 26Sandwell Hall Special Industrial School
13751WorcestershireBromsgroveED 26Bromsgrove Certified Reformatory
13898WorcestershireKings NortonED 49industrial School (Boys)
14290WarwickshireAstonED 59Saltley Reformatory School
14428WarwickshireMeridenED 17Shustoke Industrial School for Boys
14514WarwickshireCoventryED 44Girls' Industrial Home & School, Coventry
14866LeicestershireMarket BosworthED 17Desford Industrial School
16707CheshireStockportED 31Bishop Brown Memorial Industrial School
16785CheshireMacclesfieldED 25Macclesfield Industrial School
17049CheshireChesterED 27Barnes Home Industrial School Holiday Camp
17184CheshireBirkenheadED 46Albert Memorial Industrial School ("away in camp")
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 39Holy Trinity Certified Industrial School
17414LancashireToxteth ParkED 16Holy Trinity Industrial School & Boys' Home
17527LancashireWest DerbyED 36Hightown Industrial School
17736LancashireWest DerbyED 42Certified Industrial School for Girls, Northumberland Terrace
17736LancashireWest DerbyED 43Certified Industrial School for Boys, Beacon Lane
17736LancashireWest DerbyED 44Certified Industrial School for Boys, Everton Terrace
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 42St George's Industrial School for Boys
18067LancashirePrescotED 73Blackbrook Roman Catholic Industrial School
18111LancashireOrmskirkED 25Birkdale Farm School
18111LancashireOrmskirkED 26St Anne's Industrial School
18355LancashireWarringtonED 21Liverpool Farm School Reformatory, Newton-le-Willows
18546LancashireBoltonED 31Lostock Industrial School
18828LancashireBarton upon IrwellED 29Swinton Industrial Schools
19002LancashireChorltonED 37St Joseph's Industrial School for Girls
19099LancashireChorltonED 33Manchester Industrial School
19137LancashireChorltonED 41St Joseph's Industrial School
20625LancashirePrestonED 36St Thomas's Home Industrial School for Roman Catholic Boys
21480Yorkshire (West Riding)HalifaxED 31Shibden Industrial School
22211Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 35Leeds Boys' Industrial School
22395Yorkshire (West Riding)DewsburyED 16Calder Farm Reformatory School for Boys
22864Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 45St Joseph's Industrial School
24090Yorkshire (North Riding)MiddlesbroughED 31Industrial School
24259DurhamDarlingtonED 48St Joseph's Home Industrial School & Orphanage
24800DurhamChester le StreetED 36Earl's House Industrial School
24899DurhamSunderlandED 34Boys' Industrial School
25200DurhamGatesheadED 53Abbot Memorial Industrial School
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 29Industrial School (Boys)
25583NorthumberlandCastle WardED 12Netherton Training School for Boys
25864CumberlandCockermouthED 22Cumberland County Industrial School for Boys
26524GlamorganshireCardiffED 16Dinas Powis Industrial School for Boys

Jewish history interest

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
33LondonPaddingtonED 33, sch 409Sephardic & Portuguese Jews' Orphanage
637LondonHampsteadED 5, sch 55Tudor House Jewish Convalescent Home
724LondonSt PancrasED 1, sch 30Westminster Jews' Free School
1115LondonHackneyED 15, sch 19Montefiore House Industrial School for Jewish Girls
1208LondonHackneyED 36, sch 21German Hospital
1481LondonWhitechapelED 5Rothschild Buildings & Nathaniel Buildings
1496LondonWhitechapelED 20, sch 46Jewish Maternity Home
1512LondonWhitechapelED 14, sch 13Sara Pyke House
1512LondonWhitechapelED 14, sch 60-61Jews' Temporary Shelter
1647LondonMile End Old TownED 8, sch 25Spanish & Portuguese Jews' Hospital
1650LondonMile End Old TownED 11, sch 208-220Moses' Almhouses
2183LondonLambethED 46Jews' Orphanage & Gabriel Home
2426LondonWandsworthED 30, sch 40Jews' Deaf & Dumb Home
2427LondonWandsworthED 33Home for Aged Jews
4919SussexBrightonED 24, sch 376Home for Convalescent Jewish Children
4955SussexSteyningED 3, sch 395Southdown College
4962SussexSteyningED 10, schs 15 & 15AMansfield College
6196MiddlesexUxbridgeED 32Hayes Certified Industrial School for Jewish Boys
6874MiddlesexEdmontonED 57Home & Hospital for Jewish Incurables
8946EssexBillericayED 2, sch 141Jewish Homes for Women & Children
9140EssexTendringED 10, sch 238Jewish Children's Convalescent Home
15093LeicestershireLeicesterED 16, sch 299Minerva College
19466LancashirePrestwichED 6, sch 90Victoria Memorial Jewish Hospital
19470LancashirePrestwichED 10, sch 81Home for Aged & Needy Jews and Shelter for the Jewish Poor
21089YorkshireKnaresboroughED 5, sch 323Jews' Boarding House
22074YorkshireLeedsED 43, sch 53Leeds Jews' Hospital

Lodging houses & hostels

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
285BLondonHammersmithED 44Jubilee Chambers, common lodging house
286ALondonHammersmithED 43Rowton House, Hammersmith
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 65Men's Lodging House, Strutton Ground
533LondonSt MartinED 17Bruce House
593LondonSt MaryleboneED 24Church Army Homes
723LondonSt PancrasED 40Rowton House, Camden Town
746LondonSt PancrasED 29Rowton House, King's Cross
872LondonIslingtonED 29Flowers Mews lodging house
894LondonIslingtonED 24common lodging house, 10/12 Campbell Road
1208LondonHackneyED 37common lodging house, 32 Goring Street
1208LondonHackneyED 38lodging house, 1 Westgate Street
1242LondonHackneyED 39common lodging house, 50 Well Street
1242LondonHackneyED 40common lodging house, 23/25 Well Street
1254LondonSt GilesED 23Central Young Men's Christian Association
1254LondonSt GilesED 30common lodging house, 6 Betterton Street
1254LondonSt GilesED 31common lodging house, 1-7 Macklin Street
1254LondonSt GilesED 33common lodging house, 7-11 Shorts Gardens
1254LondonSt GilesED 34common lodging house, 6-7 Wild Court
1255LondonSt GilesED 32Parker Street London County Council Lodging House
1498LondonWhitechapelED 23lodging house, 63½ Brick Lane / 12 Princelet Street
1498LondonWhitechapelED 24lodging house, 24-30 Thrawl Street
1498LondonWhitechapelED 25lodging house, 5 Flower & Dean Street / 19 Brick Lane
1498LondonWhitechapelED 26lodging house, 56-58 Flower & Dean Street / 27-29 Brick Lane
1498LondonWhitechapelED 27lodging house, 41a Quaker Street
1498LondonWhitechapelED 28lodging house, 28-30 Duval Street
1498LondonWhitechapelED 29lodging house, 15-20 Duval Street
1498LondonWhitechapelED 30lodging house, 28-29 White's Row
1520LondonWhitechapelED 24Rowton House, Whitechapel
1570LondonStepneyED 20common lodging houses, Stepney Causeway
1570LondonStepneyED 21common lodging houses, Shadwell High Street
1593LondonStepneyED 22St Anne's Lodging House
1822LondonSouthwarkED 41common lodging house, 112 Southwark Bridge Road
1848LondonSouthwarkED 26St Olave's Chambers lodging house
1886LondonSouthwarkED 40Rowton House, Newington Butts
1947LondonSt Olave, BermondseyED 62Wehrle's Lodging House
1947LondonSt Olave, BermondseyED 64Southwark Chambers Lodging House
2014LondonLambethED 36common lodging house, 92 Westminster Bridge Road
2090LondonLambethED 48Rowton House, Vauxhall
2337LondonWandsworthED 47lodging house, 372 Wandsworth Road
2491LondonWandsworthED 41common lodging houses
2589LondonCamberwellED 45common lodging house, Manor House Chambers
2676LondonCamberwellED 49common lodging house, 20/22 High Street
2744LondonGreenwichED 36Carrington House, London County Council lodging house
3915KentDartfordED 24Edgewood Hostel, Belvedere
5659HampshireSouthamptonED 36St Michael's Lodging House
6224MiddlesexBrentfordED 36lodging house, 11 Bell Road
6224MiddlesexBrentfordED 37lodging house, 1 Fair Street
8452EssexWest HamED 42lodging house, 284/285 Victoria Dock Road
14151WarwickshireBirminghamED 51Model Lodging House, 376 Summer Lane
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 63Rowton House, Birmingham
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 65lodging house, Rea Street
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 66lodging house, 37 Dean Street
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 67Bath Street Lodging House
14487WarwickshireNuneatonED 44George Eliot Lodging House
14620WarwickshireCoventryED 45lodging house, 150 Spon Street
15028LeicestershireLeicesterED 68lodging house, Bedford Street / Lee Street
16289DerbyshireDerbyED 35lodging house, 11 Cockpit Hill
17339LancashireLiverpoolED 34Bevington House Hotel (for working men)
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 40David Lewis Hostel
17401LancashireToxteth ParkED 2, sch 333Elder Dempster Hostel
17736LancashireWest DerbyED 46lodging house, 75/77 Roscommon Street
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 46registered lodging house, 3 Shaw Street
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 47registered lodging house, 49 Everton Road
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 48registered lodging house, 55 Everton Road
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 49registered lodging house, 133 salisbury Street
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 50registered lodging house, 1 Everton Brow
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 51registered lodging house, 21/23 Everton Brow
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 52registered lodging house, 25 Everton Brow
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 53registered lodging house, 29/29a Everton Brow
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 54registered lodging house, 31 Everton Brow
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 55registered lodging house, 41 Everton Brow
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 56registered lodging house, 43 Everton Brow
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 57registered lodging house, 45 Everton Brow
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 58registered lodging house, 44/46 Everton Brow
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 59registered lodging house, 98 Soho Street
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 60registered lodging house, 165 Richmond Row
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 61registered lodging house, 870 Prince Edwin Street
17844LancashireWest DerbyED 67lodging house, 133/135 Crown Street
17844LancashireWest DerbyED 68lodging house, 66-70 Oxford Street East
18675LancashireBuryED 23lodging house, 8 Paradise Street
18769LancashireBuryED 17common lodging house, 5-11 Clerke Street
18769LancashireBuryED 18common lodging house, 24 Clerke Street
18769LancashireBuryED 19common lodging house, 25 Clerke Street
18769LancashireBuryED 20common lodging house, 41/43 Union Square
19099LancashireChorltonED 36common lodging house, 94 Tipping Street
19099LancashireChorltonED 37lodging house, 2 Chapel Street
19137LancashireChorltonED 43Church Army Labour & Lodging Homes for Unemployed Men
19137LancashireChorltonED 44common lodging house, 114 Grosvenor Street
19137LancashireChorltonED 45common lodging house, 4-10 Russell Street
19137LancashireChorltonED 46Men's Lodging House, 24-34 Russell Street
19203LancashireChorltonED 66lodging house, 21 Barrack Street
19336LancashireSalfordED 34Corporation Model Lodging House, Bloom Street
19336LancashireSalfordED 35registered lodging house, 1/1a Park Place
19428LancashireManchesterED 45common lodging house, 3 Nail Street
19497LancashirePrestwichED 40registered lodging house, Moreton Street
19712LancashireAshton under LyneED 38lodging house, Scotland Street
19801LancashireOldhamED 36lodging house, Beever Street
19833LancashireOldhamED 34Wellock's Lodging House
20329LancashireClitheroeED 17Ribblesdale Property Company & Friendly Aid Society's registered lodging house, Marlbro Street
20577LancashireChorleyED 32Model Lodging House, King Street
20577LancashireChorleyED 33Standish House, Model Lodging House
21223Yorkshire (West Riding)KeighleyED 51New Model Lodging House, Turkey Street
21223Yorkshire (West Riding)KeighleyED 52Borough Model Lodging House, Leeds Street
21404Yorkshire (West Riding)HuddersfieldED 45Model Lodging House, Chapel Hill
21826Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 48Model Lodging House, 154/156 Cambridge Road
22030Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 38 Church Army hostel
22030Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 39lodging house, 14 Harper Street
22030Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 40lodging house, 1/3 Dyer Street
22507Yorkshire (West Riding)WakefieldED 37Wakefield Model Lodging House
22641Yorkshire (West Riding)HemsworthED 23Highfield Lodging House
22641Yorkshire (West Riding)HemsworthED 24lodging house, Rotherham Road
22708Yorkshire (West Riding)BarnsleyED 52Model Lodging House
22971Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 47lodging house, 77 Button Lane
23016Yorkshire (West Riding)SheffieldED 24lodging house, Bates Square
23016Yorkshire (West Riding)SheffieldED 25Hostel West Bar
23783Yorkshire (East Riding)HullED 20Victoria Mansions Seamen's Lodging House
24259DurhamDarlingtonED 54Airedale House hostel
24316DurhamStocktonED 57Furness Hostel
24521DurhamLanchesterED 28Berry Edge Hostel
24899DurhamSunderlandED 35Swan Home common lodging house
25081DurhamSouth ShieldsED 19Palmer's Works Hostel
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 33Tower Lodging House
26132MonmouthshireBedwelltyED 22Workman's Home, Ebbw Vale
26132MonmouthshireBedwelltyED 23Carlton Lodging House, Church Hill
26132MonmouthshireBedwelltyED 24Cambrian Lodging House
26208MonmouthshirePontypoolED 38Paynter's Lodging House, Pontypool
26462GlamorganshireCardiffED 44Workmen's Lodging Hotel
26611GlamorganshirePontypriddED 53Gwalia Model Lodging House, Mill Street
26633GlamorganshirePontypriddED 52Glancynon Lodging House, Mountain Ash
26791GlamorganshireMerthyr TydfilED 36lodging house, Bedwlwyn Road, Ystrad Mynach
26861GlamorganshireMerthyr TydfilED 44Hotel Oxford (Working Men's Common Lodging House), Dowlais
27194GlamorganshireSwanseaED 39Vaughan's Lodging house, 70-71 Strand
27881Caernarvonshire Bangor ED 15Normal College Hostel, Bangor

Mental health & learning difficulties

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
1099LondonHackneyED 29Northumberland House Mental Hospital
1140LondonHackneyED 40Brooke House Private Mental Nursing Home
1822LondonSouthwarkED 35Bethlem Royal Hospital (Lunatic Asylum)
2396LondonWandsworthED 24Tooting Bec Mental Hospital
2396LondonWandsworthED 25Fountain Temporary Mental Hospital
2427LondonWandsworthED 32Springfield Mental Hospital Annexe
2449LondonWandsworthED 22Springfield Mental Hospital
2509LondonWandsworthED 21The Priory, Roehampton (inmates enumerated with initials only)
2589LondonCamberwellED 43Camberwell House Asylum
2589LondonCamberwellED 44Peckham House Asylum
3091SurreyEpsomED 26Banstead Mental Hospital (inmates enumerated with initials only)
3110SurreyEpsomED 20London County Council Horton Mental Hospital
3110SurreyEpsomED 21London County Council Long Grove Mental Hospital
3110SurreyEpsomED 22London County Council Manor Mental Hospital
3181SurreyGuildfordED 23Surrey County Mental Hospital, Brookwood
3309SurreyReigateED 13Netherne Mental Hospital, Coulsdon
3327SurreyReigateED 26Royal Earlswood Institution for the Mentally Defective
3336SurreyReigateED 14State Institution for Mental Defectives, Farmfield
3370SurreyGodstoneED 45Caterham Mental Hospital (Metropolitan Asylum)
3370SurreyGodstoneED 48Croydon Mental Hospital
3381SurreyCroydonED 11London County Mental Hospital, Cane Hill
3948KentDartfordED 32London County Mental Hospital, Dartford Heath
3949KentDartfordED 35City of London Lunatic Asylum, Stone
3950KentDartfordED 36Darenth Training Colony
4209KentTonbridgeED 19Princess Christian's Farm Colony, Hildenborough
4253KentMaidstoneED 32Kent County Mental Hospital
4322KentBridgeED 19Kent County Asylum, Chartham
4343KentCanterburyED 23Canterbury Mental Hospital
4755SussexHailshamED 18East Sussex County Asylum
4767SussexTicehurstED 42Ticehurst House Private Lunatic Asylum
4841SussexLewesED 16Brighton County Borough Mental Hospital (inmates enumerated with initials only)
5130SussexChichesterED 13West Sussex County Mental Hospital
5243HampshirePortsmouthED 33Portsmouth Borough Lunatic Asylum, Milton
5372Hampshire FarehamED 16 Hampshire County Lunatic Asylum (inmates enumerated with initials only)
5407HampshireIsle of WightED 20Isle of Wight County Lunatic Asylum
5933BerkshireWallingfordED 10Berkshire Mental Hospital
6076BerkshireEasthampsteadED 6Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum
6196MiddlesexUxbridgeED 30Hanwell Mental Hospital (inmates enumerated with initials only)
6682MiddlesexBarnetED 38Colney Hatch Mental Hospital
7171HertfordshireSt AlbansED 28Hertfordshire County Mental Hospital, Hill End
7171HertfordshireSt AlbansED 29Napsbury Mental Hospital
7230HertfordshireWatfordED 8Leavesden Mental Hospital
7373BuckinghamshireAylesburyED 22Buckinghamshire Mental Hospital (County Asylum)
7479OxfordshireHeadingtonED 38Warneford Hospital Asylum
7646NorthamptonshireNorthamptonED 39St Andrew's Hospital for Mental Diseases
7671NorthamptonshireNorthamptonED 5Northampton County Mental Hospital (separate returns for staff and inmates)
7958BedfordshireBiggleswadeED 16Three Counties Mental Hospital, Arlesey
8089CambridgeshireChestertonED 23Fulbourn Mental Hospital
8635EssexWest HamED 53Etloe House, Roman Catholic Home for Feeble-minded Girls
8875EssexRomfordED 73Claybury Mental Hospital
8875EssexRomfordED 74West Ham Mental Hospital
8960EssexBillericayED 21Brentwood Mental Hospital
9199EssexColchesterED 17Severalls Mental Hospital
9199EssexColchesterED 18Royal Eastern Counties Institution for Imbeciles
9454SuffolkIpswichED 33Borough Lunatic Asylum
9476SuffolkWoodbridgeED 29St Audry's Mental Hospital, Melton
9660NorfolkSt Faith'sED 20City of Norwich Mental Hospital
9742NorfolkNorwichED 58Heigham Hall Mental Hospital
9757NorfolkBlofieldED 10Norfolk Mental Hospital
10013WiltshireDevizesED 18Wiltshire County Asylum
10105WiltshireSalisburyED 18Fisherton House Mental Hospital
10270DorsetDorchesterED 13Dorset County Asylum, Herrison
10352DevonSt ThomasED 22Exeter City Mental Hospital, Topsham
10370DevonSt ThomasED 11Western Counties Institution for the Feeble-minded, Starcross
10371DevonSt ThomasED 10Devon Mental Hospital
10536DevonTotnesED 11Plymouth Mental Hospital
10955CornwallBodminED 14Cornwall County Lunatic Asylum
11233SomersetTauntonED 26Somerset & Bath Asylum
11378SomersetWellsED 19Somerset & Bath Asylum, Horrington
11546SomersetKeynshamED 34Hanham Hall (Institution for Persons Requiring Care & Control)
11558SomersetKeynshamED 14Brislington House Mental Hospital
11581SomersetLong AshtonED 15Clevedon Hall (Institution for Persons Requiring Care & Control)
11587SomersetLong AshtonED 13Leigh Court (Institution for Persons Requiring Care & Control)
11858GloucestershireBristolED 24City & County Mental Hospital (inmates enumerated with initials only)
11859GloucestershireBristolED 26Beech House, Stoke Park Colony
11859GloucestershireBristolED 26Heath House, Stoke Park Colony
11916GloucestershireChipping SodburyED 8Stoke Park Colony (Institution for Persons Requiring Care & Control)
11939GloucestershireThornburyED 17Brentry Certified Institution, Henbury
11998GloucestershireGloucesterED 22Gloucestershire County Lunatic Asylum, Wotton Hill
11998GloucestershireGloucesterED 23Barnwood House Hospital for the Insane
11998GloucestershireGloucesterED 24Gloucestershire County Lunatic Asylum, Barnwood
12514StaffordshireStaffordED 40Stafford County Mental Hospital (inmates enumerated with initials only)
12514StaffordshireStaffordED 41Coton Hill Asylum
12800StaffordshireCheadleED 12Staffordshire County Mental Hospital, Cheddleton
12839StaffordshireBurton upon TrentED 15Derbyshire County Asylum, Mickleover
13683WorcestershireUpton on SevernED 17Worcester County & City Mental Hospital
13751WorcestershireBromsgroveED 24Barnsley Hall Asylum & Isolation Hospital
13829WorcestershireKings NortonED 66Rubery Hill Asylum
13829WorcestershireKings NortonED 72Monyhull Colony
14100WarwickshireBirminghamED 38City Mental Hospital
14672WarwickshireSolihullED 22Midland Counties Institution
14689WarwickshireWarwickED 20Warwick County Lunatic Asylum
14826LeicestershireBlabyED 18Leicestershire & Rutland Asylum, Narborough
15077LeicestershireLeicesterED 50Leicester City Mental Hospital
15387LincolnshireLincolnED 53Bracebridge Mental Hospital (inmates enumerated with initials only)
15387LincolnshireLincolnED 58The Lawn Mental Hospital
16042NottinghamshireNottinghamED 49Nottingham City Asylum
16042NottinghamshireNottinghamED 50The Coppice Hospital Lunatic Asylum
16332DerbyshireDerbyED 45Derby Borough Lunatic Asylum
16749CheshireStockportED 12Manchester Royal Lunatic Hospital
16785CheshireMacclesfieldED 23County Lunatic Asylum
16793CheshireMacclesfieldED 11Lancashire & Cheshire Society for the Permanent Care of the Feeble-minded, Sandlebridge Schools
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 49Orphan Asylum Home & Schools
17527LancashireWest DerbyED 35Seafield House Home for Imbeciles
18067LancashirePrescotED 68County Lunatic Asylum, Rainhill
18355LancashireWarringtonED 20Haydock Lodge Private Asylum
18412LancashireWarringtonED 10Lancashire County Asylum, Winwick
19511LancashirePrestwichED 13County Asylum, Prestwich
20706LancashirePrestonED 20County Lunatic Asylum, Whittingham
20879LancashireLancasterED 31County Lunatic Asylum
20879LancashireLancasterED 32Royal Albert Institution for the Feeble-minded of the Northern Counties (inmates enumerated with initials only)
21145Yorkshire (West Riding)WharfedaleED 29Scalebor Park Asylum (inmates enumerated with initials only)
21145Yorkshire (West Riding)WharfedaleED 30West Riding Asylum (inmates enumerated with initials only)
21880Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 54Daisy Hill Institution for Mental Cases
22084Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 55Meanwood Park Colony
22508Yorkshire (West Riding)WakefieldED 33West Riding Asylum
22781Yorkshire (West Riding)WortleyED 19South Yorkshire Asylum
23468Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 15North Riding Asylum, Clifton (inmates enumerated with initials only)
23512Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 46The Retreat Mental Hospital (inmates enumerated with initials only)
23540Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 12York City Asylum, Fulford
23578Yorkshire (East Riding)BeverleyED 20East Riding Mental Hospital
23611Yorkshire (East Riding)SculcoatesED 10Hull City Asylum
24058Yorkshire (North Riding)MiddlesbroughED 32Home Farm Mental Hospital
24061Yorkshire (North Riding)MiddlesbroughED 36Middlesbrough County Borough Asylum
24396DurhamSedgefieldED 15Durham County Asylum (inmates enumerated with initials only)
24950DurhamSunderlandED 15Sunderland Mental Hospital, Ryhope
25583NorthumberlandCastle WardED 15Gateshead Borough Asylum, Stannington
25596NorthumberlandCastle WardED 14Newcastle City Mental Hospital
25654NorthumberlandMorpethED 18Northumberland County Asylum
25789CumberlandCarlisleED 3Cumberland & Westmorland Garlands Asylum
26069MonmouthshireAbergavennyED 17Monmouthshire Lunatic Asylum
26228MonmouthshireNewport (Monmouthshire)ED 14Newport Mental Hospital, Caerleon
26381GlamorganshireCardiffED 37Cardiff City Mental Hospital
26967GlamorganshireBridgendED 26Glamorgan County Lunatic Asylum, Angelton
26967GlamorganshireBridgendED 27Glamorgan County Lunatic Asylum, Parc Gwyllt
27335CarmarthenshireCarmarthenED 16Joint Counties Asylum (inmates enumerated with initials only)
27528Breconshire Hay ED 12Brecon & Radnor Asylum, Talgarth
27746Denbighshire St Asaph ED 14North Wales Counties' Mental Hospital, Denbigh

Ministry of Pensions hospitals

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
245LondonHammersmithED 42Ministry of Pensions' Special Surgical Hospital, Shepherds Bush
2140LondonLambethED 51Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Ruskin Park
3110SurreyEpsomED 23Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Ewell
3852KentBromleyED 23Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Orpington
5686HampshireSouth StonehamED 27Welsh Hospital for Sick & Disabled Soldiers (Ministry of Pensions)
10393DevonExeterED 35Ministry of Pensions Hospital (Streatham Hall)
10922CornwallSt GermansED 13Ministry of Pensions Queen Alexandra Convalescent Centre, Wearde Camp
11525SomersetBathED 16Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Bath
11566SomersetLong AshtonED 16Ministry of Pensions Neurological Hospital, Ashton Court
12966StaffordshireLichfieldED 25Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Cannock Chase
13829WorcestershireKings NortonED 67Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Hollymoor
13830WorcestershireKings NortonED 75Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Highbury
13830WorcestershireKings NortonED 76Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Uffculme
15138LeicestershireLeicesterED 63Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Leicester
17893LancashireWest DerbyED 51Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Knotty Ash
17941LancashireWest DerbyED 50Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Mossley Hill
18086LancashireOrmskirkED 11Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Maghull
19002LancashireChorltonED 38Ministry of Pensions Grangethorpe Hospital
20731LancashireFyldeED 16Ministry of Pensions King's Lancashire Convalescent Centre
22178Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 44Ministry of Pensions Hospital
22278Yorkshire (West Riding)HunsletED 14Ministry of Pensions Neurological Hospital
23873Yorkshire (East Riding)BridlingtonED 19Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Bridlington
24532DurhamLanchesterED 27Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Shotley Bridge
24820DurhamChester le StreetED 33Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Birtley
24863DurhamSunderlandED 44Ministry of Pensions War Hospital
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 31War Pensions Hospital
27042GlamorganshireNeathED 44Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Neath
27881Caernarvonshire Bangor ED 14Ministry of Pensions Hospital, Bangor

Nautical training

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
3951KentDartfordED 38Training Ship Arethusa, Greenhithe
3951KentDartfordED 39Thames Nautical Training College, His Majesty's Ship Worcester, Greenhithe
5957BerkshireBradfieldED 11Pangbourne Nautical College
8934EssexOrsettED 27Exmouth, Training Ship
8934EssexOrsettED 28Cornwall, Reformatory Ship
8934EssexOrsettED 32Warspite, Marine Society Training Establishment
9391SuffolkSamfordED 20His Majesty's Boys' Training Establishment, Shotley (Royal Navy)
9814NorfolkMitfordED 23Watts Naval Training School (Dr Barnardo's Homes)
10700DevonDevonportED ShippingRoyal Navy Training Establishment for Boys
10732DevonDevonportED 41Royal Naval Engineering College
11587SomersetLong AshtonED 12National Nautical School, Portishead
17095CheshireWirralED 12The Akbar Nautical School
17230CheshireBirkenheadED 59School Ship Indefatigable
17230CheshireBirkenheadED 61School Ship Conway
17304CheshireBirkenheadED 74Lancashire & National Sea Training Homes
17978LancashirePrescotED 28Farnworth Nautical School
25564NorthumberlandTynemouthED 26Wellesley Nautical School, Blyth
26524GlamorganshireCardiffED 15J A Gibbs Memorial Home for Nautical Training, Penarth

Non-Conformist interest

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 71Westminster Wesleyan Training College
630LondonMaryleboneED 37, sch 306Regent's Park College
679LondonHampsteadED 53, sch 302Hackney College
685LondonHampsteadED 61, sch 259Baptist Training College
2263LondonWandsworthED 34Southlands Wesleyan Training College
2337LondonWandsworthED 48Queenswood School
3723SurreyRichmond upon ThamesED 3, sch 225Richmond Wesleyan Theological College
4321KentBridgeED 16, sch 140Kent College
4805SussexEast GrinsteadED 4, sch 19Milton Mount College
5781HampshireAlresfordED 12, sch 77Primitive Methodist Orphan Home
6025BerkshireReadingED 35Leighton Park School
7480OxfordshireOxfordED 1, sch 415Mansfield College
7480OxfordshireOxfordED 1, sch 420Manchester College
7546OxfordshireBanburyED 3, sch 140Friends' School, Sibford
8099CambridgeshireCambridgeED 2, sch 152Westminster College
8111CambridgeshireCambridgeED 14, sch 52Cheshunt College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 58The Leys School
9274EssexSaffron WaldenED 19Friends' School, Saffron Walden
9330SuffolkBury St EdmundsED 16East Anglian School
10846DevonTorringtonED 8Shebbear United Methodist College
10853DevonBidefordED 5, sch 151Edgehill College
11013CornwallTruroED 12Truro College
11221SomersetTauntonED 11Queen's College
11250SomersetTauntonED 22Taunton College
11432SomersetAxbridgeED 15, sch 167Friends' School, Sidcot
11509SomersetBathED 29Kingswood School
11626GloucestershireBristolED 39, sch 223Bristol Baptist College
13253StaffordshireWest BromwichED 24, schs 92 & 93Handsworth Wesleyan College
13827WorcestershireKing's NortonED 63, sch 43Woodbrooke Settlement
13827WorcestershireKing's NortonED 63, sch 120Fircroft College
13828WorcestershireKing's NortonED 65, sch 73Kingsmead Training College
13828WorcestershireKing's NortonED 65, schs 80 & 81Westhill Training College
13828WorcestershireKing's NortonED 65, sch 171Carey Hall
16521DerbyshireBakewellED 4, sch 88Cliff College
18363LancashireWarringtonED 8Friends' School, Penketh
18915LancashireChorltonED 1, sch 109Didsbury College
18944LancashireChorltonED 30, sch 280Hartley Theological College
18946LancashireChorltonED 32, sch 234Lancashire Independent College
18975LancashireChorltonED 10, sch 50Manchester Baptist College
18979LancashireChorltonED 14, sch 23Unitarian Home Missionary College
19460LancashireManchesterED 39Manchester & Salford Wesleyan Mission Men's Home
21105Yorkshire (West Riding)KnaresboroughED 26, sch 136Ashville College
21129Yorkshire (West Riding)WharfedaleED 10, sch 113Rawdon Baptist College
21132Yorkshire (West Riding)WharfedaleED 20Woodhouse Grove School
21149Yorkshire (West Riding)WharfedaleED 5, sch 87Wesley Deaconess Institute
21838Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 12, sch 73Yorkshire United Independent College
22178Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 47City of Leeds Training College (Headingley Wesleyan College)
22610Yorkshire (West Riding)HemsworthED 21Friends' School, Ackworth
23468Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 17Elmfield Primitive Methodist College
23502Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 34, sch 265Bootham School
23533Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 23The Mount School
24164Yorkshire (North Riding)StokesleyED 23Friends' School, Great Ayton
25829CumberlandWigtonED 1, schs 198 & 199Friends' School, Wigton
27463Cardiganshire AberystwythED 1, sch 45Theological College
27499Breconshire BreconED 11, sch 212Congregational Memorial College
27935Caernarvonshire ConwayED 19Penrhos College
27935Caernarvonshire ConwayED 20Rydal Mount School

Orphanages & children's homes

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
736LondonSt PancrasED 30Foundling Hospital
822LondonSt PancrasED 39Orphan Working School
1822LondonSouthwarkED 37King Edward's School (Orphanage)
1822LondonSouthwarkED 38Miss Sharman's Orphans' Home
2090LondonLambethED 45Stockwell Orphanage
2090LondonLambethED 47City of London Freemen's Orphan School
2140LondonLambethED 52Brixton Orphanage for Fatherless Girls
2183LondonLambethED 46Jews' Orphanage & Gabriel Home
2451LondonWandsworthED 26Royal Victoria Patriotic Institution
2872LondonLewishamED 31All Saints' Boys' Orphanage
3155SurreyChertseyED 19Princess Mary Village Homes for Little Girls
3181SurreyGuildfordED 27London & South Western Railway Servants' Orphanage
3236SurreyFarnhamED 16Royal Albert Orphanage
3327SurreyReigateED 29Provincial Police Orphanage
3370SurreyGodstoneED 50Church Missionaries' Children's Home
3382SurreyCroydonED 12Reedham Orphanage, Purley
3516SurreyCroydonED 41Upper Norwood Convent & Orphanage
3593SurreyCroydonED 61Royal Female Orphan Asylum
3668SurreyKingstonED 45Princess Louise Home for Girls
3852KentBromleyED 22St Joseph's Orphanage & St Anne's Orphanage, Farnborough
3961KentDartfordED 21Homes for Little Boys, South Darenth
3961KentDartfordED 22Homes for Orphans, Hextable
5316HampshirePortsmouthED 45Royal Seamen & Marines' Orphan Home
5355HampshireAlverstokeED 39Alverstoke branch of National Children's Home
5539HampshireChristchurchED 68Sisters of Bethany's Orphanage for Girls, Springbourne
6040BerkshireWokinghamED 13Royal Merchant Seamen's Orphanage, Bearwood
6146MiddlesexStainesED 16St Anthony's Home for Boys, Hatton
6246MiddlesexBrentfordED 23Fortescue House Boys' Home (Shaftesbury Homes)
6246MiddlesexBrentfordED 22Metropolitan & City Police Orphanage
6995MiddlesexEdmontonED 48St Joseph's Home for Destitute Catholic Children
7071HertfordshireRoystonED 36Royston Children's Homes & Refuge
7148HertfordshireSt AlbansED 14National Children's Home & Orphanage
7230HertfordshireWatfordED 9London Orphan School, Watford
7535OxfordshireChipping NortonED 16National Children's Home & Orphanage
8558EssexWest HamED 11Royal Infant Orphanage
8712EssexWest HamED 38St Mary's Orphanage
8751EssexEppingED 23Miss Steer's Cottage Homes for Little Girls
10488DevonNewton AbbotED 36St Vincent's Home for Boys
10630DevonPlymouthED 22St Teresa's Roman Catholic Home & Orphanage
10732DevonDevonportED 43Royal United Services Orphanage for Girls
11741GloucestershireBristolED 20Elizabeth's Home for Infant Girls
11859GloucestershireBristolED 31No 3 New Orphan House
11898GloucestershireBristolED 41Muller's Orphanage
12933StaffordshireTamworthED 23Princess Alice Orphanage (National Children's Home)
13065StaffordshireWolverhamptonED 45Royal Orphanage
13229StaffordshireWalsallED 22Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes' Orphanage
13279StaffordshireWest BromwichED 51Maryvale Convent & Orphanage
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 68Children's Emigration Homes
14418WarwickshireAstonED 26Sir Josiah Mason's Orphanage
14771WarwickshireSouthamED 25Our Lady's Convent & Orphanage
15528LincolnshireGrimsbyED 80Brighowgate Children's Home
16332DerbyshireDerbyED 48Railway Servants' Orphanage
16749CheshireStockportED 14Manchester Warehousemen & Clerks' Orphan Schools
16907CheshireRuncornED 16National Children's Home & Orphanage
17108CheshireWirralED 16St Edmund's Orphanage
17349LancashireLiverpoolED 25Refuge for Roman Catholic Boys
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 43Father Berry's Homes for Boys & Girls
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 44St Joseph's Home for Girls
17893LancashireWest DerbyED 55Royal Seamen's Orphanage
17941LancashireWest DerbyED 48Blue Coat Orphan School
18000LancashirePrescotED 23St Edward's Orphanage
18674LancashireBoltonED 15Edgworth National Chilren's Home & Orphanage
19099LancashireChorltonED 35Nicholls' Hospital for Sons of Poor Parents
20030LancashireRochdaleED 16Buckley Hall Orphanage for Boys
20706LancashirePrestonED 23Harris Orphanage for Boys & Girls
20879LancashireLancasterED 36Ripley Hospital (Orphanage)
21587Yorkshire (West Riding)HalifaxED 66Crossley & Porter Orphan Home & School
22178Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 45St Chad's Home for Waifs & Strays
23659Yorkshire (East Riding)SculcoatesED 48Hull Seamen's & General Orphanage
23764Yorkshire (East Riding)SculcoatesED 48Port of Hull Society's Sailors' Orphan Homes
24487DurhamTeesdaleED 14St Peter's Home for Roman Catholic Boys, Gainford
24620DurhamDurhamED 41St Mary's Home for Roman Catholic Girls, Tudhoe
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 35Northern Counties Orphanage


PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 67Metropolitan Police Section House
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 82Peel House, Metropolitan Police Training School
552LondonSt MartinED 27Police Section House
3327SurreyReigateED 29Provincial Police Orphanage
3915KentDartfordED 23Police & Government Quarters & Magazines, Abbey Wood
6246MiddlesexBrentfordED 22Metropolitan & City Police Orphanage


PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
245LondonHammersmithED 41His Majesty's Prison Wormwood Scrubs
847LondonIslingtonED 25His Majesty's Prison Holloway
926LondonIslingtonED 32His Majesty's Prison Pentonville
2184LondonLambethED 47His Majesty's Prison Brixton
2451LondonWandsworthED 25His Majesty's Prison Wandsworth
4069KentMedwayED 49His Majesty's Borstal
4253KentMaidstoneED 33His Majesty's Prison Maidstone
4343KentCanterburyED 25His Majesty's Prison Canterbury
5212HampshirePortsmouthED 50His Majesty's Prison Portsmouth
5393HampshireIsle of WightED 20Camp Hill Detention Prison
5407HampshireIsle of WightED 18His Majesty's Prison Parkhurst
5742HampshireWinchesterED 26His Majesty's Prison Winchester
6076BerkshireEasthampsteadED 6Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum
6135MiddlesexStainesED 22His Majesty's Borstal Institution Feltham
7373BuckinghamshireAylesburyED 19His Majesty's Prison Aylesbury
7493OxfordshireOxfordED 14His Majesty's Prison Oxford
7926BedfordshireBedfordED 32His Majesty's Prison Bedford
9454SuffolkIpswichED 34His Majesty's Prison Ipswich
9708NorfolkNorwichED 50His Majesty's Prison Norwich
10252DorsetWeymouthED 9His Majesty's Prison Portland
10264DorsetDorchesterED 12His Majesty's Prison Dorchester
10393DevonExeterED 38His Majesty's Prison Exeter
10747DevonTavistockED 28His Majesty's Prison Dartmoor
11898GloucestershireBristolED 40His Majesty's Prison Bristol
12394ShropshireAtchamED 26His Majesty's Prison Shrewsbury
14100WarwickshireBirminghamED 37His Majesty's Prison Birmingham
15138LeicestershireLeicesterED 62His Majesty's Prison Leicester
15387LincolnshireLincolnED 56His Majesty's Prison Lincoln
16130NottinghamshireNottinghamED 50His Majesty's Prison Nottingham
16867CheshireBucklowED 15The Ordination Test School (formerly His Majesty's Prison Knutsford)
17607LancashireWest DerbyED 60His Majesty's Prison Walton
19496LancashirePrestwichED 36His Majesty's Prison Cheetham
20680LancashirePrestonED 54His Majesty's Prison Preston
21993Yorkshire (West Riding)BramleyED 53His Majesty's Prison Armley
22507Yorkshire (West Riding)WakefieldED 36Temporary Barracks, His Majesty's Prison Wakefield
23692Yorkshire (East Riding)SculcoatesED 30His Majesty's Prison Hull
24633DurhamDurhamED 33His Majesty's Prison Durham
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 27His Majesty's Prison Newcastle
25795CumberlandCarlisleED 6His Majesty's Prison Carlisle
26462GlamorganshireCardiffED 41His Majesty's Prison Cardiff
27194GlamorganshireSwanseaED 36His Majesty's Prison Swansea
28032JerseySt HelierED 52Jersey Prison

Royal Air Force

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
3370SurreyGodstoneED 47Royal Air Force, Kenley Aerodrome
3852KentBromleyED 20Royal Air Force Instrument Design Establishment, Biggin Hill
4433KentThanetED 10School of Technical Training, Royal Air Force, Manston
4585KentElhamED 32No 25 Squadron, Royal Air Force
5567HampshireNew ForestED 15Royal Air Force, Eaglehurst Camp & Calshot Castle
5841HampshireAndoverED 8Royal Air Force, Andover Aerodrome & Air Pilotage School
6166MiddlesexUxbridgeED 34Royal Air Force, Uxbridge
6166MiddlesexUxbridgeED 35No 4 Stores Depot, Royal Air Force
6166MiddlesexUxbridgeED 36Royal Air Force Records, Ruislip
6166MiddlesexUxbridgeED 37Royal Air Force Depot, Northolt
7373BuckinghamshireAylesburyED 21Royal Air Force Hospital & Halton Camp
7958BedfordshireBiggleswadeED 17Royal Air Force Inland Area Aircraft Depot, Henlow
8148CambridgeshireLintonED 11Royal Air Force, Duxford
9467SuffolkWoodbridgeED 19Aeroplane Experimental Establishment, Martlesham
9467SuffolkWoodbridgeED 20Royal Air Force, Felixstowe
9840NorfolkDockingED 20Royal Air Force, Bircham Newton Aerodrome
10071WiltshirePewseyED 17Royal Air Force Central Flying Training School
10071WiltshirePewseyED 18Royal Air Force No 1 Flying Training School
10082WiltshireAmesburyED 25Royal Air Force, School of Balloon Training, Rollestone Camp
10082WiltshireAmesburyED 26Royal Air Force No 1 Flying Training School, Netheravon
14550WarwickshireCoventryED 47Radford Aerodrome
15326LincolnshireGranthamED 27Royal Air Force, Spittlegate
22868Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 8Royal Air Force Guard, Coal Aston
23554Yorkshire (East Riding)HowdenED 6Royal Air Force Airship Base, Howden
27655Flintshire Hawarden ED 40Royal Air Force Aerodrome, Shotwick

Salvation Army

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 64Salvation Army Hostel, Great Peter Street
631LondonSt MaryleboneED 43Salvation Army Shelter
1173LondonHackneyED 36Salvation Army Congress Hall
1335LondonLondon CityED 47Salvation Army Shelter, Middlesex Street
1436LondonBethnal GreenED 41Salvation Army Lodging House, 119 Green Street
1498LondonWhitechapelED 22Salvation Army Shelter, Hanbury Street
1520LondonWhitechapelED 25Salvation Army Hostel
1520LondonWhitechapelED 26Salvation Army Shelter
1822LondonSouthwarkED 40Salvation Army Shelter, Blackfriars Road
1947LondonSt Olave, BermondseyED 61Salvation Army Colony
4069KentMedwayED 54Salvation Army Naval & Military Home
5274HampshirePortsmouthED 38Salvation Army & Navy Home
5623HampshireSouthamptonED 57Salvation Army Home
9009EssexRochfordED 28Salvation Army Land & Industrial Colony
14150WarwickshireBirminghamED 50Salvation Army Home
16042NottinghamshireNottinghamED 52Salvation Army Hostel, 2 Aberdeen Street
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 43Salvation Army Working Man's Home
17736LancashireWest DerbyED 45Ann Fowler Memorial Salvation Army Home
20030LancashireRochdaleED 18Salvation Army Home
21826Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 49Salvation Army Shelter, Peel Street, & Salvation Army Hostel, Richard Street
22134Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 56Salvation Army Home
22971Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 46Salvation Army Hostel, Cumberland Street
25360NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 34Salvation Army Men's Palace


PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
3092SurreyEpsomED 28Downs Sanatorium
3236SurreyFarnhamED 13Brompton Hospital Sanatorium
4260KentHollingbourneED 8Kent County Sanatorium, Lenham
4270KentCranbrookED 17National Sanatorium, Benenden
4951SussexSteyningED 29Brighton Sanatorium
5539HampshireChristchurchED 66Royal National Sanatorium, Bournemouth
6098BerkshireWindsorED 22Holloway Sanatorium, Virginia Water
6629MiddlesexBarnetED 14Clare Hall Smallpox Hospital & Sanatorium
7425OxfordshireHenleyED 22Berks & Bucks Joint Sanatorium
9291SuffolkSudburyED 11East Anglian Sanatorium & Children's Annexe (Maltings Farm Sanatorium)
9467SuffolkWoodbridgeED 18Ipswich Sanatorium
9636NorfolkErpinghamED 21Kelling Sanatorium
10534DevonTotnesED 12Devon & Cornwall Sanatorium, Didworthy
11721GloucestershireBristolED 54Ham Green Sanatorium
14241WarwickshireBirminghamED 42City Sanatorium, Small Heath
16473DerbyshireChesterfieldED 57Walton Sanatorium
16907CheshireRuncornED 14Liverpool Sanatorium & Delamere Training Colony
16907CheshireRuncornED 15Crossley Sanatorium
17095CheshireWirralED 14Heswall Sanatorium
17439LancashireToxteth ParkED 24Park Hill Sanatorium
17548LancashireWest DerbyED 10Fazakerley Sanatorium
18152LancashireOrmskirkED 55North of England Children's Sanatorium
19260LancashireSalfordED 27Ladywell Sanatorium
20792LancashireFyldeED 34Sanatorium
20909LancashireUlverstonED 19High Carley Sanatorium
21043Yorkshire (West Riding)SkiptonED 18Eastby Sanatorium
21047Yorkshire (West Riding)SkiptonED 9Bradford Corporation Sanatorium, Grassington
21360Yorkshire (West Riding)HuddersfieldED 22Dalton Sanatorium
22211Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 34Killingbeck Sanatorium for Tuberculosis
23692Yorkshire (East Riding)SculcoatesED 31The Sanatorium, Hedon Road
24511DurhamWeardaleED 12Durham County Sanatorium
24950DurhamSunderlandED 16Sunderland Borough Sanatorium
25583NorthumberlandCastle WardED 14Philipson Boys' Farm Colony, Sanatorium & Convalescent Home
26010WestmorlandKendalED 19Westmorland Consumption Sanatorium, Meathop
26510GlamorganshireCardiffED 48Cardiff Sanatorium
27528Breconshire Hay ED 13Bronllys Sanatorium
27717Denbighshire Ruthin ED 6Welsh National Memorial Sanatorium, Llangwyfan
27906Caernarvonshire Conway ED 21Children's Convalescent Home & Sanatorium

Schools & colleges

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
204LondonKensingtonED 64St Ann's Roman Catholic School
286ALondonHammersmithED 41Kensington, Chelsea & Marylebone School
872LondonIslingtonED 30St Aloysius College
1272LondonHolbornED 21The Charterhouse School
2046LondonLambethED 34Licensed Victuallers' School
2140LondonLambethED 53St Gabriel's College
2263LondonWandsworthED 32Salesian College & Roman Catholic Schools
2295LondonWandsworthED 34Royal Freemasons' School for Girls
2451LondonWandsworthED 24Intermediate Schools
2509LondonWandsworthED 25Jesuits' College
2787LondonGreenwichED 25Royal Hospital School
3110SurreyEpsomED 28Epsom College
3123SurreyEpsomED 17Sandroyd School, Cobham
3123SurreyEpsomED 18St John's Foundation School, Leatherhead
3155SurreyChertseyED 21St George's College
3155SurreyChertseyED 23Salesian School
3163SurreyChertseyED 20Junior & Senior House Schools, Bisley
3278SurreyHambledonED 16King Edward's School, Witley
3290SurreyHambledonED 18Cranleigh School
3290SurreyHambledonED 19St Catherine's School for Girls
3290SurreyHambledonED 20St John's Roman Catholic Seminary
3370SurreyGodstoneED 51Caterham School
3516SurreyCroydonED 42St Joseph's College
3532SurreyCroydonED 16North Surrey District School
3592SurreyCroydonED 60Warehousemen's, Clerks' & Drapers' School
3961KentDartfordED 20White Oak Schools, Swanley Junction
4136KentSevenoaksED 27Walthamstow Hall School for Missionaries' Daughters
4489KentThanetED 28St Lawrence College
4620SussexHastingsED 14Ore Place Jesuit College
4688SussexBattleED 24St John's School
4738SussexEastbourneED 43Eastbourne College
4738SussexEastbourneED 44St Andrew's School
4738SussexEastbourneED 45Temple Grove School
4738SussexEastbourneED 46Ascham St Vincent's School
4823SussexCuckfieldED 25St Saviour's School, Ardingly
4832SussexCuckfieldED 19Hurstpierpoint College
4862SussexNewhavenED 16Roedean School for Girls
4894SussexBrightonED 34St Mary's Hall School for Girls
4894SussexBrightonED 35Brighton College
5011SussexSteyningED 26Lancing College
5011SussexSteyningED 27Shoreham Grammar School
5041SussexHorshamED 32Christ's Hospital Schools
5243HampshirePortsmouthED 35Municipal Training College Hostel
5393HampshireIsle of WightED 19Royal Naval College
5659HampshireSouthamptonED 37The Convent School
5776HampshirePetersfieldED 25Highfield Preparatory School
5776HampshirePetersfieldED 26Bedales Co-educational Boarding School
5801HampshireHartley WintneyED 18Farnham & Hartley Wintney District School
5991BerkshireReadingED 10Queen Anne's Ladies' School
6076BerkshireEasthampsteadED 8Wellington College
6098BerkshireWindsorED 24St John's Beaumont Preparatory School
6116BerkshireWindsorED 23Beaumont College
6135MiddlesexStainesED 20West London District School
6135MiddlesexStainesED 23Welsh Girls' School, Ashford
6166MiddlesexUxbridgeED 31All Souls Special Schools
6196MiddlesexUxbridgeED 31St Joseph's Roman Catholic Poor Law School
6224MiddlesexBrentfordED 33Royal Naval School for Girls
6224MiddlesexBrentfordED 34Gumley House School
6265MiddlesexBrentfordED 19Central London District Schools
6311MiddlesexBrentfordED 57Princess Helena College
6536MiddlesexHarrowED 6Harrow School
6573MiddlesexHendonED 43Royal Commercial Travellers' School
6621MiddlesexHendonED 49St Vincent's School
6621MiddlesexHendonED 51St Mary's Abbey & Boarding School
7021HertfordshireWareED 10Haileybury College
7030HertfordshireWareED 6St Edmund's College
7042HertfordshireBishop's StortfordED 15Bishop's Stortford College
7042HertfordshireBishop's StortfordED 16Bishop's Stortford School, Hadham Road
7127HertfordshireHertfordED 17Hertfordshire County Council Kingsmead School
7148HertfordshireSt AlbansED 15St George's School
7172HertfordshireWatfordED 12Aldenham School
7178HertfordshireWatfordED 13St Margaret's School for Girls
7178HertfordshireWatfordED 14Royal Masonic Schools
7178HertfordshireWatfordED 15Royal Caledonian Schools
7230HertfordshireWatfordED 7St Pancras Schools
7297BuckinghamshireEtonED 6Eton College
7353BuckinghamshireWycombeED 27Wycombe Abbey Public School for Girls
7353BuckinghamshireWycombeED 28Godstowe School
7479OxfordshireHeadingtonED 41St Edward's School
7714NorthamptonshireWellingboroughED 27Wellingborough Grammar School
7887HuntingdonshireSt NeotsED 15Kimbolton Grammar School
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 46St John's College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 47Trinity College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 48King's College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 49Gonville & Caius College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 50Queen's College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 51Corpus Christi College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 52Jesus College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 53Christ's College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 54Emmanuel College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 55Pembroke College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 56Selwyn College
8712EssexWest HamED 39Forest School
8730EssexWest HamED 18Bancroft's School
8751EssexEppingED 22Manor House School for Roman Catholic Ophthalmic Boys
8759EssexEppingED 11St Mary's College
8770EssexOngarED 24Ongar Grammar School
8934EssexOrsettED 31Palmer's Schools
8960EssexBillericayED 24St Charles's School
8960EssexBillericayED 27Ursuline School
9262EssexDunmowED 37Felsted School
9484SuffolkPlomesgateED 19Framlingham College
9525SuffolkWangfordED 16Beccles College
10003WiltshireMarlboroughED 15Marlborough College
10242DorsetWeymouthED 23Weymouth College & Junior School
10242DorsetWeymouthED 24Portmore Boys' School
10311DevonHonitonED 25Allhallows School
10808DevonSouth MoltonED 23West Buckland School
10809DevonSouth MoltonED 24Wallingbrook School
10901CornwallLauncestonED 5Dunheved College
11250SomersetTauntonED 22Taunton School
11250SomersetTauntonED 23King's College
11461SomersetCluttonED 17Downside Abbey & School
11469SomersetBathED 21Monkton Combe Senior School
11469SomersetBathED 22Monkton Combe Junior School
11509SomersetBathED 30The Royal School for Officers' Daughters
11636GloucestershireBristolED 51Queen Elizabeth Endowed School
11636GloucestershireBristolED 52Clergy Daughters' School
11859GloucestershireBristolED 29Colston Endowed School for Boys
12181GloucestershireCheltenhamED 46Dean Close School
12479ShropshireWellington (Shropshire)ED 26Wrekin College
12825StaffordshireUttoxeterED 6St Anne's School
12825StaffordshireUttoxeterED 7St Mary's School
13537WorcestershireStourbridgeED 25Old Swinford Hospital (boarding school)
13751WorcestershireBromsgroveED 27Bromsgrove School
14199WarwickshireBirminghamED 64Blue Coat School
14427WarwickshireMeridenED 17St Edward's Roman Catholic Homes for Boys
14427WarwickshireMeridenED 18St Paul's Roman Catholic Home for Boys
14620WarwickshireCoventryED 44Trinity Schools
14647WarwickshireRugbyED 38Bilton Grange Private School
15666NottinghamshireWorksopED 23St Cuthbert's College
16206DerbyshireShardlowED 31Trent College
16510DerbyshireChesterfieldED 31Mount St Mary's Colleges (Secondary & Boarding)
17095CheshireWirralED 15Mostyn House School
17893LancashireWest DerbyED 53Bishop O'Reilly's Memorial Poor Law Schools
18000LancashirePrescotED 24Liverpool College (Huyton Girls' School)
18086LancashireOrmskirkED 12Pontville Roman Catholic Special School
18320LancashireWiganED 19Greenfield House School
18320LancashireWiganED 20St Joseph's College, Upholland
18964LancashireChorltonED 51St Bede's College
19428LancashireManchesterED 43Chetham's Hospital (Blue Coat School)
19801LancashireOldhamED 35Henshaw's Blue Coat School
20320LancashireClitheroeED 10Stonyhurst Roman Catholic College for Male Students
20706LancashirePrestonED 22St Vincent's Catholic Poor Law School for Boys
20813LancashireFyldeED 23Rossall School
20879LancashireLancasterED 35Royal Grammar School
20994Yorkshire (West Riding)SettleED 11Giggleswick Grammar School
21118Yorkshire (West Riding)WetherbyED 30Thorparch Grange School
23953Yorkshire (North Riding)HelmsleyED 15Ampleforth College
23978Yorkshire (North Riding)WhitbyED 15St Hilda's Priory School & Community
24259DurhamDarlingtonED 52Polam School
24259DurhamDarlingtonED 53Immaculate Conception School
24592DurhamLanchesterED 25Ushaw Roman Catholic College
25822CumberlandCarlisleED 36Chadwick Memorial School
26001WestmorlandKendalED 20Clergy Daughters' School, Casterton
26381GlamorganshireCardiffED 39Howell's School
27289CarmarthenshireLlandoveryED 10Welsh Collegiate Institution, Llandovery College
27450CardiganshireLampeterED 9St David's College
27469CardiganshireAberystwythED 15Alexandra Hall (University College Aberystwyth Halls of Residence)

Teacher training colleges

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
286ALondonHammersmithED 47St Mary's Training College
447LondonChelseaED 26Whitelands Training College for School Teachers
2090LondonLambethED 46Stockwell Teacher Training College
2263LondonWandsworthED 33St John's Training College
2372LondonWandsworthED 37London County Council Furzedown Training College for Women
5130SussexChichesterED 17Bishop Otter College for the Training of Schoolmistresses
5659HampshireSouthamptonED 38La Sainte Teacher Training College
6224MiddlesexBrentfordED 35Borough Road College
6775MiddlesexEdmontonED 33Home & Colonial Training College
6874MiddlesexEdmontonED 58St Katherine's Training College
7042HertfordshireBishop's StortfordED 14Hockerill Training College for Schoolmistresses
7461OxfordshireHeadingtonED 6, sch 6Cherwell Hall
8085CambridgeshireChestertonED 24Homerton Teacher Training College
9742NorfolkNorwichED 61Norwich Training College for Schoolmistresses
10105WiltshireSalisburyED 21Diocesan Training College for Females
10393DevonExeterED 40St Luke's Diocesan Training College
11859GloucestershireBristolED 30Diocesan Training College for Female Teachers
12181GloucestershireCheltenhamED 47Church of England Training College (Males)
12181GloucestershireCheltenhamED 48Church of England Training College (Females)
13493StaffordshireDudleyED 40Dudley Teacher Training College
14290WarwickshireAstonED 60Saltley Teacher Training College
15387LincolnshireLincolnED 60Lincoln Teacher Training College
17074CheshireChesterED 31Chester Teacher Training College
17844LancashireWest DerbyED 69Edge Hill Training College
18411LancashireWarringtonED 49Warrington Teacher Training College & Fairfield Hall
19511LancashirePrestwichED 15Salford Catholic Training College for School Mistresses
21178Yorkshire (West Riding)KeighleyED 22Bingley Training College for Elementary Teachers
22178Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 46City of Leeds Teacher Training College, Becketts Park
22971Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 48Sheffield City Teachers' Training College
23764Yorkshire (East Riding)SculcoatesED 47Hull Roman Catholic Training College
24259DurhamDarlingtonED 51Ladies' Training College
24633DurhamDurhamED 35Bede College
24633DurhamDurhamED 36St Hild's College
26228MonmouthshireNewport (Monmouthshire)ED 15Monmouthshire Teacher Training College
26550GlamorganshireCardiffED 26Girls' Training College, Barry
27194GlamorganshireSwanseaED 38Training College for Women Teachers
27333CarmarthenshireCarmarthenED 18Carmarthen Training College
27881CaernarvonshireBangorED 15Bangor Normal College

Women's history interest

PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
425LondonChelseaED 37Chelsea Hospital for Women
448LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 2, sch 80University Club for Ladies
449LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 3, sch 45Albemarle Club
449LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 3, sch 47Empress Club
449LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 3, sch 57Athenaeum Club
452LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 7, sch 349Lyceum Club
455LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 10, sch 64Alexandra Club
480LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 13, sch 336St George's House Ladies' Hostel
522LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 55, sch 391Warwick Club
524LondonSt George's Hanover SquareED 66Hopkinson House Residence for Ladies
547LondonSt MartinED 23, sch 2Hospital for Women, Soho Square
547LondonSt MartinED 23, sch 3Theatre Girls' Club
558LondonSt MaryleboneED 6, sch 266St Clement's House Ladies' Club
564LondonSt MaryleboneED 12, sch 62Pioneer Club
570LondonSt MaryleboneED 18, sch 71St Andrew's House Club
593LondonSt MaryleboneED 23Samaritan Free Hospital for Women
630LondonSt MaryleboneED 37 sch 3(1) & 3(2)Bedford College
652LondonHampsteadED 24 sch 40Bedford College Hostel
685LondonHampsteadED 68Royal Soldiers' Daughters' Home
847LondonIslingtonED 25His Majesty's Prison Holloway
1083LondonHackneyED 13, sch 43Kennaway Hall (Church Missionary Society Training College)
1570LondonStepneyED 18East London Hospital for Children & Dispensary for Women
1848LondonSouthwarkED 27Ada Lewis House (Women's Lodging House)
1947LondonSt Olave, BermondseyED 63Girls' Day & Night Shelter
2337LondonWandsworthED 43South London Hospital for Women
2372LondonWandsworthED 36Magdalen Hospital for Fallen Women
3946KentDartfordED 40Bergman-Österberg Physical Training College
3953KentDartfordED 1, sch 95Swanley Horticultural College
4136KentSevenoaksED 27, sch 2Walthamstow Hall for Missionaries' Daughters
5923BerkshireWantageED 15St Mary's Home for Penitents
6098BerkshireWindsorED 23Royal Holloway College
6311MiddlesexBrentfordED 55Ealing House Home for Girls (Shaftesbury Homes)
6573MiddlesexHendonED 44National Refuge for Destitute Girls (Shaftesbury Homes)
7299BuckinghamshireEtonED 10, sch 66Huntsmoor Park School of Gardening & Colonial Training
7373BuckinghamshireAylesburyED 19His Majesty's Prison Aylesbury
7461OxfordshireHeadingtonED 6, sch 5 St Hilda's College, Oxford
7472Oxfordshire Headington ED 27, sch 18 St Hugh's Hall, Oxford
7473Oxfordshire Headington ED 28, schs 172 & 173 Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford
7477Oxfordshire Headington ED 32, sch 205 Somerville College, Oxford
8073CambridgeshireChestertonED 32Girton Ladies' College
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 57Newnham College
11741GloucestershireBristolED 21Refuge for Penitent Women
13957WorcestershireKings NortonED 59Women's Hospital, Sparkhill
14149WarwickshireBirminghamED 49Shaftesbury House (Hostel for Working Girls)
14742WarwickshireAlcesterED 13, sch 1Studley Agricultural & Horticultural Training College
17046CheshireChesterED 18, sch 76Aldersey Hall Horticultural College
17381LancashireLiverpoolED 17, sch 115Liverpool Physical Training College
17778LancashireWest DerbyED 62St Vincent's Girls' Refuge
19428LancashireManchesterED 44Ashton House, Municipal Women's Hostel
22994Yorkshire (West Riding)SheffieldED 23Jessop Hospital for Women


PieceCountyRD nameED No.Institution
73LondonPaddingtonED 32Paddington Infirmary
141LondonKensingtonED 62Kensington Workhouse
141LondonKensingtonED 63Kensington Infirmary
204LondonKensingtonED 63Marylebone Infirmary
324LondonFulhamED 38Fulham Workhouse
324LondonFulhamED 39Fulham Infirmary
425LondonChelseaED 31Chelsea Workhouse
425LondonChelseaED 32Chelsea Infirmary
425LondonChelseaED 33Westminster Workhouse
425LondonChelseaED 34City of Westminster Infirmary
593LondonSt MaryleboneED 21St Marylebone Home (Workhouse)
785LondonSt PancrasED 37St Pancras Workhouse
872LondonIslingtonED 25Islington Guardians' Institution
872LondonIslingtonED 26Holborn & Finsbury Poor Law Hospital
894LondonIslingtonED 22Islington Guardians' School
1242LondonHackneyED 34Hackney Central Institution (Workhouse)
1242LondonHackneyED 35Hackney Infirmary
1242LondonHackneyED 36Children's Cottage Homes
1370LondonShoreditchED 34Holborn Poor Law Institution
1399LondonShoreditchED 29St Leonard's House
1399LondonShoreditchED 30St Leonard's Hospital
1435LondonBethnal GreenED 37Waterloo House (Bethnal Green Poor Law Institution)
1435LondonBethnal GreenED 38Bethnal Green Hospital (Poor Law Institution)
1519LondonWhitechapelED 21Whitechapel Infirmary
1552LondonSt George in the EastED 30St George in the East Workhouse
1552LondonSt George in the EastED 31St George in the East Workhouse Infirmary
1672LondonMile End Old TownED 33Mile End Old Town Workhouse
1672LondonMile End Old TownED 34Mile End Infirmary
1672LondonMile End Old TownED 35Whitechapel Union Workhouse
1741LondonPoplarED 44Bromley Institution (Workhouse)
1741LondonPoplarED 45Bow Institution (City of London Board of Guardians)
1774LondonPoplarED 32Poplar Institution
1787LondonSouthwarkED 13Christchurch Institution (Workhouse)
1886LondonSouthwarkED 39Southwark Board of Guardians' Institution
1947LondonSt Olave, BermondseyED 60Parish Street Institution (St Olave's Workhouse)
2046LondonLambethED 31Lambeth Infirmary
2046LondonLambethED 32Renfrew Road Workhouse
2294LondonWandsworthED 31St James's Infirmary, Balham (Wandsworth Union)
2294LondonWandsworthED 32St John's Hill Infirmary, Battersea (Wandsworth Union)
2450LondonWandsworthED 23Wandsworth Union Workhouse
2547LondonCamberwellED 28Constance Road Institution (Camberwell Workhouse)
2676LondonCamberwellED 46Gordon Road Institution (Workhouse)
2676LondonCamberwellED 47Camberwell Guardians' Central & Receiving Homes for Children
2957LondonLewishamED 46Ladywell Institution (Bermondsey Board of Guardians' Institution)
3064LondonWoolwichED 26Woolwich Workhouse, Plumstead
3064LondonWoolwichED 27Woolwich Infirmary, Plumstead
3110SurreyEpsomED 24Epsom Union Workhouse
3111SurreyEpsomED 26Kensington & Chelsea Workhouse Schools
3155SurreyChertseyED 18Murray House, Ottershaw (Chertsey Workhouse)
3216SurreyGuildfordED 26Guildford Poor Law Institution
3259SurreyFarnhamED 25Farnham Union Workhouse & Infirmary
3278SurreyHambledonED 15Hambledon Institution (Workhouse)
3302SurreyDorkingED 24Dorking Workhouse & Infirmary
3327SurreyReigateED 28Reigate Union Workhouse
3370SurreyGodstoneED 44Godstone Guardians' Institution, Bletchingley
3428SurreyCroydonED 46The Shirley Schools (Poor Law Schools & Cottage Homes)
3476SurreyCroydonED 48Croydon Union Workhouse
3476SurreyCroydonED 49Croydon Union Infirmary
3590SurreyCroydonED 58Holborn House (disused Poor Law Institution)
3591SurreyCroydonED 59Holborn Union Schools
3668SurreyKingstonED 43Kingston Relief Institution (Workhouse)
3668SurreyKingstonED 44Kingston Guardians' Central Homes
3668SurreyKingstonED 46Kingston Union Infirmary
3745SurreyRichmond upon ThamesED 25Grove Road Institution (Richmond Union Workhouse)
3852KentBromleyED 21Bromley Poor Law Institution
3868KentBromleyED 16Greenwich Guardians' Children's Home
3946KentDartfordED 30Dartford Guardians' Institution (Workhouse, Infirmary & Casual Wards)
3984KentGravesendED 23Gravesend Workhouse
4020KentStroodED 20Strood Board of Guardians' Workhouse
4069KentMedwayED 44Medway Union Workhouse
4069KentMedwayED 45Medway Cottage Homes
4122KentMallingED 18Malling Union Workhouse
4138KentSevenoaksED 26Birchfield House (Sevenoaks Union Workhouse)
4209KentTonbridgeED 18Tonbridge Poor Law Institution, Pembury
4228KentMaidstoneED 13Coxheath House (Maidstone Union Workhouse) & Children's Home
4270KentCranbrookED 16Hartley House (Cranbrook Workhouse)
4277KentTenterdenED 24Tenterden Union Workhouse
4301KentEast AshfordED 17East Ashford Union Workhouse
4343KentCanterburyED 22Canterbury Board of Guardians' Institution, Nunnery Fields
4357KentBleanED 16Blean Union Workhouse
4384KentFavershamED 16Faversham Guardians' Institution
4408KentMiltonED 33Milton Regis Poor Law Institution (Langley House & Church House)
4425KentSheppeyED 18Cliff House (Sheppey Union Workhouse)
4433KentThanetED 9Hill House, Isle of Thanet Poor Law Institution
4452KentThanetED 23West Ham Union Convalescent Home
4489KentThanetED 26Isle of Thanet Poor Law Children's Cottage Homes, Manston
4499KentEastryED 13Eastry Poor Law Institution
4552KentDoverED 28Dover Poor Law Institution
4590KentElhamED 11Elham Union Workhouse
4610SussexRyeED 12Rye Workhouse
4618SussexHastingsED 13Hastings Workhouse & Infirmary
4690SussexBattleED 16Stone House (Battle Union Workhouse & Infirmary)
4738SussexEastbourneED 40Eastbourne Guardians' Institution
4755SussexHailshamED 19Hailsham Poor Law Institution
4767SussexTicehurstED 41Poor Law Institution, Flimwell (Ticehurst Workhouse)
4799SussexEast GrinsteadED 11East Grinstead Poor Law Institution
4823SussexCuckfieldED 24West Hylands Institution (Cuckfield Poor Law Institution)
4841SussexLewesED 15Lewes Union Workhouse
4894SussexBrightonED 31Brighton Poor Law Institution
5011SussexSteyningED 22Steyning Union Workhouse
5011SussexSteyningED 23Steyning Union Children's Homes
5041SussexHorshamED 31Horsham Workhouse
5094SussexEast PrestonED 18East Preston Union Workhouse
5130SussexChichesterED 16Chichester Workhouse
5243HampshirePortsmouthED 30Parish of Portsmouth Workhouse & Casual Wards
5243HampshirePortsmouthED 31Parish of Portsmouth Children's Home
5243HampshirePortsmouthED 32Parish of Portsmouth Infirmary including Imbecile Wards
5343HampshireAlverstokeED 26House of Industry (Workhouse), Gosport
5372Hampshire FarehamED 15 Fareham Workhouse
5407HampshireIsle of WightED 19Isle of Wight Union Workhouse
5475HampshireChristchurchED 15Fairmile House (Christchurch Workhouse)
5475HampshireChristchurchED 16Christchurch Union Cottage Homes
5623HampshireSouthamptonED 56Southampton Workhouse & Schools
5659HampshireSouthamptonED 35Southampton Board of Guardians' Hospital
5659HampshireSouthamptonED 40Hollybrook House Boys' Home
5704HampshireSouth StonehamED 17South Stoneham Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
5742HampshireWinchesterED 24Winchester Poor Law Workhouse & Infirmary
5923BerkshireWantageED 14Wantage Guardians' Institution
5982BerkshireReadingED 26Battle Infirmary
6063BerkshireMaidenheadED 28Maidenhead Union Workhouse
6070BerkshireEasthampsteadED 13Easthampstead Guardians' Institution
6116BerkshireWindsorED 19Crimp Hill House (Old Windsor Workhouse)
6146MiddlesexStainesED 15Staines Union Workhouse, Ashford
6166MiddlesexUxbridgeED 30Uxbridge Poor Law Workhouse, Hillingdon
6224MiddlesexBrentfordED 28Warkworth House, Brentford Union Workhouse
6456MiddlesexWillesdenED 52Park Royal Hospital (Willesden Poor Law Institution)
6621MiddlesexHendonED 50Redhill Institution, Edgware (Hendon Union)
6636MiddlesexBarnetED 26Barnet Union Workhouse
6920MiddlesexEdmontonED 46Edmonton Union Workhouse & Infirm Wards
6920MiddlesexEdmontonED 47North Middlesex Hospital (Edmonton Union Infirmary)
6920MiddlesexEdmontonED 49Old Strand Union Workhouse ("vacant")
6995MiddlesexEdmontonED 45Chase Farm Schools
6995MiddlesexEdmontonED 46Enfield House (Edmonton Union Workhouse)
7026HertfordshireWareED 11Western House (Ware Union Workhouse)
7042HertfordshireBishop's StortfordED 13Bishop's Stortford Guardians' Institution
7071HertfordshireRoystonED 35Royston Union Workhouse
7095HertfordshireHitchinED 28Chalkdell House (Hitchin Workhouse & Infirmary)
7171HertfordshireSt AlbansED 27St Albans Union Workhouse
7215HertfordshireWatfordED 33Watford Poor Law Institution
7246HertfordshireHemel HempsteadED 21Hemel Hempstead Poor Law Union
7282BuckinghamshireAmershamED 16Amersham Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
7315BuckinghamshireEtonED 32Eton Union Workhouse & Infirmary
7373BuckinghamshireAylesburyED 20Aylesbury Poor Law Institution
7385BuckinghamshireWinslowED 17Winslow Union Workhouse, Infirmary & Cottage Homes
7402BuckinghamshireNewport PagnellED 5Newport Pagnell Union Workhouse
7425OxfordshireHenleyED 21Henley-on-Thames Poor Law Institution
7479OxfordshireHeadingtonED 36Poor Law Schools
7479OxfordshireHeadingtonED 37Union Workhouse
7479OxfordshireHeadingtonED 39Oxford Incorporation Workhouse
7510OxfordshireWoodstockED 13Woodstock Union Workhouse
7535OxfordshireChipping NortonED 15Chipping Norton Union Workhouse
7561OxfordshireBanburyED 15Banbury Union Workhouse
7588NorthamptonshireTowcesterED 18, sch 112Towcester Workhouse
7646NorthamptonshireNorthamptonED 38Northampton Poor Law Institution
7685NorthamptonshireDaventryED 33Daventry Union Workhouse
7714NorthamptonshireWellingboroughED 26Wellingborough Poor Law Institution
7749NorthamptonshireKetteringED 23Kettering Poor Law Institution
7792NorthamptonshireOundleED 28Oundle Union Workhouse & Infirmary
7834NorthamptonshirePeterboroughED 42Peterborough Union Workhouse
7853HuntingdonshireHuntingdonED 12Huntingdon Workhouse
7887HuntingdonshireSt NeotsED 14St Neots Union Workhouse
7926BedfordshireBedfordED 33Bedford Poor Law Institution
7943BedfordshireBiggleswadeED 18Biggleswade Union Workhouse
8051BedfordshireLutonED 55Luton Union Workhouse
8061CambridgeshireChestertonED 33Chesterton Workhouse
8141CambridgeshireCambridgeED 45Cambridge Workhouse & Infirmary
8167CambridgeshireNewmarketED 9Newmarket Union Workhouse
8187CambridgeshireElyED 13Tower House (Ely Workhouse & Children's Home)
8198CambridgeshireNorth WitchfordED 10North Witchford Workhouse, Doddington
8221CambridgeshireWisbechED 13Wisbech Workhouse
8507EssexWest HamED 55West Ham Workhouse Cottage Homes
8548EssexWest HamED 41St George in the East Guardians' School
8558EssexWest HamED 10West Ham Union Children's Homes
8635EssexWest HamED 49Whipps Cross Hospital (West Ham Union Infirmary)
8635EssexWest HamED 50Forest House & Forest House Cottages (West Ham Union Branch Workhouse)
8635EssexWest HamED 51Bethnal Green Poor Law Schools, Leytonstone
8770EssexOngarED 22Hackney Union Children's Homes, Ongar
8801EssexRomfordED 31Romford Workhouse
8912EssexRomfordED 23Shoreditch Board of Guardians' Cottage Homes, Hornchurch
8934EssexOrsettED 30Stepney (Parish of Limehouse) Poor Law Children's Homes, Stifford
8943EssexOrsettED 14Orsett Union Workhouse
8960EssexBillericayED 22Hackney Branch Institution
8960EssexBillericayED 26Poplar Training School
8984EssexChelmsfordED 23Chelmsford Union Workhouse
9009EssexRochfordED 27Rochford Board of Guardians' Poor Law Institution
9142EssexTendringED 13Heath House (Tendring Poor Law Institution)
9199EssexColchesterED 20Colchester Workhouse & Infirmary
9215EssexLexdenED 23Winstree House (Lexden Workhouse)
9233EssexBraintreeED 14Braintree Union Workhouse
9274EssexSaffron WaldenED 18Saffron Walden Union Workhouse, Infirmary & Casual Wards
9279SuffolkRisbridgeED 14Risbridge Poor Law Institution, Kedington
9313SuffolkCosfordED 17Cosford House (Workhouse)
9330SuffolkBury St EdmundsED 13Bury St Edmund's Workhouse
9357SuffolkStowED 16Stow Union Workhouse
9364SuffolkHartismereED 27Eye Workhouse & Infirmary
9391SuffolkSamfordED 19Tattingstone House (Samford Workhouse)
9454SuffolkIpswichED 31Ipswich Union Workhouse
9454SuffolkIpswichED 32Workhouse School
9484SuffolkPlomesgateED 18Plomesgate Union Workhouse
9512SuffolkBlythingED 22Blything Union Workhouse
9525SuffolkWangfordED 15Shipmeadow House (Wangford Workhouse)
9529SuffolkMutfordED 18Mutford & Lothingland Workhouse, Oulton
9581NorfolkYarmouthED 16Great Yarmouth Union Workhouse
9650NorfolkAylshamED 18St Michael's Buildings (Aylsham Workhouse)
9742NorfolkNorwichED 56Norwich Workhouse
9772NorfolkLoddonED 21, betw schs 3 & 5 Loddon & Clavering Union Workhouse
9781NorfolkDepwadeED 21Depwade Poor Law Institution
9803NorfolkMitfordED 25Beech Hill (Mitford & Launditch Workhouse)
9867NorfolkKing's LynnED 19King's Lynn Poor Law Institution
9874NorfolkDownhamED 16Downham Workhouse
9916WiltshireSwindonED 16Swindon & Highworth Workhouse
9990WiltshireChippenhamED 14Chippenham Union Workhouse
10013WiltshireDevizesED 20Devizes Union Workhouse
10022WiltshireMelkshamED 13Trowbridge & Melksham Poor Law Institution
10071WiltshirePewseyED 16Pewsey Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
10105WiltshireSalisburyED 17Salisbury Union Workhouse
10127DorsetShaftesburyED 13Shaftesbury Workhouse
10162DorsetWimborneED 19Wimborne & Cranborne Union Workhouse
10197DorsetPooleED 21Poole Union Workhouse
10242DorsetWeymouthED 21Weymouth Union Workhouse
10303DevonAxminsterED 25Box House (Axminster Union Workhouse)
10367DevonSt ThomasED 26Red Hill House (St Thomas Workhouse)
10393DevonExeterED 33Exeter Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
10454DevonNewton AbbotED 22Newton Abbot Poor Law Institution
10526DevonTotnesED 10Totnes Union Workhouse
10578DevonPlympton St MaryED 23Plympton St Mary Union Workhouse
10609DevonPlymouthED 31Greenbank House (Plymouth Workhouse)
10732DevonDevonportED 39Ford House (Devonport Workhouse)
10756DevonTavistockED 27Tavistock Poor Law Institution
10785DevonTivertonED 28Tiverton Workhouse
10807DevonSouth MoltonED 25South Molton Poor Law Institution
10807DevonSouth MoltonED 26South Molton Poor Law Guardians' Children's Home
10819DevonBarnstapleED 15Barnstaple Union Workhouse
10937CornwallLiskeardED 20Lamellion House (Liskeard Union Workhouse)
10981CornwallSt AustellED 27Sedgemoor Priory (St Austell Workhouse)
11010CornwallTruroED 11Truro Union Workhouse
11046CornwallFalmouthED 14Falmouth Poor Law Institution
11060CornwallHelstonED 7Helston Poor Law Institution
11099CornwallRedruthED 15Redruth Union Workhouse
11149CornwallPenzanceED 32Penzance Union Workhouse
11191SomersetWillitonED 9Townsend House (Williton Workhouse)
11250SomersetTauntonED 19Taunton Union Workhouse
11264SomersetBridgwaterED 20Bridgwater Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
11291SomersetChardED 17Sunnylands (Chard Poor Law Institution)
11330SomersetYeovilED 22Preston Close (Yeovil Workhouse)
11356SomersetFromeED 21Frome Poor Law Institution
11369SomersetShepton MalletED 17West End House (Shepton Mallet Workhouse)
11378SomersetWellsED 20Wells Poor Law Institution
11394SomersetAxbridgeED 13Axbridge Poor Law Institution
11433SomersetCluttonED 9Clutton Union Workhouse
11484SomersetBathED 15Frome Road House (Bath Workhouse)
11546SomersetKeynshamED 33Bristol Guardians' Cottage Homes, Downend
11558SomersetKeynshamED 15Keynsham Poor Law Institution
11858GloucestershireBristolED 22Eastville Poor Law Institution
11858GloucestershireBristolED 23Stapleton Poor Law Institution
11859GloucestershireBristolED 28scattered homes for children chargeable to Board of Guardians
12017GloucestershireGloucesterED 19Gloucester Poor Law Institution (Union Workhouse)
12076GloucestershireStroudED 12Stroud Union Workhouse
12181GloucestershireCheltenhamED 44Cheltenham Workhouse
12242HerefordshireHerefordED 22Hereford Union Workhouse
12289ShropshireLudlowED 16Ivy House (Ludlow Union Workhouse)
12394ShropshireAtchamED 28Atcham Union Childrens' Homes
12416ShropshireOswestryED 24Morda House, Oswestry Poor Law Institution
12479ShropshireWellington (Shropshire)ED 25Wellington Poor Law Institution
12514StaffordshireStaffordED 39Stafford Union Workhouse
12553StaffordshireNewcastle under LymeED 23St John's Guardians' Institution (Newcastle under Lyme Workhouse)
12614StaffordshireWolstantonED 27Wolstanton Guardians' Institution
12708StaffordshireStoke upon TrentED 27Stoke Guardians' Institution
12708StaffordshireStoke upon TrentED 28Cottage Homes, Penkhull
12897StaffordshireBurton upon TrentED 44Union Workhouse, Burton upon Trent
12916StaffordshireTamworthED 31Tamworth Workhouse
13004StaffordshireCannockED 46Cannock Union Workhouse
13124StaffordshireWolverhamptonED 28Wolverhampton Union Workhouse
13124StaffordshireWolverhamptonED 29Wolverhampton Union Cottage Homes for Children
13209StaffordshireWalsallED 41Walsall Workhouse, Infirmary & Casual Wards
13229StaffordshireWalsallED 21Great Barr Hall & Colony (Walsall & West Bromwich Joint Unions)
13360StaffordshireWest BromwichED 24West Bromwich Poor Law Institution
13360StaffordshireWest BromwichED 25Workhouse Schools
13454StaffordshireDudleyED 31Dudley Poor Law Institution
13566WorcestershireStourbridgeED 31Stourbridge Guardians' Institution (Workhouse)
13665WorcestershireWorcesterED 51Worcester Workhouse
13732WorcestershireDroitwichED 18Droitwich Union Workhouse
13751WorcestershireBromsgroveED 25Bromsgrove Workhouse
13829WorcestershireKings NortonED 69Selly Oak Workhouse
13830WorcestershireKings NortonED 71Birmingham Board of Guardians' Cottage Homes
14417WarwickshireAstonED 24Erdington House (Birmingham Board of Guardians)
14417WarwickshireAstonED 27Witton Road (Birmingham Board of Guardians)
14418WarwickshireAstonED 25Board of Guardians' Children's Home
14427WarwickshireMeridenED 16Marston Green Cottage Homes (Birmingham Board of Guardians)
14432WarwickshireMeridenED 18Meriden Poor Law Institution
14487WarwickshireNuneatonED 43Nuneaton Poor Law Institution
14620WarwickshireCoventryED 43Coventry Poor Law Guardians' Institution
14647WarwickshireRugbyED 37Rugby Poor Law Institution
14672WarwickshireSolihullED 21Solihull Union Workhouse
14689WarwickshireWarwickED 22Warwick Union Institution
14795LeicestershireMarket HarboroughED 38Market Harborough Workhouse & infirmary
14816LeicestershireBlabyED 18Leicester Board of Guardians' Cottage Homes
14931LeicestershireLoughboroughED 30Loughborough Union Workhouse
15077LeicestershireLeicesterED 49Leicester Workhouse
15202LincolnshireBourneED 13Bourne Poor Law Institution
15214LincolnshireSpaldingED 13Spalding Poor Law Institution
15244LincolnshireHolbeachED 16Holbeach Union Workhouse & Infirmary
15263LincolnshireBostonED 18Boston Union Workhouse
15326LincolnshireGranthamED 26Grantham Poor Law Institution
15387LincolnshireLincolnED 54Lincoln Board of Guardians' Institution (Workhouse)
15528LincolnshireGrimsbyED 79Grimsby Union Workhouse
15616LincolnshireGainsboroughED 18Gainsborough Workhouse & Infirmary
15630NottinghamshireEast RetfordED 13East Retford Workhouse
15793NottinghamshireMansfieldED 28Mansfield Workhouse & Infirmary
16130NottinghamshireNottinghamED 47Nottingham Workhouse & Infirmary
16130NottinghamshireNottinghamED 48Basford Workhouse, Infirmary & Children's Homes
16139NottinghamshireSouthwellED 25Southwell Workhouse
16195DerbyshireShardlowED 18Shardlow Union Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
16332DerbyshireDerbyED 43Derby Poor Law Infirmary
16332DerbyshireDerbyED 44Derby Poor Law Workhouse
16352DerbyshireBelperED 9Babington House (Belper Workhouse)
16472DerbyshireChesterfieldED 55Chesterfield Workhouse & Infirmary
16576DerbyshireChapel en le FrithED 22The Elms (Chapel en le Frith Board of Guardians' Poor Law Institution)
16677CheshireStockportED 28Stockport Board of Guardians' Institution
16785CheshireMacclesfieldED 24Macclesfield Guardians' Institution
16867CheshireBucklowED 13Knutsford Workhouse
16928CheshireNorthwichED 21Northwich Workhouse
16979CheshireCongletonED 20Congleton Workhouse
17031CheshireNantwichED 24Nantwich Poor Law Institution (Workhouse, Schools, Casual Wards, and Men's & Women's Hospitals)
17121CheshireWirralED 15Clatterbridge Workhouse & Infirmary (Wirral Union)
17230CheshireBirkenheadED 57Birkenhead Union Institution
17230CheshireBirkenheadED 58Birkenhead Union Infirmary
17398LancashireLiverpoolED 34Brownlow Hill Institution (Workhouse)
17493LancashireToxteth ParkED 22Toxteth Park Poor Law Institution
17548LancashireWest DerbyED 8West Derby Board of Guardians' Cottage Homes
17548LancashireWest DerbyED 12West Derby Union Children's Hospital
17777LancashireWest DerbyED 41West Derby Union Infirmary & Nurses' Home
17941LancashireWest DerbyED 47Olive Mount Homes, Wavertree
18000LancashirePrescotED 22Prescot Union Workhouse & Nurses' Home
18080LancashireOrmskirkED 7Ormskirk Poor Law Institution
18246LancashireWiganED 58Wigan Poor Law Institution
18320LancashireWiganED 18Wigan Poor Law Infirmary, Billinge
18411LancashireWarringtonED 47Whitecross Institution & Hospital
18438LancashireLeighED 18Warrington Cottage Homes
18472LancashireLeighED 21Leigh Union Workhouse, Infirmary & Children's Receiving Home
18517LancashireBoltonED 37Fishpool Institution (Farnworth Workhouse)
18517LancashireBoltonED 38Hollins Cottage Homes (Bolton Board of Guardians)
18690LancashireBuryED 22Holly Mount Poor Law School
18728LancashireBuryED 20Jericho Institution (Bury Union)
18857LancashireBarton upon IrwellED 39Barton-upon-Irwell Poor Law Institution
18964LancashireChorltonED 50Withington Institution
19260LancashireSalfordED 28Salford Union Infirmary
19384LancashireSalfordED 48Salford Union Workhouse
19460LancashireManchesterED 36Tame Street Institution, Ancoats
19495LancashirePrestwichED 35Crumpsall Institution & Infirmary
19712LancashireAshton under LyneED 35Ashton-under-Lyne Union Workhouse
19833LancashireOldhamED 32Oldham Workhouse
19935LancashireOldhamED 15Scattered Children's Homes of Oldham Union
20049LancashireRochdaleED 21Birch Hill House (Rochdale Union Workhouse)
20049LancashireRochdaleED 22Rochdale Union Cottage Homes
20079LancashireHaslingdenED 26Haslingden Workhouse
20185LancashireBurnleyED 46Burnley Workhouse
20329LancashireClitheroeED 16Clitheroe Workhouse
20471LancashireBlackburnED 32Blackburn Guardians' Institution
20577LancashireChorleyED 31Chorley Union Workhouse
20693LancashirePrestonED 11Ribchester House (Preston Board of Guardians)
20706LancashirePrestonED 19Preston Union Workhouse
20715LancashireFyldeED 16Fylde Union Guardians' Institution
20879LancashireLancasterED 34Poor Law Institution
20909LancashireUlverstonED 18Ulverston Workhouse
20981LancashireBarrow in FurnessED 61Barrow-in-Furness Poor Law Institution
20994Yorkshire (West Riding)SettleED 10Settle Union Workhouse
21043Yorkshire (West Riding)SkiptonED 19Skipton-in-Craven Union Workhouse
21086Yorkshire (West Riding)KnaresboroughED 16Knaresborough Union Workhouse
21145Yorkshire (West Riding)WharfedaleED 31New Hall, Otley (Poor Law Institution)
21223Yorkshire (West Riding)KeighleyED 49Keighley Union Workhouse, Infirmary, Casual Wards & Home for Mentally Deficient Children
21271Yorkshire (West Riding)TodmordenED 31Stansfield View (Todmorden Workhouse)
21310Yorkshire (West Riding)HuddersfieldED 20Huddersfield Workhouse, Honley
21433Yorkshire (West Riding)HuddersfieldED 30Crosland Moor Workhouse (Huddersfield Poor Law Institution)
21587Yorkshire (West Riding)HalifaxED 62Halifax Union Workhouse
21587Yorkshire (West Riding)HalifaxED 63St Luke's Hospital (Halifax Union Poor Law Hospital)
21679Yorkshire (West Riding)North BierleyED 14North Bierley Union Workhouse & Infirmary
21782Yorkshire (West Riding)BradfordED 46Bowling Park Institution (Bradford Workhouse)
21993Yorkshire (West Riding)BramleyED 52Bramley Union Workhouse, Hospital & Cottage Homes
22084Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 53Leeds Union Workhouse
22084Yorkshire (West Riding)LeedsED 54Leeds Township Infirmary
22278Yorkshire (West Riding)HunsletED 13Hunslet General Institution Workhouse & Infirmary
22311Yorkshire (West Riding)HolbeckED 33Holbeck Workhouse
22422Yorkshire (West Riding)DewsburyED 26Staincliffe Institution & Infirmary, Dewsbury
22508Yorkshire (West Riding)WakefieldED 34Wakefield Union House & Infirmary
22568Yorkshire (West Riding)PontefractED 27Pontefract Union Workhouse
22641Yorkshire (West Riding)HemsworthED 22Hemsworth Union Workhouse
22708Yorkshire (West Riding)BarnsleyED 48Barnsley Union Workhouse
22864Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 43Ecclesall Bierlow Board of Guardians' Fulwood Cottage Homes
22925Yorkshire (West Riding)Ecclesall BierlowED 59Ecclesall Bierlow Union Workhouse & Institution
23084Yorkshire (West Riding)SheffieldED 38Sheffield Workhouse
23084Yorkshire (West Riding)SheffieldED 39Sheffield Union Hopital
23085Yorkshire (West Riding)SheffieldED 40Sheffield Union Children's Home
23214Yorkshire (West Riding)RotherhamED 48Rotherham Workhouse & Infirmary
23367Yorkshire (West Riding)DoncasterED 37Doncaster Union Workhouse
23415Yorkshire (West Riding)GooleED 24Goole Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
23437Yorkshire (West Riding)SelbyED 19Selby Poor Law Institution
23512Yorkshire (East Riding)YorkED 44York Workhouse
23578Yorkshire (East Riding)BeverleyED 2141 Woodlands (Beverley Workhouse)
23659Yorkshire (East Riding)SculcoatesED 46Sculcoates Union Cottage Homes
23716Yorkshire (East Riding)SculcoatesED 23Sculcoates Workhouse
23823Yorkshire (East Riding)HullED 39Kingston upon Hull Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
23854Yorkshire (East Riding)DriffieldED 13Driffield Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
23911Yorkshire (North Riding)ScarboroughED 35Scarborough Poor Law Institution
23930Yorkshire (North Riding)MaltonED 10Malton Union Workhouse (Spring Hall) & Children's Home (St Leonard's House)
24090Yorkshire (North Riding)MiddlesbroughED 30Broomlands Children's Home & Hospital
24140Yorkshire (North Riding)MiddlesbroughED 49Middlesbrough Union Workhouse
24259DurhamDarlingtonED 47Darlington Union Workhouse & Infirmary
24316DurhamStocktonED 56Stockton on Tees Workhouse
24323DurhamHartlepoolED 8Howbeck House (Hartlepool Union Workhouse & Infirmary)
24527DurhamLanchesterED 26The Lodge Cottage Homes, Medomsley (Gateshead Union)
24592DurhamLanchesterED 24Lanchester Workhouse
24633DurhamDurhamED 32Durham Poor Law Institution
24800DurhamChester le StreetED 35Chester le Street Union Workhouse
24863DurhamSunderlandED 43Highfield (Sunderland Poor Law Institution)
25097DurhamSouth ShieldsED 15South Shields Board of Guardians' Institution
25097DurhamSouth ShieldsED 16Cleadon Cottage Homes (South Shields Board of Guardians' Children's Homes)
25200DurhamGatesheadED 52High Teams Workhouse & Infirmary
25334NorthumberlandNewcastle upon TyneED 35Newcastle upon Tyne Union Workhouse & Infirmary (Wingrove Hospital)
25486NorthumberlandTynemouthED 39North Shields Poor Law Institution
25583NorthumberlandCastle WardED 13Ponteland Cottage Homes for Children
25654NorthumberlandMorpethED 19Morpeth Workhouse
25822CumberlandCarlisleED 35Fusehill House, Carlisle Poor Law Institution
25864CumberlandCockermouthED 20Cockermouth Union Workhouse
25929CumberlandWhitehavenED 16Whitehaven Poor Law Institution
25996WestmorlandKendalED 14Kendal Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
26055MonmouthshireMonmouthED 20Monmouth Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
26069MonmouthshireAbergavennyED 18Union Workhouse
26142MonmouthshireBedwelltyED 28Bedwellty Guardians' Institution (Workhouse), Ty Bryn
26218MonmouthshirePontypoolED 18Coedygric House (Pontypool Union Workhouse)
26298MonmouthshireNewport (Monmouthshire)ED 39Woolaston House (Poor Law Institution), Newport
26381GlamorganshireCardiffED 35Cardiff Union Workhouse, Ely
26381GlamorganshireCardiffED 36Cardiff Union Children's Homes
26510GlamorganshireCardiffED 47Cardiff Union Workhouse
26681GlamorganshirePontypriddED 41Pontypridd Board of Guardians' Central Homes
26765GlamorganshirePontypriddED 84Pontypridd Poor Law Institution
26861GlamorganshireMerthyr TydfilED 43Merthyr Tydfil Poor Law Union Workhouse & Infirmary
26967GlamorganshireBridgendED 28Bridgend Workhouse
26968GlamorganshireBridgendED 29Bridgend & Cowbridge Board of Guardians' Cottage Homes
27042GlamorganshireNeathED 43Lletty Nedd (Neath Union Poor Law Institution)
27122GlamorganshireSwanseaED 27Cottage Homes, Cartref
27194GlamorganshireSwanseaED 34Swansea Poor Law Institution, Tawe Lodge (Workhouse)
27267CarmarthenshireLlanellyED 26Llanelly Poor Law Institution (Workhouse)
27331CarmarthenshireCarmarthenED 17Carmarthen Poor Law Institution
27374PembrokeshirePembrokeED 24Pembroke Poor Law Institution & Children's Cottage Home
27396PembrokeshireHaverfordwestED 23Priory Mount (Haverfordwest Poor Law Institution)
27524Breconshire Crickhowell ED 15Crickhowell Union Workhouse
27616Flintshire Holywell ED 19Lluesty (Holywell Workhouse & Infirmary)
27681Denbighshire Wrexham ED 42Wrexham Poor Law Institution
27721Denbighshire St Asaph ED 11St Asaph Poor Law Institution
27854Caernarvonshire Carnarvon ED 14Carnarvon Workhouse & Infirmary
27906Caernarvonshire Conway ED 20Conway Union Workhouse